How to Choose your dry herb vape

Everyone is switching the cigarette deal to exchange it with a brand-new vaporizer. These items are becoming increasingly popular over time and are designed to enhance the smoking experience and allow smokers to enjoy the flavours of their favourite herb, especially when it comes to cannabis. 

Unfortunately, many are confused and do not understand what to look for in a vaporizer; is it the size? The length? The content? Worry not. There are a few factors you need to know not to choose wrongly and to successfully purchase a device that will confirm the voices you are about to make. This article will explore how to choose the best dry herb vape for your needs.

Know Your Budget

Sometimes, you need to make sure your vaporizer does not exceed your budget, for portable and practical dry herb vaporizers can be a little too expensive –and yet some will tell you they are perfectly priced compared to what you’re really looking for. 

Convection vapes are more expensive than conduction vapes because of the better quality they can provide. However, being more expensive does not necessarily mean it’s better. It all depends on the smoker’s tastes and what he wants in a vaporizer. 

While some would enjoy a fast process, others would love to take it slow and enjoy the vapour taste produced.  If you have trouble deciding which dry herb vaporizer to invest in, visit the best-ranked stores and dispensaries like Daily High Club and look through their products to ensure you get the highest quality vaporizer in your budget. Determine a budget before shopping for your vape and look for advice; if you’re new to marijuana, it will be easier to look for devices with a higher rating or categorised as one of the best!

Be Aware of Temperature Control

Before choosing your dry herb vape, understand the difference between both concepts and which one you’d rather use for a better smoking experience. Conduction presupposes the use of direct contact of cannabis with the heating source to create the vapour, a process similar to having a bonfire or a stove melting a marshmallow. 

Conduction fastens the smoking process and widens the battery life as it lasts longer and is less expensive. Conduction vapes are more suitable for long trips with friends and immediate effects but are less efficient because the cannabis is continuously heated and produces lower quality vapour.  

In contrast, convection uses indirect ways to heat cannabis by relying on circulating hot air through the product. Such a concept can be compared to the working of an oven. In other words, the herb and heat sources are separated and are not connected physically. Convection is good as it provides a higher quality experience and a higher efficiency for smokers. It also lowers the risks of combusting smoke; however, the process remains slower than the conduction method and is generally more expensive. 

The Capacity of the Vape

How much can your vape hold? You need to know that the more your device can encompass herbs, the longer and better the experience will be, so capacity is one of the main features to check whenever you buy a vape. 

For example, portable vapes which can receive more herbs are more likely to be desirable items than those that cannot hold a lot of herbs. Fortunately, vapes are available in several sizes and can hold a lot or some herbs – all according to the smoker’s choice and preference. 

The Design

Show me your Vaporizer, and I’ll tell you who you are. Like phone cases and accessories, people want to look modern and stylish when smoking. Something blend and classic won’t do anymore – Vapes are accessories that complement the user’s aesthetics and preferences. 

Get a vaporizer with a design or design your vaporizer. Look for something that goes hand in hand with your personality; for instance, you can add a sticker of your favourite band or quotes that you particularly love. Explore your choices between vapes made of glass, plastic, or metal, shop around and choose something that fits your preferences.

The Effectiveness

How’s your smoking experience? How’s the vapour production ability? Does it produce enough smoke? If you don’t like it, stop using it! There’s no need to stick with a device that does not satisfy your needs or give you the joy and relaxation you’ve been seeking after a long day at work. 

Check how effective your vape is and how faithful it is in delivering what it promises; are you enjoying the experience, or was it bad? Did you consider the other criteria when buying your item, or was it given to you by someone else? Always choose what fits your preferences; the more effective your vape is, the more it can be customised and enjoyed.

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