Elux Legend Cherry Lime Nic Salt E-Liquid 10ml

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Strength: 10mg
Size: 10ml
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Elux Legend Cherry Lime NicSalt: A Symphony of Sweet and Tangy Delights

Embark on a flavour journey with Elux Legend Cherry Lime NicSalt, a meticulously crafted vape juice that brings together the succulent sweetness of ripe cherries and the zesty tang of limes. This harmonious blend promises a symphony of fruity delights with each puff. Here's a closer exploration of the delightful elements:

  • Juicy Sweetness of Ripe Cherries: Indulge in the rich and juicy sweetness of ripe cherries that dance on your taste buds. The flavour captures the essence of plump, sun-kissed cherries, delivering an irresistible sweetness that forms the foundation of this delightful concoction.

  • Harmonious Blend with Zesty Lime: As the cherry sweetness unfolds, it seamlessly intertwines with the zesty tang of lime. The lime adds a bright and citrusy kick to the mix, creating a perfect balance of sweet and tangy notes. The result is a flavour symphony that's both refreshing and exhilarating.

Elux Legend Cherry Lime NicSalt is a celebration of contrasting yet complementary flavours. Whether you crave the sweetness of cherries or the citrusy zest of lime, this vape juice offers a well-rounded experience that satisfies with every inhale. Immerse yourself in the delightful fusion of ripe cherries and zesty limes, creating a vaping experience that's both sweet and tangy. Elevate your taste buds with Elux Legend Cherry Lime NicSalt for a symphony of flavour that captures the essence of juicy sweetness and citrusy vibrancy.

Brand: Elux
Bottle Size: 10ml TPD Compliant

VG/PG: 50/50 VG PG
Nicotine Strengths: 10mg, 20mg

Flavour notes: Cherry, Lime

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