CBD Strain Guide

As cannabis becomes legal and validated by medical research, more and more users look to join the bandwagon. As a  beginner, you will expect a euphoric experience, but it depends on several factors. The choice of the right strain is one of the most crucial factors. But most beginners do not know much about it. The availability of a large number of options makes the challenge even more daunting. But we have a beginner's guide to help you pick the perfect strain that delivers the best experience. Let us share it with you.

Start with Education On Strains

As a beginner, you need to start with basic education on cannabis, its composition, and the variety in strains. Indica and Sativa are the two main types of strains, and both have different levels of cannabinoids. You can also find several options in hybrid strains which mix the properties of both Indica and Sativa. You can gather facts by researching online with a cannabis strain finder, talking to a budtender, or seeking guidance from a seasoned user. Once you have the information, picking the apt strain gets easy.

Have Clear Expectations

Before choosing the strain, you must have clear expectations about the effects you want from the experience. Indica strains are ideal if you need to relax after a long day. Conversely, Sativa does the trick if you want an energy kick. Look for the best strains of all time and match them with your expectations. You can narrow down your choices, making it much easier to find the perfect one. 

Check CBD and THC Content

Once you shortlist the strains apt for your needs, double-check the CBD and THC content. Newbies must opt for a variant lower in THC because it can get you high. Likewise, CBD-dominant strains are suitable for medicinal users, and THC-dominant ones work well for recreational users. Know your limits and choose the potency accordingly because you will expect to avoid getting too high during the initial sessions. 

Consider Flavour and Smell

While THC and CBD content determines the level of high you can get from a specific strain, the terpene profile decides its taste and smell. You can find options with hints of earthy, citrus, sweet, or pungent flavours and aromas. Each has a different terpene profile, so you need to get your facts right about terpenes. The other alternative is to take a hit-and-trial approach and settle for a strain that matches your preferences in taste and smell. 

Think About Your Budget

The choice of the cannabis strain also depends on your budget. Some options are elite and rare, so they can easily burn a hole in your wallet. Others fit easily into any budget. As a beginner, you must research the prices and availability of different strains to pick one that does not disrupt your budget. Check and compare prices online and seek recommendations from experienced users..

The final piece of advice for beginners is to stick with quality products, regardless of the strain that matches their expectations. Always buy from a legitimate seller as they offer quality products along with the education you need.

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