CBD Consumption

If you are a cannabis lover, trying an edible will probably be on your bucket list. Even beginners want to start their journey with an edible because it does not require equipment or technique. Not to mention, the idea of relishing a delicious cookie, chocolate, brownie, or cbdfx gummies sounds alluring. But you have to be conscious about your initial experiences, even if you are a regular vaper or smoker. The idea is to have a good one without losing control. Here are the consumption rules that cover you on both fronts. 

Prioritize Quality 

Before anything else, you need to prioritize product quality. It is easy to overlook this factor when you see an incredible range of goodies online or in a dispensary. But a little attention takes you a long way. Since cannabis is legal in Canada, finding edibles at a legal store is easier than you think. But make sure that you stick with a reputed one and pick only the best brands. 

Check The Labels

Once you are sure about product quality, have a good look at the label to know more about its composition. It is important to know about the THC and CBD content to understand what to expect from the experience. While CBD is the non-psychoactive component, THC is the psychoactive high that leads to the quintessential high. If you want to steer clear of the high, opt for low THC products. Conversely, pick one with more THC if you want a purely recreational experience. 

Calculate The Dosage

Dosing is a concern for edible users because you will need to calculate the exact amounts per serving. Typically, 10 mg is the standard dose, but beginners should start with half. Divide the total THC/CBD in the product with the number of servings to find the content in a single serving. It is relatively easy if you choose thc gummies because you can skip the calculation part. Following the dosage recommendations will keep you on the safe side, so never miss out on them.

Consider Your Tolerance

Even as there are dosage standards for edible cannabis, you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Your personal tolerance level determines the apt dosage. If it is low, just a little can go a long way, and you need to be extra conscious about dosing. As a beginner, sticking to small doses is the best advice. You can take note of the outcomes with different doses to find the perfect quantity.

Practice Restraint 

Restraint is the best way to stay safe as a cannabis consumer, and it becomes even more crucial when you try edibles. The outcomes with these products often take more time to set in, and you may want to repeat the dose after some time. Avoid repeat dosing and let edibles take their time to kick in, or you may end up getting high. Wait for the hit, and you will have a sustainable experience.

Edible consumption is different from other methods, so it can overwhelm even regular users. Follow these tips, and you never have to worry about the outcomes. 

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