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Vaping has rapidly become a popular alternative to smoking. This is true of both tobacco and weed smokers. With the USA slowly opening up to legal weed state by state there has been great growth in the vape devices market. Developments by vaping device manufacturers have enhanced the vape market to a large degree. In the article that follows we will be talking about weed pens, what they are and what a beginner considering vaping weed needs to know. We’ll begin by answering the question – what is a weed pen?

What Exactly is a Weed Pen

The terminology involved in the vape products markets can be confusing. A weed pen is the name for an electronic vaping device that enables the vaping of marijuana. However, you may also see it referred to as a vape pen, or a dab pen. Why ‘pen’?

In the early days of vaping the devices that were used were often quite bulky and hardly discreet. Manufacturers recognised the need for smaller and less obvious vape devices, which could be kept in a pocket or purse. The most logical design was a long and thin device – just like a pen! Nowadays, not all weed pens are pen shaped, but the name has stuck.

Dab pens are also known as concentrate pens. There are two methods of vaping weed: dry herb and concentrate – or ‘dabbing’. Each requires a separate device – although there are some vape pens with interchangeable cartridges that male them a 2-in-1 option. 

If you want to have a look at some examples the established online retailer Vape4Ever offers various types of concentrate pens to suit any budget. Now we know what a weed pen is – and how it differs to a vape pen – let’s talk about how these devices work.

How Does a Vape Pen Work

A weed pen is actually a relatively simple device. Here are the components you will find if you strip one apart:

  • An outer casing that holds the internals, usually in metal or plastic.
  • A 510-thread battery.
  • A cartridge – also with a 510-thread – into which the weed is placed. 
  • A coil or atomiser that is heated by the battery.
  • A mouthpiece through which to take a draw.

They usually include a battery power light, buttons to press for functions, and a charging cable and port. We entered the world of vaping jargon above by mentioning the 510-thread, so a quick explanation of this.

The 510-thread is simply a size and type of screw-in connection that has been adopted pretty much across the board as the standard for batteries, cartridges, and other removable parts of the device. This allows for some items to be switched between pens, and we’ll talk about the benefit of this later on. How does the pen work? Here’s a quick look at the sequence involved in vaping weed.

Step 1: The user disconnects the cartridge and inserts the weed or dab, whichever is being vaped, then screws the cartridge back into place.

Step 2: Press the required button a number of times in order to start the process, the sequence will be outlined in the user manual.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds while the battery sends a charge to the coil, which heats the weed or dab to the point of atomisation.

Step 4: Take a draw of the vapour as you would on a joint.

That is the sequence for the basic fixed voltage wax or weed pen. Note that there is no flame involved. This is why vaping is inherently safer than smoking. It is the act of burning that creates the harmful by-products such as tar and certain carcinogens that are the danger with smoking tobacco and weed. With a vape pen you get only harmless yet equally enjoyable vapour. 

The basic weed pen we describe above is the simplest form of the device, yet there are more sophisticated models that are now becoming popular. We want to talk about one particular feature that is recommended if you want to enjoy vaping your weed to the full.

Additional Features of More Advanced Weed Pens

The vape pen we describe above has a fixed voltage battery that heats the coil to a fixed temperature. This cannot be altered. Why might you want to have a variable voltage battery? By altering the temperature at which the weed is vaporised you can change the ‘harshness’ of the vape cloud and the taste. This is why some manufacturers have introduced batteries with three or four temperature options that can be manually selected by the user.

Such fine-tuning allows you to find a place at which you are happiest with the taste and feel of the vapour cloud when inhaling. It is possible to buy a separate battery with the 510-thread and use it to replace that on your existing vape pen. As we are talking to beginners here, we recommend that you consider buying a pen that is already equipped with such. 

How should you choose your vape pen? Our final section gives you some handy tips to consider before you make your purchase.

Choosing a Vape Pen

So, you’ve decided that you want to take up vaping weed? It’s a good move as it is safer and, in many ways, more convenient than smoking. What should you look for in a weed pen?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to vape dry herbs or concentrate. Each has its merits, and you may find you prefer one to the other. It is becoming more common for pens to be supplied with changeable compartments, so it might be worth investigating these.

We also recommend you choose a pen with a variable voltage battery as you will want to go down that route in the future. Take a look at Vape4Ever as a reputable and respected vape products retailer, and they will be able to help you choose a weed pen that is within your budget.



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