MaryLIQ E Liquid

Discover Maryliq Lost Mary's iconic flavours. Maryliq 10ml Nic Salt is now available in 10ml nicotine salt e-liquids. Maryliq provides a smooth throat hit and is extremely rich in flavour.  With the impending ban on disposable vapes now is the time to make the move to nic salt e-liquids and a reusable pod kit, check out our offers on reusable kits now here.

Available in 20mg strengths Maryliq 10 ml Nic Salts wide variety of flavours are ideal for people looking for something slightly different. They are ideal for people who have recently quit smoking, delivering a smooth throat hit and all flavours are compatible with both starter and pod vape kits.  Explore the wide variety of flavours on offer in the range. there is sure to be flavour you like.

The balanced 50% VG / 50% PG blend ensures a smooth vaping experience with a satisfying throat hit  making it suitable for new vapers and experienced vapers.

Maryliq E-Liquid Flavours

The MaryLiq range includes up to 25 popular flavours:

Can I use MaryLiq Nic Salts in my own vape?

MaryLiq E-Liquids are designed for a great vaping experience. If you use an MTL vape kit, low-wattage vape, or any refillable pod kit they are perfect, the e-liquids are 50/50 VG/PG. Use in a sub-ohm device is not recommended. With a wide variety of options available for sub-ohm devices, check them out here.


There have been a lot of ‘liqs’ lately hitting the market but these flavours are up there with the best flavour-wise. Although, other brands have the benefit of being available in lower strengths these should be a serious contender if you regularly use 20mg liquids.

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