Best E Liquid to Buy in 2021

Welcome to review of the best E Liquids to buy in 2021. You are most likely here because you’re on the search for some of the best tasting E Liquids the vaping world has to offer. Well we have some great news for you, we have handpicked 10 of the best vape juices on the market today. We will be discussing the brand, and the flavour to help you decide what your next all day vape should be.

For years now the vaping industry has been booming. More people are starting to take their first steps to becoming smoke free, and this means that E Liquid manufacturers are always looking at creating new and exciting flavours to prevent people from going back to smoking. Vapers are very spoiled for choice these days when it comes to picking a new vape juice, flavour groups are increasing and vaping brands are investing time and money into their Research and Development teams to produce the next best E Liquid.

Shopping for E Liquids can be expensive regardless of whether it’s from Online Vape Shops or buying from Local Vape Stores. Everyone has probably made a bad purchase when picking an E Liquid because the packaging and artwork looks great. This is why we’ve spent the time to do the research for you, and we have found the best vape juices for you to buy this year. We have selected 10 of the best flavours from around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best tasting e liquids for 2021.

Zap! Juice E Liquids

Zap Aisu Aloe E Liquid

The next one in our top list of E Liquids is from Zap Juice. Zap Juice e liquids are made in Manchester, United Kingdom. They were established in 2016 and have become known among vapers as specialists in putting their own unique and innovative spin on otherwise familiar flavours. Their large range is focussed around authentic-tasting fruity blends.

ZAP! Juice e-liquids have a unique design and their flavours also stand out in the market from competitors. ZAP Juice specialise in sub ohm e-liquid production so their flavours are not only smooth and intense but you get great vapour production from them. The top pick for 2021 comes from their Aisu Aloe Vera liquid.

ZAP! Juice - Aisu Aloe Vera

Watch the water current as you drift through the warm countryside, with sweet (and sour) scene of spring bloom and the cool touch of river.

Zap Juice Aloe Vera

Aisu Aloe Vera is our favourite from the Zap Aisu range, this juice is simply bursting with flavour, winning numerous vaping awards across the globe. The Aloe Vera in this juice has such an authentic floral taste. On the inhale it has sweet undertones, exhaling you get the cool sensation from the menthol and the sweet notes still linger on your tongue.

The Aloe Vera flavouring in this is absolutely spot on. I personally am not a massive menthol fan, but I enjoyed the sweetness combined with the great tasting flavour. Aisu Aloe Vera is also available in a Nicotine Salt for those who are looking for a smoother nicotine hit. My preference for this juice would be to vape it using nicotine salt through a pod device.

Manabush E Liquids

Manabush E Liquid

Manabush E Liquids are designed and manufactured in the UK. Manabush was created back in 2012 where the founder began blending flavours to satisfy his own vape cravings of sweet tobacco e liquids. Their E Liquids got plenty of attention from blog forum feedback on Planet of the Vapes and this led to the rise of the company, Manabush are now catering to a global audience.

This brand is definitely one to take note of if you enjoy Tobacco E Liquids. There's a wide range of flavours, and what I like about them is that flavours are updated and other versions appear. Some of the distinct flavours you'll find added to tobacco juices include biscuit, nuts, rum and many more.


Manabush - Powwow Sauce Extended

Powwow Sauce Extended shortfill e-liquid by Manabush Tribute Range is a tobacco blend with decadent dessert layers.

Manabush Powewow Extended E Liquid

Manabush was always going to make the short list here and the difficult part has been deciding what the best one is. With plenty of choice of delicious vape juices, Powwow sauce Extended was the one that won the top spot for us.

Powwow Extended is actually very similar to Manabush's 'Christmas Powwow' it's where the inspiration came from and Christmas Powwow was a magnified creamy dessert version of the original Powwow with added Christmas Spices. That's a lot of 'wows' to take in.

When vaping Powwow Extended you really taste the smooth tobacco which is infused with toffee, biscuit, pastry and a distinct creamy undertone. It is one of the most layered juices I've tried. This juice just keep on giving!

Powwow Extended really is an ideal all day vape. Martyn and the Development team over at Manabush have done a splendid job with this blend. Even if you're not a massive Tobacco flavour fan don’t let this put you off, it’s not Tobacco heavy and it does have some sweet dessert flavourings that anyone would love. Put it this way, I am putting some in my vape tank as I write this :)


POD Salt E Liquid

 POD Salt Watermelon Breeze

Pod Salt E Liquids are a range of premium Nicotine Salt E-Liquids made by MyVapery. MyVapery is a UK based vaping company and this is one of my favourite brands of theirs. Pod Salt's range offers a variety of different blends of flavours to suit all forms of vaping interests, with everything from Fruity, Minty and Tobacco to Tropical and dessert blends.

The company has a passion to help more smokers make the switch from tobacco to the best possible alternative, vaping. Pod Salt’s premium nicotine salt formula is absorbed faster and has longer lasting effects. You are spoiled for choice here and they all work great in Pod vape kits.

Pod Salt - Watermelon Breeze

This combination of refreshing watermelon with an icy breeze makes for a cool and mouth-watering experience.



Here we have Pod Salts Watermelon Breeze, I've got to be honest and say when I first tried this it really took me by surprise, I've tried plenty of watermelon E Liquids before but this one has made a mark on me. It tastes and smells lovely, it's not overwhelmingly sweet like some watermelon e-juices. This has more of a freshly cut watermelon flavour.

It's incredibly mouth watering and the cooling breeze in this is just perfectly balanced with the flavouring. The menthol breeze makes the juicy sweet watermelon ever so slightly sharper. It's a really authentic tasting juice that isn't overly sweet like a candy watermelon. It wouldn't be in the list if I didn't think this was a great all day vape, as it says on the packaging it ‘’hit the spot’’.

Dinner Lady E Liquids

Dinner Lady

I’m sure everyone has heard of Dinner Lady, but for those who haven’t, let me tell you a bit about them. Dinner Lady was created in 2016 with just 2 employees, and now they have grown to be a leading global brand with over 200 staff. They have won more than 41 international vaping awards for their incredible E Liquids. Dinner Lady E Liquids are a premium dessert e liquid range which has become one of the most well-known vaping brands in the world. The most popular e-juice from their range is Lemon Tart, which rivals Heisenberg as being one of the best ever selling e-liquids.

Dinner Lady - Lemon Tart

Reminding vapers of a sweet yet bitter meringue treat with a butter biscuit crust, Lemon Tart is a firm favourite of those with a sweet tooth.

Lemon Tart E Liquid

Lemon Tart is one of the most loved E Liquids from Dinner Lady’s Dessert range, which features vape juices that are reminiscent of popular dessert classics. Lemon Tart was the juice that put Dinner Lady on the map and if you’ve tried it before you will know why. If you haven't I urge you to go out and buy one ASAP. The tangy Lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, and finally enveloped in a delicious pastry crust is a perfect rendition of nostalgic memories.

The taste of meringue is normally a difficult flavour to perfect in E Liquids, but it has been perfected in this juice. The lemon is amazingly balanced and the citrus zest really plays with your taste buds. Throughout vaping you get a nice smoothness of the meringue, lemon and pastry. If there was a Great British Vape off, this Pastry e juice would win Mary Berry's heart.


HISS E Liquids - Steep'd Vape Co

HISS E Liquid

HISS E Liquids are produced by Steep'd Vape Co. Founded in 2015 in the great city of Liverpool, UK. Steep'd vape Co was created from the owner's love for vaping, it’s clear to see that a lot of passion has gone into building their brands and the company.

Steep'd Vape Co produces great vape E Liquids with some range of juices consisting of a variety of flavours like sweets, slush, milk, fruit and desserts. The HISS range is great for sub-ohm vaping and perfect for all those cloud chasers out there.

HISS - Cola

Cola By Hiss is a tantalising vape combining that signature cola flavour, icy menthol and a hint of fizz for ultimate refreshment.


When I first came to try this vape juice I was a bit surprised. I spent a lot of time thinking about what type of cola drink flavour this would be like, Pepsi, Coca Cola, supermarket own cola, but it actually tastes like fizzy cola bottles. It was a nice surprise to be honest, I’m a big fan of the sweet cola candy flavour, some e liquid manufacturers attempt this and fail pretty badly but these taste great. 

There's a slight coolness to this and I especially enjoy the fizz with this vape juice. I wouldn’t say it’s an excessive tangy fizz, but you can definitely feel it on your tongue.

I can see why this is the most popular one from the HISS range, and once you've tried it you'll understand why it is one of the best E Liquids for 2021.

Charlie Noble E Liquids

Charlie Noble E Liquid Banner

Charlie Noble is a renowned E Liquid Manufacturer which has been producing unique vape juices since 2011. They are the creators of some of our favourite E Liquid Flavours in the UK vape market such as Pistachio, Tripoli & Sollers Pointe. The crew at Charlie Noble E-Liquid Trading Company have been working together with Vape Dojo, and both companies are owned by the same parent company.

Charlie Noble ensures that all their fantastic flavours are polished to perfection. To understand the true beauty of Charlie Noble E Liquid you have to try it for yourself. Their desire to bring high quality complex E Liquid to life is what makes us keep coming back for more.

Charlie Noble - Tripoli E Liquid UK

An expertly put together e-liquid. An exotic mix of Turkish tobacco, figs, almonds and rare herbs.


With Charlie Nobles Tripoli, the more you vape, the more you find. It's described as 'Fig, tobacco, spices E Liquid' but the description doesn't do it justice. This is a 'tobacco e liquid' but this is not the main flavour, the tobacco is the base flavour with many more notes added on top which makes this a stunning layered vape. The Fig flavouring in this is the leading flavour and I love it. This is a sweet and fruity vape with a slight sour edge to it. Fruit and Tobacco is normally difficult to pull off in an E Liquid but Charlie Noble has got the perfect balance here.

That's not all with Tripoli, one of the most interesting aspects of this juice is the spices which are hidden within, on the exhale you can taste cinnamon and cardamom notes along with the fig and tobacco. As I said though, the more you vape, the more the flavours stick out. Regardless of whether you prefer Tobacco or fruit flavours, this is one juice you won't want to avoid.

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