Cuttwood E Liquid Review

Jumponthevape is happy to announce that we are now stocking some great E Liquid flavours from Cuttwood. We have started off with four of our favourites from their range and we have reviewed these exciting flavours.

Many of you vapers would have already heard of Cuttwood E Liquid but for all the newbies out there, we want to talk about them a bit. Cuttwood is a premium E Liquid company which is based in Irvine, California. Cuttwood are the creators of some of the most widely recognised E Liquids within the vaping market. These miraculous flavours from Cuttwood are distributed worldwide by both themselves and other retail stores. All their E Liquids are crafted and bottled in California, in an ISO 7 Certified clean-room housed within a facility that is in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer operating standards. Due to their expertise in producing these delicious premium flavours they have now become one of the largest e-liquid companies in the business.

The four of the Cuttwoods Best E Liquids that we have picked to be in our store all come in 50ml shortfill bottles which as we all know means you have space to add a 10ml nicotine shot which turns your juice into a 3mg E Liquid.During the production of these fine flavours only approved high quality ingredients and the best flavour concentrates are used. With a VG/ PG ratio of 70/30, these vape juices are great for cloud vape so if you’re a cloud chaser then you’ll love these.

So let’s get into these stunning flavours.


Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle E Liquid

Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle is a sweet, spicy and savoury blend that will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle

Sugar Drizzle is actually an updated name, some of you who are experienced with Cuttwood E Liquids may have wondered where one of their flavours had gone, Sugar Drizzle was originally named Sugar Bear. It looks like there was a trademark issue with Sugar Bear so they were forced to change it. Fun story coming up, Cuttwood went to their followers and created a competition for them to pick the new name for them, there was 4 finalist names but after doing further research they also would end up encountering potential legal issues so these were scrapped and they decided to combine the top voted names “Sugar T*ts” and “Grizzle Drizzle”, and they came up with “Sugar Drizzle”.  

I think we digressed there, let’s get back to the flavour. Despite the name change the flavour remained the same

Initially before I heard and tried Sugar Drizzle I thought it was a sweet fruity flavour but when I found out it was a Cinnamon style Dessert E Liquid, my mouth started dribbling. I’m a big fan of Cinnamon but when it comes to E Liquids I always worry a bit because a lot of manufacturers over do it on cinnamon. 

On the inhale you’re greeted with a sweet Golden Graham flavour, the base flavour is actually a savoury pastry which also tastes a bit doughy. When exhaling you get another rush of spicy cinnamon that is paired with a sweetened cream.

I really love this beauty from Cuttwood. Sugar Drizzle e-liquid should be in your collection if you enjoy a sweet pastry e liquid. I think they’ve nailed the cinnamon in this one, it’s not overpowering and it’s not weak. The creamy milk in this also reminded me of a bowl of cinnamon graham cereal which has now made me want to grab a box for breakfast. Overall, this e-liquid is a sweet, spicy and savoury blend that will satisfy any dessert lover!

Cuttwood Boss Reserve E Liquid

Boss Reserves features a tempting flavour combination of honey nut cereals that are then fused with a creamy milk flavour and ripe bananas

Cuttwood Boss Reserve

From the second you open the bottle you will smell this delicious treat, sweet honey, sweet cereal and ripe banana aroma bursts out of the bottle pleasantly attacking your senses. The question is, does it taste as good as it smells?

Yes, oh yes it does. Boss reserve has a pretty complex dessert blend to it, similar to Sugar Drizzle it has a sugary cereal base. 

When inhaling you get that sweet cereal base with notes of ripe bananas and sweet honey, whilst exhaling you get the added flavour of dark roasted nuts and a thick creamy milk. This really is a sweet layered vape.

If you love cereal flavoured E Liquids then you’re going to be in for a treat with this one. Boss Reserve delivers a filling and satisfying vaping experience. I would love to be able to vape this all day long. The flavour is very complex and layered perfectly in my opinion. 

Cuttwood Mega Melons E Liquid

Mega Melons features a juicy, sweet mango that has been blitzed together with a full-flavour cantaloupe melon and some of the freshest papaya flavours we’ve come across to date!

Cuttwood Mega Melons

Here we have Cuttwoods version of a tropical E Liquid, again this flavour also had a name change and it was originally called ‘’Big Melons’’.

The name I suppose is actually a bit misleading, I was expecting a melon medley with every type of melon but no, this  is a tropical medley with some exciting flavours in it. Many people who have tried this have loved this vape juice but did think there was a mix up with the flavours, we’re not sure why they’ve named it Mega Melons but nevertheless you don’t want to miss this one.

When you first inhale you are bombarded with a juicy burst of tropical fruit flavours, the juicy mango and sweet papaya I would say is the most prominent flavour in this but when exhaling you get a sharp cantaloupe melon that compliments the whole exotic taste of Mega Melons.

This vape juice has a real fresh taste to it and I love the way the fruits blend together. Mega Melons delivers an ultimate tropical experience and is possibly one of the best tropical E Liquids we’ve had the pleasure to try.

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail E Liquid

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail is a mild, sweet tobacco with a touch of honey!

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail

As you all know, here at Jumponthevape we love a good tobacco E Liquid and we couldn’t resist bringing this one into our collection. I’ve loved the previous flavours by Cuttwood so I’ve got some high hopes for this Tobacco E Liquid. Most Tobacco E Liquids tend to use caramel flavouring to sweeten the juice but Cuttwood has made the decision to go with caramel instead. Let’s get on with the final tasting,

On the inhale you get a nice woody tobacco flavour, it does taste a bit like a sweet Virginia style tobacco which I love, definitely one of my favourite Tobacco flavours. When exhaling you can taste the honey blending in with the tobacco, I also got a slight hint of a nutty undertone which was a nice finishing touch to this one.

I like how they’ve done this flavour, it’s not an overly strong tobacco and it’s not sickly sweet either, the balance is just right with this. If you’re a tobacco E Liquid fan then this is one juice you want to add to your collection.


Final Thoughts

These four flavours are a great selection from the Cuttwood range. Unique flavoured E Liquids that are a treat for anyone.



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Mijago Shivago

Mijago Shivago

I’ve loved Cuttwood for a long time. for me they are the best liquids on the market.
but one thing was missing in this post. namely – Cuttwood Unicorn Milk!
this delicious juice made from strawberries and cream is the very best of this product range.
I’ve been vaping this juice for almost two years now. it has now become like a cigarette brand for me. everyone who doesn’t know this juice yet – a must!
thank you very much for this great contribution
greets from Germany

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