CBD Cerebral Palsy

People with Cerebral Palsy have poor physical development, evidenced by difficulties with motor function, spasticity, and body posture. While there is no known treatment for cerebral palsy, various treatments alleviate the condition's symptoms. A child with cerebral palsy will seek out anything that might reduce their child's agony and operate as effectively as possible.

Recent research has shown CBD vape oil  as a promising treatment option for cerebral palsy, particularly for treating its physical symptoms and managing associated disorders. Let's examine the scientific evidence about the cerebral palsy health benefits of CBD.

CBD Vape and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition which impairs physical development, including muscle tone, body posture, and movement. Neonatal brain damage or malformation is the most common cause of cerebral palsy (CP).

Cerebral palsy is marked by a lack of coordination and balance, speech delay, learning difficulties, tremors, involuntary movements, muscle contraction, and spasticity. These signs define the classification of cerebral palsy. For example, Exotic cerebral palsy affects muscle coordination and balance.

Moreover, spastic cerebral palsy presents as spasms, characterizing dyskinetic cerebral palsy. Options for treating cerebral palsy include physiotherapy, Botox injections, oral muscle relaxants, and surgical procedures.

How CBD Vape Oil Helps With Cerebral Palsy ?

CBD Vape oil is not a natural treatment for cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is nearly impossible to recover from completely. However, Flores CBD vape oil may alleviate your symptoms, improving your quality of life.

CBD Vape for spasticity

Research issued in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association in 2012 aimed to determine whether cannabidiol could aid patients with spasticity symptoms. Thirty adults with multiple sclerosis and treatment-resistant spasticity were randomly assigned to either the intervention or control group, receiving cannabis or a placebo. The study indicated that cannabis smoked was superior to placebo for pain and symptom alleviation.

CBD Vape for speech disorders

Cannabis is widely used to relax muscles. Therefore, it can treat speech difficulties such as muscular face tension, jaw or lip tremors, and stuttering. In the 2007 documentary, Jacqueline Patterson, a Missouri woman with cerebral palsy, addressed the significant speech impediment that her disease causes. Since she was 14 years old, Patterson has utilized cannabis to manage her speech problem.

The documentary displays her speaking before she smoked cannabis when she stutters and pauses between statements. Then, once she has used cannabis, she speaks to the audience again.

CBD Vape to avoid convulsions

In 2014, Paige Figi, the mother of 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, informed Epilepsies magazine about her daughter's experience with cannabis therapy. Charlotte was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a severe and extremely rare form of epilepsy. She had cognitive and physical deficits, required tube feeding and round-the-clock care, and had up to 50 generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

Several times, Charlotte's heart stopped. Doctors stated that there was nothing else the hospital could do for Charlotte and even proposed inducing a coma. Paige discovered a rare, high CBD cannabis strain after conducting a significant study and receiving clearance from paediatricians (most of whom refused to endorse the treatment) and their home state of Colorado. She started giving Charlotte cannabis in small doses.

As if by magic, Charlotte spent an entire week without having a seizure for the first time since her seizures began.

Anandamide and CBD

According to research, multiple sclerosis patients are effectively treated with CBD oil (Corroon and Felice, 2019). Anandamide is one of the most eminent endocannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system. It was discovered that these patients had a reduced level of anandamide.

Scientists believe that patients with cerebral palsy can also benefit from CBD since it can increase the level of anandamide. Additionally, CBD can boost the capacity of our endocannabinoid system to maintain anandamide. According to research, CBD inhibits the activity of fatty acid amide hydrolase, which degrades anandamide (Chiurchiù et al., 2013).

Weak muscle

Only one study has studied the direct benefits of CBD on cerebral palsy symptoms. The Wolfson Medical Center conducted a clinical experiment involving CBD and THC (in 20:1 and 6:1) for children with cerebral palsy. The research team discovered that CBD decreased their patients' stiffness, sleep issues, dystonia, and pain.

Other research on CBD's efficacy in treating muscular spasticity supports the above findings. In a 2018 study published in Neurological Disorders, a combination of CBD and THC alleviated spasticity in human volunteers. The scientists linked CBD's anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and muscle-relaxing qualities.

Due to the parallels in muscle spasms and stiffness experienced by patients with these illnesses, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis have been researched extensively. Researchers concur that both conditions result in higher neuron motor impairment.

CBD Vape For Arthritis

It could be nearly impossible to prevent the development of arthritis in many individuals with cerebral palsy. However, there are techniques to avoid it to a certain extent, delay its onset, and reduce its harm and symptoms. CBD Vape functions via the endocannabinoid system, active on receptors present in numerous brain regions and the spinal cord to hinder the transmission of pain signals.

It is ten times as effective as morphine on specific types of pain nerve cells, and it also relieves pain in response to stress. Activating CB1 receptors also promotes peripheral pain alleviation. CBD is chemically identical to endocannabinoids such as arachidonoyl ethanolamine, which bind to ECS receptors. In high doses, it produces pain relief via elevating anandamide levels.

In Conclusion: Can CBD Vape Help Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a chronic, lifelong condition. Despite the lack of a cure, various therapies can alleviate its symptoms, thereby contributing to an enhanced quality of life. Studies indicate that CBD vaping can significantly ease the symptoms of cerebral palsy, including muscle spasms, discomfort, sleep issues, sudden movements, and anxiety.

CBD use was associated with reduced muscle relaxants and anticonvulsant consumption in clinical trials. In addition, evidence suggests that CBD may effectively treat a variety of cerebral palsy-related adverse effects, including arthritis, depression, and hypertension.

Due to its anxiolytic and sleep-inducing qualities, CBD oil also helps to treat mental wellness. Remember that CBD is only one of the numerous instruments available to enhance your life quality. Participating in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and speech therapy should always be a part of your routine.

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