The Perfect CBD Vape Session

A perfect vape session is a dream for every cannabis lover, whether a newbie or an experienced user. Essentially, an optimal experience comprises rich flavour, subtle aroma, thick clouds, and ideal vapor temperature. But the definition may vary from person to person. You may have a flavour preference or like your cloud to be thick or less intense. Everything boils down to your taste and expectations, and something perfect for you may not be the best for someone else. But when you have a perception in mind, you will want every session to match it. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all formula to achieve it, here are some tips that can help you nail every vape session.

Choose The Right Product

The good thing about vaping cannabis is that you can try different product options. There are plenty of them, and each offers a different kind of hit. While cannabis flowers and oil are all-time favorites, concentrates have emerged as a popular choice. You can get more with less with a concentrate, making it ideal for those looking for potent hits. Pick the product that works for you, or switch between them until you find an ideal one. You can try different options for the sake of experimentation too. It depends on your personal preference- you may want to achieve perfection and stick to it or chase it throughout your vaping journey.

Pick A Suitable Device

A good vaping session is also about the choice of a suitable device. Ideally, you should move ahead slowly, starting with devices that have a simple learning curve. You can begin with glass pipes and graduate to sophisticated vaporizers with temperature control. Simple devices with minimal features are less likely to overwhelm you in the early stages. It makes sense to pick them so that you can learn the skill and pace ahead with confidence. Every session will be enjoyable if you respect your skill level and learn the ropes down the line. Understand the device and get some tips from seasoned users for help. You can even find some videos to get a fair idea about how they work.

Ensure You Have Ample Supplies

Choosing the right product and device gives you a good start. But you cannot expect to have a perfect session if you run short of supplies in the middle of the journey. Ensure that you have enough stash to last you through the session. Consider your dosing preference to understand the right quantity you must have at hand before starting. Apart from the cannabis quantity, you must also have enough battery in your device. If using a chargeable device, make sure it is charged. The last thing you will want is an interruption in the session only because you run short on supplies or battery power. Double-check both, and have a good time vaping solo or with your gang.

Learn The Technique

Mastering the technique is another way to have an optimal vaping session every time. It can take some time to learn the technique, so be realistic about your learning curve. You can start with a few training and guidance sessions from an expert. But you can devise something different that works for you. A little practice with inhaling and exhaling can get you the best hits without irritating your throat and lungs. The best piece of advice is to go low and slow and take adequate breaks between puffs. Even as going too fast sounds tempting, you may end up getting high too quickly. Focus on enjoying the flavor, aroma, and high with every single puff.

Select Your Favourite Spot

A seemingly less significant aspect of enjoyable vaping sessions is the setting and environment. But it is crucial because it can make all the difference to your experience. Choose your comfort zone, whether it is your couch, bathtub, or balcony. Make sure you are in a safe place if it is your first time. Having a seasoned vaper around helps for the first few times. But you can go solo once you are confident enough. You can even try something different such as vaping during a camping trip once in a while. It is a good idea to invite your buddy or gang and chill together. Grab some snacks, play your favourite music, and have a great time every time you puff. Remember to stay hydrated because it can make your experience safer and better.

It is absolutely possible to have a perfect vape session every time you get going with your stash. The best part is that you need not be a pro to achieve perfection. The idea is to be ready with your stuff and know your device and technique well enough. Just follow these tips, and things will get only better as you master the skill down the line.


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