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Finding your perfect E Liquid flavour isn’t always easy. Many people looking to quit smoking are often intimidated and overwhelmed when trying to find a flavour they think they will like. What’s even worse is when you think a product looks nice, ordering it and waiting a couple of days on delivery and then finding out it tastes terrible. Don’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

There is no simple answer to ‘What’s the best E Liquid’ as everyone's taste buds and preferences are different. We’ll leave it down to you to decide which is best as you explore the endless selection of flavours available to you.

Most people looking to quit smoking think that they should get either a Tobacco E Liquid flavour or a Menthol E Liquid flavour. Though this may work for some people it won’t work for all as you’ll always be comparing it to the taste of a cigarette. This can lead to people giving up and going back to smoking.

We recommend looking around for different flavour types and seeing what works for you. Which is why we want to discuss the popular ones with you. The main groups are Fruity, Desserts, Tobacco, Candy, Menthol

Fruity E Liquid Flavours

Fruity flavours are the most popular types, because you can get pretty much get any fruit flavour you desire. Not only can you get single fruit flavoured E Liquid but also multiple flavours mixed in perfectly together.

Pachamama is famous for their fruity flavours, one of their flavours includes Mint Leaf, Honeydew, Berry and kiwi. All their flavours have multiple fruits blended perfectly together.

There are thousands of different combinations. You may even hate eating Kiwis, however an E Liquid which contains Kiwi Flavourings could actually be your favourite flavour. Flavour concentrates are also used to enhance another flavour. So our advice would be to not say no and take a chance, you may end up finding your all day vape.

Dessert E Liquid Flavours

How often do you turn down a dessert when you go out for a meal? Not often I suppose, it’s the same with E Liquid, it’s very difficult to say no to some of your favourite desserts.

You will be amazed at how accurate they can be, Apple Pie, Lemon tart, Tiramisu, the list is endless. You will also find that one companies version of Lemon meringue pie could be completely different from another brands version. Always feel free to try different companies out.

The next time you pick up a Dessert E Liquid you should close your eyes, imagine a plate of the same Dessert and see if it truly does compare.

Tobacco E Liquid Flavours

You would be surprised at how many different types of Tobacco flavours are on the market. The most popular Tobacco E Liquid has to be the famous RY4 which consists of tobacco, caramel and nuts. Others may prefer to stick to a dry tobacco or a sweet virginia.

Some manufacturers such as Tobacco Bastards have gone the extra step to create some amazing flavours which mixes tobacco with, bourbon, whisky, nuts, coffee, mint and even a meaty flavour.

As we’ve said before Tobacco E Liquids are very popular for people wanting to quit smoking as most people still want the taste of tobacco in their mouth.

Menthol E Liquid Flavours

Menthol Flavoured E Liquids are very popular among vapers because of it’s cooling properties. It is widely used in food and medicine so why shouldn't it be used in E Liquids?

It is the cooling agent in the menthol which has made these flavours popular. Other than Tobacco flavoured E Liquid Menthol is the next most purchased Flavour category among new vapers who are quitting smoking.

Most people think that Menthol E Liquids is your bog standard, Menthol, Spearmint or peppermint..Oh how wrong they are. It is often used in many Fruit E Liquid flavours as well as Candy E Liquid flavours. Menthol actually works well to break down and soften the taste of stronger flavours such as citrus fruits. If done correctly you can get a pleasant cool aftertaste to E Liquids.

With the new ban of menthol cigarettes which has come into play since 20th May 2020, we’re sure there will be an influx of people wanting to quit smoking and use vaping menthol E Liquid as an alternative. You can read our blog on the Menthol Ban here

Candy E Liquid Flavours

I don’t think it matters how old you are, everyone likes sweets and candy. Whether it’s Skittles, lemon sherbet, humbugs or Fruit salads, we will never stop liking it.

We have kept the category of Candy separate from Desserts as a chocolate cake E Liquid is too different to a fruity Jaw breaker E Liquid.

Candy E Liquids are great for taking a trip down memory lane, taking your first inhale on a fleshly cottoned coil with Candy Kings Sour Worms E Liquid will give you an amazing nostalgic feeling.

Candy E Liquid is very popular in the vaping world, it’s very difficult to not buy everything you see. Browsing through the candy category on any site reminds you of being a kid and wanting everything from the pick & mix aisle.

One of our most popular ones are from Double drip with their fruity sherbets range.

At Jumponthevape we do our best to bring you amazing E Liquids at affordable prices. After placing an order you will receive an email from Trust Pilot asking for a review, this helps us grow and also gives you the ability to leave fantastic feedback for any of the flavours you’ve tried.

If there is any of your favourite flavours that you haven’t seen on our site, please feel free to drop us a message at support@jumponthevape.com and we will see what we can do for you.

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