Beginner Strains

The legalization of cannabis in the USA is great news for consumers. Accessing your favourite products and brands is easier than ever. You can step into a legit dispensary to explore them or even buy online in a few clicks. But finding a perfect strain is never easy, probably because you have endless options to choose amongst. Each strain has a different effect, and even seasoned users may feel overwhelmed while picking the one that works for them. But education and awareness can help you solve the quest for the perfect cannabis strain. Here is a guide that first-timers can rely on.

Consider Your Objective

Every consumer has some expectations from their experience. You may want to use it for medicinal or recreational purposes. Medicinal users expect to resolve diverse health issues, such as chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Likewise, recreational users may want a gentle energy kick or significant psychoactive effects. Your objective and expectations decide the strain you want to try.

Know Cannabis Composition

The composition of a strain determines the kind of effects it delivers. For example, a THC-dominant strain gets you high, while a CBD-dominant variant offers medicinal effects. Terpenes lend the product its taste and aroma. A strain may also have other cannabinoids and chemicals that lend specific characteristics. Knowing your cannabinoids becomes essential for choosing a product that suffices your needs and wants.

Try Craft Cannabis

If you are a discerning consumer, consider trying craft cannabis to get a perfect match for your expectations. It is much like small-batch coffee or craft beer, created with utmost precision and attention to detail. Not to mention, these products have better taste, aroma, and effect, making them different from mass-produced cannabis. You can explore the west coast cannabis menu to find the finest quality craft products that are worth trying. There couldn't be a better way to find a perfect strain you can stick with for the long haul.

Understand Your Tolerance Levels

Finding the right cannabis strain is also about understanding your tolerance levels. They vary from person to person and determine the extent and timing of effects you experience with a specific dose. Some strains are more potent, so they are not apt if your tolerance levels are low. You may end up getting high even with a small dose. A low-potency variant will be more suitable for you. Gauging your tolerance is, therefore, crucial.

Experiment And Seek Recommendations

When choosing an ideal cannabis strain, the hit-and-trial approach is the best one. You can start by seeking recommendations and digging deeper to learn about the composition and effects. But nothing helps you decide better than a first-hand experience. Start with a low dose and see how it works for you. Consider maintaining a journal to document your experiences. You can easily find the perfect one with experimentation and information.

Finding the perfect cannabis strain is hard work, but it is worth the effort. But you must not settle with one because something better may be around the corner.



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