Guide for using THC Concentrates

According to a report by the World Health Organization of the year 2018, we have almost forty-one million vape users around the globe. And, now it's estimated that this rate of vaping users will increase to fifty-five million by the end of this year. These numbers sound huge. Right? Well, that's the incredible, but not shocking at all, fan base of vape users globally.

Vaping is an exceptionally famous activity. By looking at the figures of vaping users above, you can guess the aura of the craze of vaping among the users. This craze gets doubled when it comes to taking a view of vaping in teens users. You may find it astonishing after knowing that young adults, especially teens are the most significant consumer base of THC vaping. Yes, that's true.

Do you know? Around sixty-one percent of vaping users have begun to vape to experience how vaping feels. And not just this. Around twenty-one percent of vaping users have begun to vape to inhale their favourite vape flavours. Now that you have decided to experience the highs of THC through vaping, welcome to the empire of vaping THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (a psychoactive compound which Cannabis or hemp plants offer to us) is famous by the name THC. This exceptionally potent compound is the D9 version of cannabis. THC users find this compound fascinating due to the high effect which it induces. It means that when you consume THC, it will take you on a mentally occupied ride to another world. Fortunately, vaping THC will help you get its effects as soon as possible, unlike other ways to take it. They are slower than the vaping method. 

Vaping THC

We have come across several enthusiasts like you. They are excited on another level to vape THC but don't know how to do it. That is not a big deal because this is an exceptionally civil issue among THC concentrate vape users. There are, in fact, many users who don't get the right guide for vaping THC concentrates. And, as a result, they vape it in the wrong way. It is not the right thing to do, especially when vaping is as influential as THC concentrates.

If you try to take THC through oil or capsule, you can take it directly. But as mentioned above, they are slower than vaping. They're not so fascinating. While, on the other hand, vaping is far better than any other way to take THC. But it is not that easy. If you are willing to vape through a dab pen or any vaporizer, you should know how to use them properly. Also you need to get access to the best store to get hold of a vaporizer or dab pen. 

You will need straight guidance for it. What true friends are for if they can't help you deal with such things? We, as your digital friend, have got you covered in the situation. Well, that's because today, we will share the best guide to vape THC concentrates in a dab pen or a vaporizer. Keeping that in our minds, let's start our hunt for this piece of knowledge-

What should you know about THC concentrates?

Okay, first things first. What are these THC concentrates? The term herbal concentrate is the official name for dabs. Dabs are the active ingredients of cannabis plants in small concentrations. So, THC concentrates in another name for the concentrated form of THC. In a world where THC flowers barely offer us 10-25 percent THC, you can get many concentrates that may offer 50-80 percent THC.

That's impressive. Right? But that's not everything about THC concentrates. Here are the most vital benefits of switching to THC concentrates-

THC concentrates give more robust hits

As the name THC concentrates suggest, they are concentrated. They give more powerful hits than any other smoking product as they have none of any fluff stuff and only active ingredients.

They offer enhanced flavours

We all are huge fans of vape flavours. And fortunately, THC concentrates allow us to get the most of vape flavours

They are discrete

There are many countries where consuming THC products is legal. But still, we can find many users who don't prefer to let anyone see them consuming THC. Are you a person with such preferences? Because THC concentrates vaping is a discrete method, they don't even induce much smell.

THC Concentrates

How to vape THC concentrates using a dab pen?

First step

The first step starts with gathering some amount of THC concentrate with a dab pen. After this, keep it aside for later use.

Second step

The second step involves heating your dab pen's nail with the torch. Keep heating it until the colour of the nail starts turning red hot. Once it gets red, stop heating it.

Third step

The third step is a bit of experimenting. You should wait for 30 or 90 seconds so that your dab pen gets cool enough to vape. If you vape when the device is hot, you might end up with an uncontrollable coughing fit. In such situations, you should dab between a temperature of 450-600 Fahrenheit.

Fourth step

In the fourth step, you have to apply the THC concentrate on the hot rig to your dab pen. Now, deeply inhale and keep holding the formed vapor. Hold it as long as you can, and then release it. The longer you clasp your breath, the higher you'll feel the effects. That's not it! Always remember to clear the rig of your pen after every round of dab. You can go for a Q-tip or any other kind of cotton swab to remove the leftovers.

How to vape THC concentrates using a vape pen?

Vaping THC using a vape pen is susceptible, more accessible, and affordable. Here are the steps-

  1. Find the right pen for you with an empty cartridge. Now, fill your pen's chamber with the concentrate. 
  2. Take a look at the heating instructions, as some vaporizers also have fine-tuned heat control or preheating options. So, operate accordingly. And, hurray! You're ready to vape.

The same thing applies here, too. You'll have to clean the chamber after every use. Not cleaning it can lead to mucking up your pen's internals.

So now, you are entirely ready to vape THC concentrates using a dab pen or any vaporizer pen. Vaping is an exceptional leisure activity. But you only need to follow these instructions carefully for assuring the best results. We really can't wait to see you enjoy it. All the best!

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