NEAFS - Heat Not Burn Sticks - Menthol - 1.5% Nicotine (Single Pack)


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Introducing NEAFS Menthol 1.5% Nicotine Sticks

A breath of fresh air for menthol enthusiasts looking for a tobacco-free experience. Each pack holds 20 sticks, delivering a total of 1.2ml of e-liquid and 0.06ml per stick. Say goodbye to ash and lingering odours, and hello to a cool and invigorating sensation.

Compatible with the NEAFS TEO Device

Here's what sets NEAFS Menthol 1.5% Nicotine Sticks apart:

1. Crisp Menthol Flavour: Dive into the refreshing taste of menthol without any tobacco additives.

2. Tobacco-Free: For those prioritizing health, this is a cleaner alternative to traditional menthol cigarettes.

3. Convenient Packaging: With 20 sticks per pack, you'll have plenty to enjoy, and the slim design fits easily in your pocket for on-the-go satisfaction.

4. No Tobacco, No Ash, No Odour: Experience a clean and odour-free smoke break every time, without the mess.

5. Easy Maintenance: The TEO device requires minimal cleaning, so you can spend more time enjoying your smoke-free experience.

6. Compatibility: While optimized for the NEAFS TEO device, these sticks also work seamlessly with the IQOS ILUMA device, giving you options.

Indulge in the refreshing menthol flavour without the harmful effects of tobacco with NEAFS Menthol 1.5% Nicotine Sticks.

NEAFS Menthol Sticks

Here's a first-hand account of the experience:

As someone who's always looking for healthier smoking options, trying out NEAFS Menthol 1.5% Nicotine Sticks was a no-brainer. Let me share my thoughts:

The flavour exceeded my expectations. The menthol hit was satisfyingly crisp, providing the kick I crave without any tobacco drawbacks. It's a game-changer for those who love menthol but want to prioritize their health.

Convenience-wise, these sticks are a winner. With 20 sticks in a pack, I was set for a while without needing to restock. Plus, the sleek packaging makes them perfect for carrying around during busy days.

One of the best parts? No ash or lingering smells. NEAFS Menthol Nicotine Sticks offer a clean and refreshing experience, making every smoke break a pleasure without the mess.

And maintenance? Piece of cake. With minimal cleaning needed, thanks to the TEO device, I can spend more time enjoying my smoke-free indulgence and less time on upkeep.

As for compatibility, NEAFS gets top marks. While they work best with the NEAFS TEO device, it's great to have the option of using them with the IQOS ILUMA device too.

In summary, NEAFS Menthol 1.5% Nicotine Sticks are a winner in my book. They tick all the boxes: flavour, convenience, cleanliness, and compatibility, making them the ideal choice for anyone seeking a menthol smoking experience without the tobacco baggage. I'll definitely be keeping a stash of these around. Highly recommended!


What are NEAFS Menthol 1.5% Nicotine Sticks? They're tobacco-free menthol sticks, offering the refreshing taste without actual tobacco. Each pack contains 20 sticks for lasting enjoyment.

How do they compare to traditional tobacco products? NEAFS sticks deliver the menthol experience without the downsides of traditional smoking, like ash and odour, offering a cleaner alternative.

Are they compatible with any devices? Yes, they're designed for the NEAFS TEO device but also work with the IQOS ILUMA device, giving users flexibility.

What's the nicotine content? Each stick contains 1.5% nicotine, delivering satisfaction without the tobacco.

How often do I need to clean the device? Thanks to minimal cleaning needs with the TEO device, maintenance is hassle-free, letting you focus on enjoying your smoke-free experience.

Are they healthier than traditional smoking? Absolutely, they provide a tobacco-free option for menthol lovers, minus the health risks associated with tobacco.

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