Vape Deals

Vape Deals

Looking through the UK vape scene, there are a plethora of great uk vape deals that are running to entice customers back into vape stores and to shop online for their vaping needs. This is largely due to the current COVID-19 crisis, where we saw all Vape Shops across the country close for a minimum of 2 months, which created a huge demand online for customer purchases. 

Due to the closure of vape stores up and down the country, online vape shops were inundated with orders which created delays in orders shipping in a timely fashion, which in turn lead to panic buying. At the height of the panic buying towards the middle of April, you could expect a delay from most online vape shops to be in the region of 3-5 days before your order could be processed. 

So, with customers panic buying online, and a huge demand online between the end of March 2020 to the end of April 2020, a lot of companies find themselves with large overstocks as they themselves had purchased more stock to cover the demand that was coming in. Another factor to consider in the rise of the UK Vape Deal recently is the huge amounts of stock that is sat in vape stores that have been closed.

E Liquid generally has an expiry date of 2 years depending on the manufacturer, and in some cases, you can get an e-liquid that has an expiry of 3 years. The expiry date of an eliquid depends on what ingredients are used in the eliquid, as well as the standard on lab that the eliquid has been manufactured in. For instance, if an e-liquid is manufactured in an ISO9001 & ISO14001 clean room, they can put a 3-year expiry date on the e-liquid. If the e-liquid is manufactured in a lower grade ISO clean room, then they are only able to put a 2-year expiry date on the label. 

Typically, a vape shop will have a rotating stock value of between £5,000 - £20,000 worth of cost price stock. Within that stock you will have 20% of the stock that sells the fastest, and then the other 80% will be made up of medium and slow-moving stock. As an example, if you look at a 10ml e-liquid flavour, you will have 5 different variants for a 10ml freebase nicotine eliquid. This is made up of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg nicotine strengths within that flavour, and you may also have 10mg & 20mg available in the nicotine salt variants. Across these 7 strengths it is likely that 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, will sell faster than the 0mg and 18mg. 

When a company or individual wants to manufacture a new or re-run of a 10ml e liquid line, the minimum order quantity for each SKU is 500 units, this is due to the economies of scale that you need to reach to make it viably profitable. For instance, if you were only going to manufacture 100 bottles on a manufacturing run, then you would find that your label cost would be £0.20 rather than £0.05 for each label. It is the same with the boxes, leaflets, flavouring etc etc. So, when you manufacture a line of e-liquid you will always have your fast-moving flavours, strengths, and then you will have the slow movers. If you manufacture your products with a company that has a 2-year expiry date it is highly likely that you will need to put your products on vape deal websites at some point. 

Due to the high traffic demand over the past few months online, companies have seen this as a huge opportunity to offload their slow-moving stock with highly attractive vape deals. For instance, the keyword ‘UK vape deals’ has seen a traffic increase on google from 2,900 unique searches per month to 5,000 unique searches per month. It is well worth your time to shop around for discount codes when shopping on a vape website, as we are seeing discount codes of up to 25% off, and specific discount of up to 70% on certain products.

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