Aspire Zelos 3

Cutting Edge Technology from the Aspire Zelos 3 Vape Kit

The Aspire Zelos 3 is a sleek and sophisticated addition to Aspire's line of vaping devices, blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Jump on the vape have thoroughly tested the device and below we share our thoughts.

Design and Build Quality: The Zelos 3 boasts a compact and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. It's light weight due to its aluminium alloy construction yet still feels durable making it ideal for both outside and inside use. The device is available in a range of various colour options, adding a touch of personalization to your vaping experience. The 510 connector ensures compatibility with a wide variety of tanks, allowing users to customize their setup to suit their preferences.

Display and User Interface: One of the standout features of the Zelos 3 is its vibrant 0.96-inch TFT colour display. The display is bright and easy to read, providing essential information at a glance, including battery life, wattage, voltage, coil resistance, and puff counter. Navigating the user interface is intuitive, thanks to the responsive buttons located beneath the display. The device offers both wattage and voltage modes, giving users the flexibility to fine-tune their vaping experience to their liking.

Performance and Battery Life: Powered by a built-in 3200mAh battery, the Zelos 3 delivers impressive performance and extended vaping sessions on a single charge. The device supports a wattage range of 1W to 80W, catering to both beginner and experienced users. The ASP chipset ensures rapid firing and consistent power output, resulting in smooth and satisfying vapor production. The device features multiple safety protections, including overheat, overcharge, and short circuit protection, providing peace of mind during use.

Vaping Experience: In terms of the vaping experience, the Zelos 3 excels in delivering rich flavour and dense vapor production. Whether using a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-lung (DL) vaping style, the device performs well across a range of coil resistances. The wattage and voltage modes allow for precise and accurate adjustment of power output, enabling users to achieve their desired vaping intensity. Furthermore, the device supports both traditional freebase nicotine and nicotine salt e-liquids, catering to a wide range of vaping preferences and tastes

Additional Features: The Zelos 3 includes a variety of additional features that enhance the overall vaping experience. These include customizable power settings, a puff counter to track usage, and a range of safety protections to ensure user safety. The included USB port on the device will enable future enhancements and optimization.

Aspire Zelos 3

Unlocking the Aspire Zelos 3

Unlocking the Aspire Zelos 3 is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps:

  1. Turn on the Device: Press the fire button five times rapidly to turn on the Zelos 3. You'll see the device power up, and the screen will display the Aspire logo or the main menu, depending on the current settings.

  2. Access the Menu: Once the device is turned on, you can access the menu by pressing the fire button three times rapidly. This action will navigate you to the menu interface.

  3. Navigate to the Lock/Unlock Option: Within the menu, use the navigation buttons (up and down) to scroll through the options until you find the "Lock/Unlock" option. This option is typically located under the settings or system submenu.

  4. Select Lock/Unlock: Once you've located the Lock/Unlock option, press the fire button to select it. This action will prompt the device to toggle between the lock and unlock states.

  5. Confirm Unlock: If the device is currently locked, selecting the Lock/Unlock option will unlock it, allowing you to use the Zelos 3 normally. You'll typically see a message on the screen confirming that the device is now unlocked.

  6. Exit Menu: After unlocking the device, you can exit the menu interface by pressing the fire button multiple times or by waiting for the device to automatically exit after a few seconds of inactivity.

How To Use 

Using the Aspire Zelos 3 is a straightforward process, designed to provide a hassle-free vaping experience for users of all experience levels. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Fill the Tank:

    • Start by unscrewing the top cap of the tank (usually referred to as a "top-fill" design).
    • Fill the tank with your preferred e-liquid, being careful not to overfill and to avoid getting liquid into the central airflow tube.
    • Once filled, securely screw the top cap back onto the tank.
  2. Prime the Coil (if necessary):

    • If you're using a new coil or a coil that's been sitting for a while, it's essential to prime it to avoid dry hits and extend its lifespan.
    • Apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the exposed cotton areas of the coil.
    • Assemble the tank and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate the coil fully.
  3. Insert the Battery:

    • Slide open the battery compartment located at the bottom of the device.
    • Insert a fully charged 18650 battery (observe correct polarity) into the compartment.
    • Close the battery compartment securely.
  4. Turn On the Device:

    • Press the fire button five times rapidly to turn on the Zelos 3. You should see the device power up, and the screen will display the Aspire logo or the main menu, depending on the current settings.
  5. Adjust Settings (Optional):

    • Use the navigation buttons (up and down) to adjust the settings to your preference.
    • You can adjust parameters such as wattage, voltage, and airflow depending on your vaping style and the coil you're using.
  6. Vape:

    • With the device powered on and the tank filled and assembled, you're ready to start vaping.
    • Press and hold the fire button while inhaling slowly to draw vapor into your mouth or lungs, depending on your preferred vaping style.
  7. Monitor Battery Life:

    • Keep an eye on the battery life displayed on the screen. When the battery is running low, recharge it using a compatible charger.
  8. Turn Off the Device (Optional):

    • If you're done vaping or want to conserve battery life, you can turn off the Zelos 3 by pressing the fire button five times rapidly.
  9. Safety Precautions:

    • Always follow proper battery safety practices, such as using the correct type of battery, avoiding damage to the battery wrap, and not leaving batteries unattended while charging.
    • Ensure that the device is turned off when not in use, especially when carrying it in a pocket or bag.

What Coil

Aspire Zelos 3 Coil

The coil you should use for the Aspire Zelos 3 depends on your vaping preferences, the type of e-liquid you're using, and your desired vaping experience. Aspire offers a range of coil options designed to cater to different vaping styles. Here are some common coil options for the Zelos 3:

  1. Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils:

    • These coils are compatible with the Nautilus series tanks, which are often included with the Zelos 3 kit.
    • The Nautilus BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) coils are known for their reliability and versatility.
    • They are available in various resistances, including 1.6 ohms, 1.8 ohms, and 0.7 ohms, catering to both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and restricted direct-lung (RDL) vaping styles.
    • Ideal for use with higher nicotine e-liquids or nicotine salts, providing a smooth and flavorful vaping experience.
  2. Aspire BP Coils:

    • These coils are specifically designed for the Aspire BP series tanks, which are compatible with the Zelos 3.
    • The BP coils come in different resistances, including 0.3 ohms, 0.6 ohms, and 1.0 ohms, offering options for both direct-lung (DL) and restricted direct-lung (RDL) vaping.
    • They are suitable for use with regular freebase nicotine e-liquids or lower strength nicotine salts, providing a balance of flavor and vapor production.
  3. Aspire AVP Pro Coils:

    • If you're using the Aspire AVP Pro pod included with the Zelos 3 kit, you'll need AVP Pro coils.
    • These coils are available in 0.65 ohms and 1.15 ohms resistances, catering to both MTL and RDL vaping styles.
    • They are compatible with nicotine salts or regular e-liquids, offering a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

When choosing a coil for your Zelos 3, consider factors such as your preferred vaping style (MTL or DL), the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, and the type of flavour profile you enjoy. Experimenting with different coils can help you find the perfect balance of flavour, vapor production, and throat hit to suit your preferences. Additionally, always ensure that you're using genuine Aspire coils to maintain the quality and performance of your device


In conclusion, the Aspire Zelos 3 is a standout vaping device that combines style, performance, and ease of use in a sleek package. With its smart design, intuitive interface, and impressive battery life, it's suitable for both novice vapers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. The Zelos 3 really does impress, whether your looking for dense vapor production, rich flavour, or customizable settings it really does deliver a satisfying vaping experience.


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