Rise of The Disposable Vape

When we think we have reached the peak of innovation, there comes something else that changes how we perceive it ultimately. The same applies to everyday items that we use. It all started with the migration from traditional cigarettes to vapes. The vaping community has experienced another innovative change, the migration from conventional vapes to disposable vapes. 

These disposable vapes were once famous, but they are getting more attention recently. Whether based on how they've improved over the years or the added functions that make them unique from the traditional vapes, it is becoming a prevalent rising trend among the vaping community.

Vaping is considered a healthier alternative compared to traditional cigarettes. Hence, it's no surprise that the market is full of tons of these vaping machines.

Below, we'll run you through some basic points revolving around what disposable vapes are and how they've come to win so many hearts over the years. Without further ado, let's get this ship sailing together.

What Are Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are typically small devices with pre-filled e-juices. Companies make these categories of vapes non-rechargeable but more accessible and convenient for use. Technically, most fresh vapers are encouraged to get disposable vapes because of their simple maintenance. You don't have to change the coils or worry about refilling your tanks because as soon as you are done with the pre-filled liquid, you get to dispose of it.

These vapes are relatively cheap and a simpler way of taking on the vaping world. Unlike most common vapes, all you have to do is puff and go, as they have fewer buttons to operate to get you going. Disposable vapes are known for how flavorful they can get, and with them, you can be sure to have an affordable yet smooth experience with vaping.

How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

You get to have an easy one with this one. No buttons, no stress. Disposable vapes work in a pretty simple way that helps guarantee convenience and ease of use. Disposable vaping devices need a source for flavor, power, and a section to match all operations. It needs to give the same feeling as the regular vape devices but with even more convenience and freedom. It does this by possessing a battery to serve as the power source to help heat the vape juice. 

The vape juice is put in a section that vape enthusiasts call the chamber, serving as the juice holder. The battery and the chamber work together to keep the fluid heated, conveniently providing you with the vapor you smoke. You will need to dispose of the non-rechargeable vape once the juice is emptied of the chamber entirely as vapor. Most disposable vapes device are made with various mechanisms to alert you once the batteries are running low.

What Is the History of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes?

You will agree that disposable electronic cigarettes have come a long way, but knowing where they root from surely won't hurt. They are not alien technology from Mars, so what brought about these e-cigarettes? 

While we won't say the experiment that brought about disposable vapes is some high-secret project stamped with some funny code name, still, it's one story to go down in history. It's a tale that goes far back to 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist who was also a smoker invented vapes. The Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, was so immersed in smoking that he hungered to develop new devices. According to the books, he exhausted an average of three cigarette packs daily at a point and even wanted more. 

Hon Lik started making plans to create a new cigarette version which came out as the first vape device (e-cigarette). However, earlier documentation proves that a version of the e-cigarette was made before 2003, but it didn't get commercialized. The event occurred in the year 1930 but didn't give a precise verification that one existed before the recognized one. The acknowledged inventor of electronic cigarettes still stands to be the Chinese pharmacist and smoker Hon Lik.

Why Does Disposable Vaping Suddenly Become So Popular?

Disposable vape popularity has skyrocketed in modern times, not just because they are disposable devices.

Ease Of Access

The regular Vapes would require you to recharge them, which is a hassle for most people, especially new vape fanatics. Everyone wants to evade stress and enjoy a product's convenience, making them choose disposable vapes. More people keep going for these vapes since they don't need to charge it after exhausting the contents. They need to pick up another once they finish the current one since there's no need to recharge anything.

Beginner Friendly

Disposable vape devices also boast popularity among the new and upcoming fanatics of the vaping community who are beginners. Beginners find it satisfying to enjoy the vaping experience without going through the stress of regular vapes. You only see a beginner handle the traditional vapes alone if they are into those types. Another situation is where they want to explore all the currently existing vapes or step up their vape game.

Various Flavour Selection

You also enjoy various vape flavours as you get different types of vape devices to smoke. It benefits trying out these different flavours at reduced costs since they are not rechargeable. You can enjoy the experience of smoking different flavours in a week and share it with friends and other enthusiasts. These multiple flavours are also very healthy compared to the regular cigarettes you smoke, reducing your experience's side effects.


The most crucial factor that makes many people consider disposable vapes over regular ones is the cost of purchase. Everybody will go for a cheaper product that gives a satisfying experience than an expensive one with equal service. The fact that it can't be reused puts its cost lower than the reusable vape devices you see around. It's a good experience if you want to feel how it is before going into the community of vaping enthusiasts. 

How Long The Disposable Vapes Last?

The experience you will enjoy from most non-rechargeable vape devices will span between 200 to 400 puffs during use. The maximum number of puffs which is 400, is equal to a number of 20 cigarettes if appropriately calculated. That means exhausting a disposable vape with 400 puffs equals smoking a total number of 20 cigarettes. The battery also matters, and the prevalent one is the 280mAh battery which can go up to 850mAh.


Disposable vaping devices and regular vapes both play their parts to satisfy every member of the vaping community. Everyone has what they want from their vapes when they determine which particular type they get to meet their needs. You should also try vaping and see which one works for you. One very popular vape to consider is the Elfbar Vape which has risen to the top in a short space of time.

This article has covered some grounds concerning the rise of disposable vapes, and we sure hope you are enlightened. Be certain to go over the parts you need more clarity on, and in case of any doubt, do not hesitate to reach out.

Do have a happy vaping time. Always!


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