4 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is the inhalation of a chemical compound in the form of its vapors. It is like an alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars. Vaping is increasing in demand and popularity because of the assumption that it helps you quit smoking. People use potent herb liquids to vape for the "high" and claim that it helps in quitting nicotine addiction. The market is booming with new vape products and exciting flavours to choose from. You can go for CBDfx vape pens that are high-quality and affordable. They also provide you with a great vaping experience. Let’s see about the amazing tips that can improve your vaping experience.

Improve Vaping

Are you new to vaping and looking for tips to improve your experience? 

Select Your Vape Juice Carefully

Your vaping experience depends majorly on the quality and flavour of the e-liquid. E-liquids available at cheaper prices won't give you the desired hit because of a thinner liquid carrier. People who sell low rate e-liquids mix additives in them. It is better to invest in high-quality e-liquids to enjoy your favourite flavour hit. And you need to manage your e-liquid very carefully too. Shake the e-cigarette every time before vaping. Do not let your e-liquid container be exposed to air or sunlight as it can diminish the flavour of vape juice. 


A good quality vape juice might be expensive but if you try buying in bulk the cost will reduce.

Know Your VG/PG Ratio

It is a ratio of the amount of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine present in an e-liquid. It is important to invest in a good vape kit and vape juice. But it is also important to know your VG/PG ratio. An e-liquid with a higher VG ratio produces thicker and voluminous clouds. While the liquid with a high PG ratio gives deep throat hits with thinner clouds.

Take Care of Your Vape Kit

Firstly, buy a good quality vape kit. But before buying one, it is important for you to know which one you can get at a very affordable price. For an improved vaping experience you need to take care of your kit by managing it well. You can do that by following tips;

Take Care of Your Vape Kit

Try avoiding pens or kits with plastic vape tanks because of their shorter life. Plastic vape tanks get damaged by acidic flavours. 

You need to change the coils regularly. Check for any junk or crust accumulated on the coil, it is a sign that it is time to change the coil.

Always keep a set of spare batteries with you. As the vape kits come with rechargeable batteries, you can have a continuous vaping experience by using spare batteries and charging the other set.

The junk of vape liquids also gets accumulated on the battery at the point where it is in contact with the atomizer. Keep checking the batteries for junk or dirt. If you find any, clean it with a swab of cotton. 

For better handling and management of the vape kit, you will have to invest in a vape kit case. A case gives you proper space to carry spare batteries and tanks on the go. A case will also protect you from accidental and unwanted e-liquid spills.

Vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking. If you use non-addictive liquids like CBD and liquids without nicotine your addiction to nicotine reduces gradually. It helps you quit smoking without causing withdrawal symptoms. Hope the tips improve your vaping experience! 

Try Different Flavours

There are many different flavours available in the market for you to choose from. try and experiment with different flavours from time to time. 

Try Different E Liquids

If you vape a single flavour for a long time the flavour tends to settle on your tongue and this is known as Vaper's tongue. If you have a vaper's tongue, everything will taste the same to you for some time.

Always remember to clean your tank when changing flavours to avoid tasting strangely mixed flavours. 

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