Mistakes That a First-Time Cannabis Consumer Should Avoid

The world of cannabis is growing bigger by the day, and there are now many consumption methods and products on the market. For a first-time consumer, this can all be a bit overwhelming and can make you indecisive. And it’s understandable, as each of the consumption methods has its advantages and provides a certain benefit. Some are also more simple to use, while others require somewhat of a skill. For example, if you’re looking for something that you can do on the go, Canna Cabana advises you should probably choose a cannabis vaporizer, but if you want something bigger that you can use in the comfort of your home, you should go with a bong. However, before choosing a consumption method, there are a few things that first-time consumers should avoid to have a positive experience. 

In this blog post, we will outline some of the most common mistakes made by first-timers so you can be prepared before indulging in this plant. Keep in mind that everyone's reaction to cannabis is different, so these tips may not work for everyone - but they're a good place to start! Happy consuming!

Not Taking it Slow

The biggest mistake that many first-time cannabis consumers make is jumping way in over their head and consuming too much, too quickly. This is a relatively innocent mistake since not many people are ready for the effects of cannabis. 

To avoid having a bad trip, which means feeling anxious and paranoid, you should take it slow. This is especially important if you are consuming edibles. Edibles have an onset time of between 1 to 2 hours, which means that many don’t feel the effects before then, and think that they need to consume more. 

Not Choosing the Best Consumption Method

The second mistake that many people make is using a consumption method without knowing much about it, or how it will affect them. Different consumption methods have different onset times, and different durations of effects. 

For example, if you are wanting to feel the effects for only around 2 hours, then eating an edible wouldn’t be the best choice since you would be high for about 6-8 hours. Conversely, using a dry herb vaporizer, even if it is amazing, won’t give you a long high because the duration is only around 2 hours, but the high will be quite mellow compared to smoking a joint, even though the duration is roughly the same. 

Not Grinding the Cannabis

The next mistake that many first-time cannabis consumers make is not grinding the cannabis very well, or not grinding at all. Many first-time cannabis consumers aren’t aware of the benefits or consequences of grinding, or not grinding. 

For example, if you are trying to roll a joint without grinding, it’s going to be a miserable experience. More than this, smoking the actual joint will be hard work because it will keep burning out, and your throat will burn because you will be smoking a lot of burnt paper compared to cannabis. This is equally important with dry herb vaporizers that use conduction as a heating method, since a lot of the cannabis won’t vaporize, or won't vaporize evenly.


Another common mistake that many people make is assuming that they need to spend a lot of money to get high, or that they need fancy consumption methods. Truth be told, you just need a joint or a bong. 

The biggest differences between consumption methods are how long the duration is, how smooth the hit of smoke or vapor is, and how healthy the method is. For example, dry herb vaporizers are healthier than smoking since no harmful toxins or carcinogens are being created, and using a tincture is more health-conscious than consuming an edible because there aren’t extra calories involved. 

Not Knowing the Different Strains

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all weed is the same, which isn’t true. There are many different strains of cannabis, and they all have different potency levels, and produce different effects. 

For example, the sativa strain is more of a head high, and as a result, you will feel more focused and creative. Compare this to the indica strain, which is more of a body high, and you will feel extreme relaxation and be very lazy.

Not Planning Ahead

Finally, a big mistake that many first-time cannabis consumers make is not planning when consuming. You never know what effects you might feel, and you never know how you will react to these effects. 

For example, if you accidentally consume too much of the indica strain, you might find yourself being unable to get up or function very well. This isn’t good if you have to go to work later, or if you have errands to run. It is far better to have an empty day with which you can enjoy the experience. 

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