Cannabis Potency

Consumer preference for high potency cannabis strains has been on the rise. According to the reports, potency has almost tripled over two decades between 1995 to 2014. However, just because the potency is increasing does not mean that every canna product in the market has high levels of THC in it.

There is still a significant population that prefers low potency cannabis strains.

What Does Potency Mean?

The potency of the cannabis strain is generally decided by the concentration of two main cannabinoids in it- THC and CBD.

When referring to full-spectrum strains, the potency is generally defined by THC concentration in it. On the other hand, for hemp strains, the strength is usually measured as the concentration of CBD.

Typically, there is no threshold that states high-potency or low-potency products. It is, perhaps, a relative measure.

For example, a strain containing 12% THC can be labelled as highly potent compared to the one with 10% THC. Likewise, a strain containing 5% THC can be labelled "low-potency" compared to the one containing 10% THC.

So, what exactly should beginners choose? Or, more importantly, how do beginners come to know what potency is best, to begin with?

Keep reading to learn more.

Potency Score For Canna Beginners

Typically, it would be best to start with low potency cannabis strains if trying for the first time.

Beginning with low potency strains can help beginners get used to the effects. Generally speaking, anything below 10% that one can find in a cannabis dispensary is assumed to be a low-potency product. Now, the decision rests upon the consumer to choose between CBD or THC products.

That being said, if you are wondering how you should be choosing your potency score when buying your first strain, here are a few tricks to help you.

Do Your Home Work

First things first, you should research a little about the available strains and their potency levels.

Typically, every strain package comes with a label that mentions the concentration of THC and CBD in it.

Now, as already mentioned, you may choose to go with any one cannabinoid in particular- THC or CBD, or both.

Buy Smaller Packs

Once you have an idea about the strains and their potency, you need to try them out. Of course, unless you try, you cannot get the whole idea about their effects.

But, here's a piece of advice, try buying miniature packs rather than going for a bigger one.

You can easily find 1 oz packs in your local dispensary for almost any strain that you wish to try. In fact, some brands also offer trial samples for their strains. You can ask the dispensary people to give you some if they have any.

Ask Your Friends For Advice

Lastly, you can also ask your friends for advice on which strains to try first.

However, make sure to ask your friends generally about the strains and not potency in particular.

Your friends may recommend a high-potency strain to you, while you may be more comfortable with a low-potency strain.

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