Elux Legend Apple Peach Nic Salt E-Liquid 10ml

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Strength: 10mg
Size: 10ml
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Orchard Fusion Delight: Elux Legend - Apple Peach NicSalt 10ml

Experience the perfect union of crisp apples and succulent peaches with Elux Legend's Apple Peach NicSalt 10ml. This delightful e-liquid captures the essence of juicy apples and fresh ripe peaches, creating a vaping experience that's both refreshing and full of fruity goodness.

Flavour Profile

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing blend of juicy apples and ripe peaches. Elux Legend's Apple Peach NicSalt offers a symphony of flavours, combining the crisp sweetness of apples with the luscious and velvety taste of perfectly ripened peaches, creating a vaping sensation that's like biting into a fresh and juicy fruit salad.

Orchard Fusion Unleashed

Visualize yourself in a sunlit orchard, surrounded by rows of apple trees and peach blossoms. The Apple Peach NicSalt captures the essence of this picturesque scene, allowing you to savour the delightful combination of two beloved fruits in every invigorating puff.

Why Choose Elux Legend - Apple Peach NicSalt 10ml?

  • Perfect Fruit Pairing: Juicy apples meet fresh ripe peaches for a delightful fusion.
  • Balanced Sweetness: Enjoy the harmonious sweetness of apples and peaches.
  • NicSalt Smoothness: Satisfying nicotine delivery for a flavourful and fruity vape.

Elevate your vaping journey with Elux Legend's Apple Peach NicSalt 10ml. Click the link to immerse yourself in the delightful fusion of apples and peaches, encapsulated in a vaping delight that promises to transport you to a sun-kissed orchard with every juicy and refreshing puff.

Savour the orchard fusion delight with every fruity and invigorating inhale!


Brand: Elux
Bottle Size: 10ml TPD Compliant

VG/PG: 50/50 VG PG
Nicotine Strengths: 10mg, 20mg

Flavour notes: Apple Peach

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