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As we have seen in the news recently, Donald Trump has decided to pass legislation to ban e-liquid flavours, which equates to over 80% of what consumers want in their vape device. Vaping has evolved from your cigalike product that people were first using back in the late naughties, to a pod system that is easy to use, and a huge number of flavours are open to users through a refillable pod. It is also worth noting that Public Health England through the Royal College of Physicians have confirmed that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and are recognised as one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. 


So we have over 80% of the American population who vape using different flavours other than Tobacco or Menthol, and we also know that vaping is approximately 95% safer than smoking. Why on earth would Donald Trump move to ban flavours? That's completely absurd is it not? Well, let me give you some facts, so that you can understand why America put money > saving lives. Bottom line with everything in this corrupt world is... MONEY. 


In 1994 CEO's from all of the world's biggest tobacco companies (7 at the time) all went before congress, and on record testified that Tobacco is not addictive. Even with an overwhelming number of reports, studies from institutions across the world, clearly showing evidence that Tobacco products were the cause of lung cancer, and they were extremely addictive for an individual. This shows the absolute greed from corporate tobacco. They have blood on their hands. 


In 1999 the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement was pushed onto the 4 major tobacco manufacturers, to cover healthcare bills for the damage that cigarettes have given to public health. This was to the tune of 206$ billion. This would be paid back to 46 states through Tobacco bonds over the next 30 years. 


Due to the rise of vaping, and the decline of the tobacco industry due to adults changing from tobacco to e-liquid, this has made it increasingly more difficult for tobacco manufacturers to pay back to debt from the MSA agreement. In some cases, default payments have been missed, leaving a huge hole in the American infrastructure. What is the solution? 


Donald Trump bans all flavours for vaping, thus handing the advantage back to the tobacco giants, to recoup their losses, and to fund the government once again. We live in a corrupt world, where money talks, and human lives aren't valued above the $. 


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