Which Vaping is Safer

As you may already be aware the prime minister of the United Kingdom announced in February 2024 that an imminent ban on disposable vape products will come into force at the end of 2024, or by the start of 2025. It has also been suggested that vape products will be subject to a flavour ban, which will be used to make it less appealing to children who vape predominantly for the flavours. To go even further, the government are likely to remove vaping products from store counter tops, and subject them to the same rules as tobacco products by hiding them in draws. 

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

When we talk about which vaping is safer, it is important to know that all legal vape products on the UK market today must submit their products to the MHRA under the Tobacco Product Directive legislation which requires manufacturers to notify the government of ingredients used, volume fill and nicotine dosage. This is obtained by sending off your vape product to a certified laboratory to conduct toxicology testing, and if passed, the certified lab will provide you with a signed certificate. Brand owners will then be able to notify their products with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). 

Exclusive Chip Identification

Once a product is registered with the MHRA a unique ECID (Exclusive chip identification) number will be provided, and vape manufacturers are required to print this onto the packaging of their products. If consumers want to check a product to ensure it has been through this process, they can enter the ECID number on the Vape Click website (https://vape-click.com/) to check if it has indeed been approved or disapproved. If the product does not showcase an ECID number, then this would be an illegal and illicit product which would be unsafe to vape as no checks have been made on the ingredients. 

Illegal vs Legal

Illegal / Illicit vape products on the UK vape market are considered unsafe to vape, and as described above this can be determined by the ECID number on the packaging. If there is no ECID number we recommend that you do not consume this product. At Jumponthevape we only sell legal vape products from trusted suppliers who have been through the toxicology and registration process'. 


When considering which vape is safer, make sure that you check for the ECID number on the packaging, and check it through the Vape Click website to ensure that it has been approved. After conducting these checks, you will know if your vape is safe to use or if it has potential hazardous chemicals in it which can cause damage to your lungs. All legal vape products registered with the MHRA and have been approved by the government are 95% safer to use than smoking as reported by Public Health England.


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