Candy King E Liquid Review

Welcome to another E Liquid review, we are looking at the Candy King brand. If you haven’t guessed, these flavours are all going to be sweet candy e liquids. Candy King is known to have some of the best candy e liquids in the market. The Candy King brand is produced by the famous American DripMore. This line of vape juices consist of candy based flavours that are replicas of some of your favourite treats, if you have a sweet tooth and want a nostalgic trip then these could be the juices for you. 

Some of these flavours I have tried as sweets and there’s one I’ve never heard of, let alone tried, Batch E Liquid? Is this a sweet I’ve never tried? Maybe it is exclusive to America, I’ll be doing a bit of googling to find out what it is. Before I move on to trying some of these, just to let you know these come in a 120ml sized bottle with 100ml of E liquid in. They are also a 70/30 ratio of VG/ PG which makes this a great choice for sub ohm vaping. So let’s get on with tasting some of these vape juices.


Candy King - Berry Dweebz E Liquid

This candy-coated concoction from Drip More captures the nostalgic taste of berry-flavoured Dweeb sweets

Candy King Berry Dweebz

Berry Dweebz, this is one of the sweet flavours that I’ve not heard of, so a quick google search and I can see Dweebz are a candy sweet that is made by the Willy Wonka Candy company. Dweebz are a soft chewy version of one of my favourite sweets ever, Nerdz. Berry Dweebz is a fruity candy e liquid as you have guessed and the flavour notes for this is strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant

From the second you open the bottle you are hit with an incredible fruity smell. I had to do a lick test with this and I loved it.

I’m impressed that when vaping this, it tastes just as good as the lick test. All the fruit flavours hit you and I also found that there was a cherry with the aftertaste. This juice is very sweet and fruity, on the exhale you get a slight sour sugar taste that gives a great tangy taste with the berries. What I loved with this e liquid is the taste sits on your tongue which does make this a bit moreish.

Candy King - Peachy Rings E Liquid

Your favourite peach ring gummy candy delivering a perfect blend of rich peach nectar and sour gummy candy flavours

Candy King Peachy Rings

This brings back some good memories. Peach Rings were one of my favourites as a kid, little donut shaped gummy sweets that are covered with a rough sugar coating. They have an artificial peach fruit taste but they were amazing.

Now this is a great tasting vape, it tastes like a dark peach nectar, it’s very sweet and there’s also a hint of sourness to it. It’s full of juice and very flavour-full. On the exhale you can pick up more of the sugar coating on the peach. There’s not really much more I can say about this one, it’s a great replica of the sweet but I personally would prefer more sour in this.

Candy King - Lemon Drops E Liquid

The lemon drops are a gorgeous mix of sweet and sour lemon in a hard candy finish.

Candy King Lemon Drops

Whenever I think of Lemon Drops I tend to think about the alcoholic beverage which has Vodka, Lemon juice. Triple sec and syrup but no Candy King has not made an alcoholic E Liquid. Lemon Drops originated from England, Lemon drops are a sugar coated, lemon-flavored candy sweet that is typically coloured yellow and they can be sweet or have a more sour flavour

As a big fan of lemon and sourness, I think this juice is delicious. On the inhale my mouth was watering, sugary lemon flavour clung to my taste buds. It’s got a pretty strong citrus sour note to it which reminded me of a good quality sherbet lemon. On the exhale you can really feel the sour lemon on your lips.

I’ve got to give this a 5 star rating, if you love lemon sweets then you will want to give this one a go. This sour e liquid is definitely going to become my new all day vape.

Candy King - Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum E Liquid

A classic flavour combination with Strawberry & Watermelon combined with a sweet Bubblegum for a fantastic candy e liquid

Candy King Strawberry Watermelon

I’m instantly thinking of a Hubba Bubba style E Liquid for this one. I used to love these as a kid. Those delicious  fruity bubbles were so much fun and now we get to enjoy the flavour in an E Liquid form but without the chewing. One difference with this flavour is it doesn’t come in a 100ml shortfill bottle, but is in fact two 50ml shortfill bottles.

When inhaling you instantly are met with sweet strawberries that fill your mouth and then it’s quickly followed by the crisp juicy watermelon which makes this juice so much more refreshing. Throughout this you can taste the candy bubblegum that’s blended with these fruits. It’s a great bubblegum E Liquid which intensifies the fruitiness within.

Candy King - Pink Squares E Liquid

Featuring the taste of the pink starburst square candy.

Candy King Pink Squares

Ok, so the description for this is pretty clear, pink starburst sweets which we all know are the best ones. Who doesn’t love strawberry starburst, though the only other flavour that comes close to being the best is the green lime ones. I’m looking forward to this and hope that it’s a good e liquid.

It smells really nice, I can really smell the strawberry and cherry in this. It’s got a nice sweet taste to it but it tastes more like a cherry Taffy with a mild strawberry blended in with it. 

Not my favourite of the bunch so far but it’s good. I think they could have stuck with just the strawberry but the candy taste is mixed really well with it and it still creates a great candy e liquid.


Candy King - Belts Strawberry On Ice E Liquid

A classic mouth-watering strawberry sweets on ice, topped with the sour sugar flavour

Candy King Belts

Here we have a Strawberry laced e liquid with coolant to really bring out the freshness of the strawberries. These sweets are amazing, thick strawberry belts laced with that sugary coating. I remember going to the local shop and carefully putting these around the inside of the cup so that I could fill more sweets inside. The difference with Candy King Belts Strawberry On Ice E Liquid is it has a cold menthol added to it.

Belts strawberry on ice has a combination of both sour and sweet, it has a perfect balance that doesn't make this flavour overwhelming

On the inhale you get a good rush of juicy fresh strawberries, the sour candy flavour sits on  your taste buds.. On the exhale these flavours fuse together with a cold menthol that gives it a cold sour and sweet strawberry candy taste.

Candy King - Batch E Liquid

A  sour taste from fresh squeezed lemons and limes and blue raspberries

Candy King Batch

So Batch is the one which I have no idea about, I’ve never heard of a batch sweet so a bit confused as to what this is. The flavour description for this sounds great though. After a little bit of google searching, I found that Batch E Liquid is meant to mimic the sour patch candy. These are if you haven’t guessed, sour candy sweets, what I want to know is if this E Liquid is just as good as I’m hoping for.

On the inhale is that sour sugar rush I was hoping for, the citrus flavours from lemon and lime tickle your taste buds which feels and tastes great. You then start to feel the blue raspberry flavourings mixing with the limes. Within this, I also got very subtle notes of oranges and possibly cherry too. The exhale is pretty consistent too, tasting all the fruitiness combined with the sour. What was great with this is licking your lips after you’ve exhaled, it’s as if you get a double treat from it.

Yeah I like this one, I love the sourness from it and the fruits go brilliantly with this. Giving this a big  thumbs up.

Candy King - Batch On Ice E Liquid

Taking the delicious sour Batch favourite and touching it up with an icy boost.

Candy King Batch On Ice

Here we have the on ice version of Batch. The original tasted great and now I’m intrigued with Batch on Ice. Does Batch need to be changed in any way? Does the icy blast enhance the flavour or are they just making unnecessary adjustments. Let’s find out.

Just like Batch, on the inhale you get the fruity flavours and as well the citrus sour candy still fizzles on your taste buds, though on the inhale you get a cooling feeling from the menthol. It’s on the exhale when you get the full impact of the menthol. 

Even with the menthol It is nicely balanced, it’s not over empowering but it does make it unique. I wouldn’t say it enhances Batch or that one is better than the other. I think this will just come down to personal preference. Would I buy both versions, yes I would.

Candy King - Swedish E Liquid

Ripe Berry notes that is quickly transformed into a sweet candy treat

Candy King Swedish

It’s pretty clear that this is Candy Kings E Liquid version of Swedish Fish. Though it’s clear from the flavour description that they have decided to keep the main flavour secret. There’s been a lot of controversy over the flavour of Swedish fish. Fans of Swedish Fish have always debated the flavour of the candy, many believe that it consists of cherry, others say fruit punch and some even believe it is blackcurrant, though the most popular theory is that Swedish Fish are made with Lingonberries. I Like that Candy King has just said it’s berries, let’s keep the debate going.

Wow, this really does taste sweet. On the inhale it tastes sugary, you can taste the Swedish fish throughout. It’s quite bizarre how brilliant it is. I can’t pinpoint the fruit flavour in this but it’s got the true flavour from the famous candy.


Candy King - Sour Worms E Liquid

Prep your taste buds for some serious sourness with Sour Worms from Drip More!

Candy King Sour Worms

I was going to do this one last as I love sour worms but I was worried in case it doesn’t impress me enough. Sour worm candy sweets have a wide range of flavours, tart lemons, juicy green apples, tangy blue raspberry, savoury oranges, and fresh cherries. I wonder if all of these flavours appear in them.

On the inhale I could taste the sweet sour notes of green apples, I also could taste oranges mixed in with this.. Closely followed was tart blue raspberries which was a nice surprise. When exhaling I was met with some sweet lemon candy flavourings. The sourness of this E Liquid is great, you can feel the fizziness of it on your tongue and lips and gets you wanting more.

I’m genuinely pleased with this one, I was worried it wouldn’t be sour enough or maybe even too sour, but no it’s got a great balance and the fruit flavours match perfectly.

Candy King - Hard Apple E Liquid

Hard Apple by Candy King E-Liquid is a slightly sweet and sour, green apple flavour candy vape

Candy King Hard Apple

The final one today I will be trying is Hard Apple, another sour candy but with sweet green apple. Once again I’ve got some high hopes for this. I think this is meant to be the E Liquid form of Rosy Apple sweets which are a hard boiled sour apple sweet. I’m going to jump straight into this one. 

It’s a very sweet apple smell from the second you open the bottle. The taste is spot on for a crisp green apple, the sourness is very strong which I think works great with this one. The exhale and inhale is very consistent with the flavour. If you are a fan of sour sweets then yeah this one is going to be great for you. 


Final Thoughts

I very much enjoyed these flavours from Candy King. I can see that time and effort has gone in to replicate some of the best candy sweets into E Liquid form. I do have a sweet tooth so this brand is great for me. The fruity flavours are great in these. It’s known that DripMore is a premium brand of indulgent vape juice and these Candy King E Liquids truly represent this.

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