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HALO e-liquid is made by Nicopure, who are an American e-liquid manufacturer based in Florida. Their manufacturing facility is based out of Gainsville FL, and their head offices are located in Tampa FL. The company was setup by two friends, Jeffrey Stammler, and Jason Del Giudice. Shortly after the formation of the company in July 2009, they also enlisted the help of Jeffrey's brother Ken Stammler who would run the manufacturing side of the business. 

In the early days it was a family run business, servicing local customers in and around the Tampa area when vaping was starting to become popular. Due to the huge success' of selling online, the brothers and Jason ventured out into selling to vape stores all across the United States of America. It is safe to say that you can now find HALO e-liquid products on nearly every vape store shelf across America. 

The Products: 

HALO Tribeca - The most popular RY4 tobacco e-liquid within America, and the most successful flavour within the HALO e-liquid range. Tribeca is a smooth caramel tobacco which has a unique mourish taste to it. 

HALO Sub Zero - This is our faviroute flavour here at jumponthevape.com. A cool menthol blast followed by a peppermint aftertaste. If you are a menthol eliquid lover then this one is a must purchase! It will blow your socks off. 

HALO Turkish Tobacco - Turkish Tobacco is what it says on the tin. If you've tried Turkish Tobacco shisha before, it tastes exactly like that. A very interesting take on tobacco e-liquid.

HALO Malibu - An exotic flavour bursting with lots of fruity undertones. Malibu is actually the faviroute flavour of the CEO Jeff Stammler, so that defintely says something about this flavour. If you like Malibu and coke, then give this a go. You won't be dissapointed. It's also worth noting, that this liquid has a subtle menthol aftertaste for a fresh breath. 

HALO Prime 15 - Another tobacco e-liquid from the HALO range. This tobacco is targetted at vapers that would like to replicate the tobacco draw from a cigarette. If we were to couple this with a well known brand in the tobacco industry, it would be like a Marlboro Red. 


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