Important Thing To Know Before You Buy Vape Juices

Novice vapers always find the choice of vape juices quite overwhelming.  When you walk into a store, the ocean of choices available in vape liquids varying in strength, flavour, potency, base ingredients becomes challenging to navigate in the initial few months of vaping. Identifying the right juice can make all the difference!

Vape Juice

If you are a new vaper struggling to find the right e-juice for you, answer these five questions to know which juice will fit you right. 

Why Do You Want To Vape?

The reason behind picking up a vaping habit is essential to help you identify the suitable types of vape juices. If you are a recreational vapor trying to enjoy some delicious fruity flavours, you can choose from a wide range of vape juices embedded with enriching taste and aroma. These juices are pretty easy to locate and contain base ingredients elevated with different flavouring agents for a pleasurable experience. 

If you are a smoker in transition, you might need nicotine-infused liquids to satisfy your cravings. You can find several ranges of e-liquids with unique flavours and variable strengths of nicotine. These liquids are helpful to replicate the feeling of smoking without inducing severe carcinogenic risks. Vaping them could be an excellent and efficient way to quit the habit or even bring it under control by monitoring consumption.

Infused vape juices such as CBD are also available to impart powerful therapeutic benefits to users. You can explore them with brands like cbdMD that promise high quality and potency for best results. 

What Flavours Do You Like? 

E-liquids are all about the flavours. The rapid growth in interest in vaping has motivated brands to pursue research on creating impeccable flavours. While plain fruit and floral flavours were the popular choices from before, today, you have every flavour ranging from favourite candies to desserts reflecting in every puff. These flavours can be pretty fun to experience. 

Choosing the flavour completely depends on your taste. Some people also like bold and sweet flavors in their vapors. They can go for exotic fruity flavours. Drool-worthy dessert choices like Key Lime or Chocolate Donut will be the right choice for them. Others prefer an earthy taste in their vape juice to create an experience like smoking. Finally, they can opt for a tobacco flavour in this case that imitates the experience tastefully. 

Vape Flavours

Identifying your favourite flavours might be a challenge. You might have to go out of your comfort zone in the initial stage to try several flavours before you arrive at your go-to list. Remember to have more than one favourite flavour to avoid a vapor tongue. Also, there are taste variations in the same flavour between brands. So, you might have to consider this as well while making your list. Switching between your favourites each time you purchase can help you relish the complex intricacies of these flavours well.  

How Strong Should The Nicotine Be?

Nicotine is an essential component of vaping. Smokers in transition look at vaping as a safer and effective way of monitoring nicotine usage to help them quit. Therefore, choosing the right strength is essential to ensure you can quickly embrace this transition. 

Most vape liquids with nicotine express the concentration of the compound in mg/ml or percentage formats. In mg/ml format, the nicotine concentration ranges from as low as 0mg/ml to 18 mg/ml. Some brands and flavours also offer exceptionally high concentrations for chain smokers that could go up to 36mg/ml. 


A heavy smoker can start with concentrations between 18 – 12 mg/ml to match the smoking experience while vaping. Regular smokers can begin at 12mg/ml and go as low as 6mg/ml to curb the cravings. 

The percentage format is relatively easy to figure out comparatively. For example, if your 100 ml vape juice bottle says 2% nicotine, the e-liquid contains 2ml nicotine. You can also convert between the two scaling formats by dividing the mg/ml value by 10 to get the percentage value or vice versa. Use this information to identify the appropriate nicotine strength for your use.  

Are Nic Salt Liquids For Me?

Nicotine salt liquids are an essential part of vape juice selection. They are competent alternatives to regular e-juices with very high nicotine strength.  

Typical vape juices contain freebase nicotine and propylene glycol (PG) to induce a smoking-like throat hit. But as nicotine concentrations hit high thresholds, these liquids tend to become harsh on the throat and quite uncomfortable to vape. 

Salt liquids contain nicotine in a salt form in conjunction with benzoic and citric acid to enhance its bioavailability. This form enables improved nicotine availability without a harsh throat hit, making the experience quite pleasurable. The nicotine concentrations also go as high as 36mg/ml, which can be an outstanding choice for hefty smokers trying to curb their cravings.  

Do I Like Dense Vape Clouds?

Vape clouds are significant, especially if you enjoy performing vape tricks. Vape clouds also carry the delicious flavors of the juices elegantly to offer a wonderful experience. 

Vape Flavours

Not all e-liquids produce dense vape clouds. The presence and relative concentration of vegetable glycerine( VG) in vape juice directly affects vapers' density. 

VG and PG form the base of most e-juices. However, while VG thickens the liquid to enable dense, flavour-brimming clouds, PG makes the liquid thin and runny. So, if you want to enjoy fantastic vape clouds with improved flavour availability, choose vape juices with a high VG ratio. On the other hand, if you like a more punchy throat hit, go for PG-rich liquids instead.  


These are some essential facts to keep in mind while choosing vape juices. It will help you identify the flavours and strength that best suits you. Also, make sure to invest only in high-quality vape juices by premium brands to ensure safety and efficiency while vaping.


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