Brave Browser Rewards

What is Brave Browser?

Brave has been around for a few years now and it keeps getting better, Brave stops online surveillance, loads content quicker, uses up to 35% less battery on your devices and one of the best benefits is it’s 3x faster than Chrome internet Browser.

Brave Software was launched in May 2015 by CEO Brendan Eich, it was the first version of Brave with an ad-blocking feature, and it was also announced there were plans for a privacy-respecting ad-feature. The name Brendan Eich may ring a bell and there’s a good reason why, Brendan Eich is the creator of Java Script and also the Former CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Corporation were the creators of Moz Firefox internet browser, so with this in mind we know that there’s an ambitious man driving the company with some of the most innovative ideas.

Brave is like no other browser out there, with other browsers you pay to browse the web by having to view adverts on the majority of pages you view. You also end up giving away your precious private data to advertisers without your consent and don’t earn a penny, this is why Brave Browser is winning the hearts of many people.

Brave welcomes you to enjoy a new browser where your personal data is kept private, your time is valued and you can actually be rewarded for using it. Brave browser awards users with their own token Crypto currency. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is rewarded to users for doing what you do best, searching the net.


How does Brave Browser work?


When you install and start using Brave, your browser will start to automatically tally up the attention you spend on sites you visit. Once a month, Brave rewards will then send the corresponding quantity of BAT to your account. With Brave you can increase or decrease the ads you want to see. The more you view the more you are rewarded. Within the Brave rewards settings you can also disable all ads.

You can then use your BAT tokens to award websites you visit, this is a great way to support your favourite sites to help them provide better content for you. Brave wants its users to help their favourite websites and that’s why when you view ads you will receive 70% of the ad revenue. Also within the Brave settings you can set up auto contribute which means that any website that is a Brave content publisher are able to claim any tokens that you send. You can set limits to how much you auto contribute and you can even remove websites if you wish not to tip them.

Brave Browser rewards claim

How are Brave ads different?

Brave ads do not collection information about you.

Digital advertising currently relies on websites and companies collecting as much of your information as possible. However with Brave, ad matching happens directly to your device and removes the need to leak personal data to provide relevant advertising

Users control their own ads.

This is simple and important, Brave ads are designed to be shown only when the time is right and you have the ability to tweak every aspect of that. Ad notifications can appear between one and five times per hour or you can turn them off completely. You can also choose to view or hide sponsored images on the new tab page.

Your browsing activity never leaves your device

Brave picks which private ads to show you and this is based solely on your browsing activity. Brave then uses an anonymous accounting process to confirm ad activity, keep personal details private and ensure people earn rewards for their attention.

Time to help web creators again

The internet is built on content creators, most depend on an ad based revenue which allows them to keep creating. Unfortunately the current system is failing to deliver their promise. Brave Rewards corrects this and provides a new way to forward tips to support your favourite creators.

Jumponthevape loves being able to help its customers by supplying the best UK Vape Deals on E Liquids and vaping hardware. We appreciate all the help that our customers have already done by contributing their hard earned BAT. If you also want to support us and all your other favourite sites you can download the Browser over at Brave rewards


Brave Browser rewards from browsing

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