Beginners Guide to Vaping

Navigating the Vaping World: A Beginner's Guide to Vape Kits

Embarking on your vaping journey can be overwhelming, especially when faced with a multitude of e-cigarette options and unfamiliar terms. To ease this transition, let's start by breaking down the essential components of a vape kit.

Drip Tip:

  • Acts as a chimney, allowing vapor to travel from the coil to your lungs.


  • Comprised of wire and cotton, the coil absorbs e-liquid from the tank, heating it to produce vapor when the button is pressed.


  • Surrounds the coil and holds the e-liquid, positioned between the drip tip and battery.


  • The powerhouse of your vape, responsible for heating the coil and activating the device.

Understanding these components sets the stage for exploring different vape kits.

Types of Vape Kits:

  1. Disposables:

    • Mimic the design of smoking, lightweight and discreet.
    • One-time use, with limited vape juice and battery life.
    • Suitable as a starting point but may become costlier over time.
  2. Pod Kits:

    • Lightweight, pocket-sized options with replaceable pods.
    • Ideal for beginners, offering a similar feel to smoking.
    • Available in MTL (mouth-to-lung) options, replicating the smoking experience.
  3. Vape Pens:

    • Popular among new vapers, offering longer battery life.
    • Refillable tanks, eliminating the need for pod replacements.
    • Simple to use with a fire button for activation.
  4. Box Mod Kits:

    • Geared towards experienced vapers, providing customization options.
    • Adjustable wattage, temperature, and ventilation.
    • Larger size, increased battery capacity, and the ability to change tanks.

Choosing the Right Vape Kit:

  1. Nicotine Strength:

    • High Nicotine (18-20mg) for heavy smokers, gradually reducing over time.
    • Medium Nicotine (12mg) for moderate smokers.
    • Low Nicotine (6mg) for light smokers.
    • Very Low Nicotine (3mg) for social smokers.
  2. PG:VG Ratio:

    • Balanced (50:50) for even nicotine delivery, suitable for standard vape pens or pod mods.
    • Higher VG for lower nicotine levels, producing larger clouds (70:30 or 80:20).
    • Consider PG for a throat hit and VG for vapor production.

How to Vape: MTL vs. DTL:

  • MTL (Mouth-to-Lung):

    • Replicates the smoking technique, drawing vapor into the mouth before inhaling into the lungs.
    • Ideal for coils with 1 ohm resistance or higher.
  • DTL (Direct-to-Lung):

    • Suited for experienced vapers seeking a deep lung hit.
    • Inhale deeply for more flavour, often associated with sub-ohm vapes.

In Conclusion:

  • Vape Pen or Pod Kit:

    • High nic content.
    • MTL vaping resembling smoking.
    • Throat hit effect.
    • More powerful flavor.
  • Sub Ohm Vape Pen or Box Mod Kit:

    • Massive vapor production.
    • DTL vaping for deep lung drags.
    • Gentle throat hit with a smoother pull.
    • Customizable options.

Navigating the world of vaping involves personal preferences, and experimenting with different options helps tailor your experience. Whether you're a beginner seeking simplicity or an enthusiast craving customization, understanding these basics is the first step towards an enjoyable vaping journey.

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