Beginners Guide to Vaping

If you’re here it probably means that you’re ready or considering taking the jump from smoking to vaping. Leading a healthier lifestyle is incredibly important and becoming smoke free is the first step. That’s why we’re going to be going over some of the most asked questions that new starters have about vaping and we will also be going over the basics of Vaping.

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to vaping but this handy guide will help you make an informed choice about the type of kit that's right for you and finding the right type of E Liquid to vape. Throughout this guide we will also be providing links to other relevant articles that will provide further information for when you are ready.

Is Vaping Safe?

Modern vaping has been around since 2003 and there’s still a lot of scepticism around the safety of vaping. It has been identified as being up to 95% safer than smoking, switching from smoking to vaping is likely to significantly improve your overall health.

In the UK and Europe, there are strict laws related to E Liquid products and the ingredients included in them. The EU has identified a number of compounds of concern which have been banned from use e.g. Diacetyl was a common ingredient used in E Liquids manufactured in the USA, Diacetyl when inhaled causes Bronchiolitis Obliterans, which is more commonly referred to as "popcorn lung". Along with the banning of specific ingredients the The Tobacco Products Directive Laws (TPD) has also restricted nicotine strengths and sizes.

When buying good quality E Liquids from reputable sellers such as Jumponthevape you are ensuring you are buying compliant and safe liquids. For further information you can check out the full article Is Vaping Safe?

What is used to make E Liquid?

We are all aware that cigarettes are extremely dangerous with some pretty horrifying ingredients  including hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and ammonia. In total there are at least 250 ingredients and chemicals in cigarettes that are known to be harmful. 

There are three to four main ingredients of E Liquids

  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Food grade flavouring
  • Nicotine (optional)

Vegetable Glycerine is a clear liquid that is typically made from soybean, coconut or palm oils. It is odourless and has a mildly sweet taste and the consistency is like a sugar syrup

Propylene Glycol is an ingredient in many cosmetic products. The European and US food authorities have declared that it is generally safe for the use in foods.

Flavouring concentrates in E Liquids are typically a combination of both natural and artificial flavourings. E Liquid manufacturers now use ‘food grade’ flavouring concentrates approved by Flavour Extracts Manufacturers Association (FEMA)

Nicotine is an alkaloid which is a highly addictive chemical compound that is found in the nightshade family of the tobacco plant.

For a more in-depth explanation of the ingredients, take a look at our article

How is E Liquid Made?

How does Vaping work? 

Let’s cover the basics when it comes to vaping E Liquids. To begin with you need  device, there are a few different names for them, you may have heard them being called Vape device, vape kit, e cig or e-cigarette. Typically with a vape kit you will also have a tank which is where the E Liquid will reside in.

Not only do they have many names, there is also a very wide range of vape kits that come in different styles, sizes and formats. Vape starter kits are the most used devices due to their simplicity and ease. 

Drip Tip:

This is located at the top of the vape kit and looks similar to a chimney. This is where you inhale from, the vapour travels from the tank through to the drip tip.


Coils are made of wire and cotton, the coil absorbs the E Liquid from inside the tank, heats it up and turns it to vapour when you press the button and inhale. Vape coils come in variable resistances depending on the kind of vape you have. Typically new vapers go for a standard vape with a coil of 1 ohm or greater, and more experienced practitioners go for a sub ohm vape which has a coil of less than 1 ohm.


The plastic or glass casing that surrounds your coil, due to TPD Laws in the UK, they can hold a maximum of 2mls of E Liquid. The vape tank is what holds your E Liquid so it can be fed into the coil.


The mod is the largest part of your device, this is where the tank is connected to and where the battery fits into. Some devices do have a built-in battery that can be charged via a USB charging cable but most devices require you to buy batteries separately.

The battery:

The powerhouse of your vape, the batteries are what heats the coil to activate it. The most common battery type used is the 18650 vape battery but there are many more. Battery safety is very important when it comes to vaping and before anyone starts vaping they need to make themselves familiar with this. We strongly recommend reading our article The Vape Battery Safety Guide

Some of these components can look a little different but the functionality of them are the same. And to summarise for you, Vape kits contain a battery within and when you press the button on the device, the E Liquid is heated and it creates the vapour which the user then inhales then exhales.

Styles of Vaping

There are two different ways to vape, Mouth To Lung Vaping (MTL) and  Direct To Lung Vaping (DTL). MTL and DTL are the terms used by the vaping community to describe the inhalation methods. Both methods have their advantages, there’s no right or wrong way of vaping, only personal preference.

MTL - Mouth To Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung is the vaping style that most closely replicates smoking. Most ex-smokers will start by MtL vaping as it feels the most natural way for smokers to inhale.

How to take an MTL Hit

The difference between smoking and mouth to lung vaping is the length of the ‘draw’/ inhale. When people smoke you typically take a short drag into the mouth. With vaping, a longer, smooth and steady draw is recommended for maximum flavour delivery and satisfaction. Just like with smoking the vapour in the mouth should then be inhaled into the lungs which allows air to be drawn in at the same time before exhaling,

If this sounds like what you think is best for you, we would recommend using a starter vape kit. Starter vape kits will have a tank that can be filled with E Liquid though Pod vape kits are more common to be used as they are capable of providing an excellent hit.

DTL - Direct To Lung Vaping

Direct to Lung is the vaping style that most experienced vapers use. For new people stepping into vaping it may feel like a very odd way of inhaling vapour. However, it is essentially the same thing we do when breathing normally.

How to take a DTL hit

To achieve direct to lung vaping you need to slowly and steadily draw the vapour directly into your lungs. It is just like taking a deep breath, there is no sucking or puffing on the device. It is more like breathing through the device.

As soon as the vapour hits your lungs, you exhale.


Your vaping style will depend on your own preferences and what you want to achieve from vaping. Just remember that the choice you make to begin with doesn't mean this is the vaping style you will always have to use. Many vapers have multiple devices and switch between the two styles. 

When deciding on your device you will need to know which style of vaping you would like to try MTL or DTL, this will help you get the best possible experience from vaping. Both styles of vaping are the right choice providing it helps you stay away from cigarettes.

Finding the best Vape kit

When vaping began, there weren't really many vape kits, at the time e-cigarettes was what was being produced, these were made to mimic the look of a cigarette, hence the name. Now several kinds of vape kits are available with a different design, power, and also vapour-making ability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ex-smokers, vaping enthusiast or complete beginner, there is a vape kit suited to everyone.

Vape Pens

Vape Pens are one of the most popular styles of vaping devices, due to the sheer diversity of kits available. Most are slim, lightweight and quick to charge such as these. Powered by a built-in battery, vape pens are activated with a press to the fire button and can cater for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung style vapers.

Disposable Vape Kits

The name is a bit of a give away here, disposable Vape Kits are handy devices you can purchase that have pre-filled capsules that once depleted can be thrown away. These entry level devices have been designed to deliver a close replication of inhaling a cigarette. Their compact and slimline designs also make disposable vape kits a great choice for any vapor and are a great substitute if you run out of battery on your main vaping device.

Pod Vape Kits

The POD Vape Kit is a relatively new development within the vape market and has only been around for a couple of years. Pod kits are one of the easiest vaping devices to use and are ideal for people who are looking for an easy to use and slim device to help them quit smoking. There are two types of pod systems; closed vape pods which use pre-filled E Liquid pods or there are refillable pod systems. The Pod Vape Kits are also known as vape starter kits.

Box Mods

These are typically chunkier devices that houses a more powerful battery allowing it to vaporise thicker liquids and produce denser clouds of vapour. These are typically used with vaping enthusiasts that prefer to sub ohm vape. With a Box mod, you can choose whether you want to use a tank or an Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).

For new beginners we would recommend using a Pod Vape Kit. The Pod Vape Kits are also known as vape starter kits because they come with all the required components and as we mentioned are easy to use. We do have a great selection of simple easy to use devices and it’s important to start with an easy reliable vape kit. Once you get more experienced with vaping, if you do want to upgrade to a more powerful device, always be sure to check up on reviews of devices before purchasing. 

Finding the best E Liquid

The Vape Market is filled with thousands of different flavours and when you’re shopping for a new flavour it can be pretty overwhelming. If you've already started looking for E Liquid flavours, you have probably found out that every possible flavour can be found in E Liquids. The most common flavour groups for E Liquids are Tobacco, Dessert, Fruit, Menthol and Candy E Liquids.

Due to TPD Laws, E Liquids with nicotine cannot be provided in bottle sizes over 10ml. E Liquids that come in a 10ml bottle typically have nicotine strengths from 0mg up to 18mg. 10ml E Liquids normally come in a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 which makes these great for mouth-to-lung vaping styles.

E Liquid shortfills are 50mls of vape juice in a 60ml bottle, this enables you to add one 10ml Nicotine shot to it. Adding one 10ml Nic shot with a nicotine strength of 18mg will turn your 50ml shortfill from 0mg to 3mg. Shortfills normally come in a VG/ PG ratio of 70/30 and 80/20 which makes these perfect for direct-to-lung style vaping and sub ohm vaping.

Here at Jumponthevape we want to cater to all vaping styles and that’s why you will find a wide range of flavours and ratios with the E Liquid collections on our online vape shop.

If you aren't too sure of what flavours to purchase you could take a look at some of our E Liquid reviews and even our Best E Liquid to Buy in 2021 article.

Finding the correct PG/VG ratio 

Finding the right flavoured E Liquid can be fun but it is also important to know that the VG/PG ratio is right for you.

PG or Propylene Glycol, and VG or Vegetable Glycerine are present in all vape juices. The E Liquid ratio determines your vaping experience. A higher PG content will give you a more potent ‘throat hit’ while a higher VG content will produce thicker clouds and smoother but less potent ‘throat hit.’ 

For a smoother hit and experience, you should choose a higher VG ratio as it is naturally sweet, does not give any ‘throat hit', causes fewer allergies, and yields killer clouds.  

Still Need Some Help Getting Started?

We hope this has helped explain the vaping process and the key components you need. If you would like any further advice or have any questions, you'll find plenty of helpful guides, articles and reviews on our site to help you.

Vaping to start with can create a small hole in your wallet as you need to buy your vape kit, coils and E Liquids so don't forget to check out our uk vape deals and pick yourself up a bargain.

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