Best Daytime Cannabis Strains


Cannabis is being accepted by more and more people all across the world as a lifestyle choice rather than something to get ‘high’ off of. There are plenty of cannabis strains today that offer energizing and focusing effects, while others lead to relaxation. There has also been a lot of research to suggest how the entourage effect of cannabis Sativa terpenes leads to better results. So, at this point, there’s no doubt left when it comes to the potential benefits of the plant. 

But with so many strains available on the market, how does one know which ones to choose, especially for daytime use? Fortunately, we have a list of the best daytime weed strains, whether you are looking for a boost of energy or a day of relaxation.

Jack Herer

Many people who look for the best daytime strains for productivity look for those that are sativa-dominant, and Jack Herer is no exception. This is a weed with around 18% of THC content and Terpinolene as the primary terpene. Consumers of this marijuana report feeling very happy after having it. It is also well-known for its creative effects on people as well as making them feel uplifted and full of energy. All of this is exactly what you need for a productive day ahead. As a bonus, it also tastes great, with earthy and woody notes.  

Super Silver Haze

This is a Sativa strain that has to be considered for the title of the best strain for energy 2022. Super Silver Haze comes by combining Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights. It contains 20% of THC and Myrcene as the main terpene. The result of all this is a weed that provides highly energetic effects along with feelings of happiness and upliftment. If you want to spend a day getting some work done or going for a nice outdoor activity with friends, consider having some Super Silver Haze. 

Durban Poison

Another pure Sativa, Durban Poison, has a moderate 19% of THC content and comes with the primary terpene Terpinolene. This is a very popular option among the best daytime strains for productivity. It tastes sweet and earthy, which is great, but its effects are what make it among the top daytime strains available today. People who consume this weed report feeling uplifted and happy, along with feeling a strong sense of energy and productivity. It might also help you get some creative juices flowing in your mind if you need to get some stuff done. 

Ghost Train Haze

A strong contender for the best daytime weed, Ghost Train Haze is a cross of Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG. It contains 18% of THC and Terpinolene as the dominant terpene. With its very strong citrusy and fruity taste, this weed is great for having during the day. It provides a powerful kick of creativity as well as concentration to consumers. People also get quite happy after smoking some of these buds or having a nice edible made it its cannabutter. 

Super Sour Diesel

If you’re looking for the best strain for energy 2022, Super Sour Diesel might be right up your alley, provided you can handle your THC. It contains 23% of it, and the primary terpene in it is Limonene. This cannabis is a Sativa and has been created by combining Sour Diesel with Super Silver Haze. Once you consume this marijuana, you will likely feel very euphoric and happy. It will also give you a boost of energy that is very much needed to get through busy days. This is a very good choice for daytime strains for social events in particular. 


A cross between Space Queen and Orange Velvet, Jillybean comes with a low THC content of 16%, which makes it suitable even for beginner users. It has Myrcene as the most dominant terpene and comes with very tangy and sweet flavours of mangoes and oranges. Jillybean offers consumers uplifting and mood-boosting effects. It also provides a sense of energy to round off the ideal trio of effects for the daytime weed strains.


For those wanting a hybrid strain that tastes great and provides energizing effects, XJ-13 is a great weed to have during the day. It is the result of combining G13 Haze and Jack Herer and contains 20% of THC content. The citrusy and earthy notes in the aroma are largely because of Terpinolene. XJ-13 makes consumers feel energetic and creative. They also feel more talkative, which makes it a great choice for those days when you need to socialize with others.


With some of these best daytime strains for productivity and energy, you can be sure of having the right weed for the right occasion. There are many others out there that you can try, but the 7 daytime strains on our list are the top options when it comes to improving your mood, making you creative, and helping you get through long days without feeling down.

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