IVG E Liquid Review

IVG Crushed range of E Liquids is a new addition to our site and we’re excited to tell you about these new exciting flavours.

IVG E Liquid Acme Vape Lab is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of TPD compliant E Liquids. IVG is short for I Vape Great and is a multi-award-winning brand in addition to one of the fastest-selling e liquids in the UK. Their E Liquids are certainly a big seller within the UK and IVG never fails to deliver on great quality flavours.

IVG Crushed is a mouth watering range of E Liquids that are based around fruity and soda flavours with a cold refreshing taste. There are four delicious flavours in this range and they are designed for the sweet tooth vapers. Each IVG Crushed E liquid Shortfills come in 60ml Bottles which means there is space to add one nicotine shot to create a 3mg. They also come in a VG/ PG ratio of 70/30 which makes these the perfect choice for sub-ohm vaping.

IVG Crushed- Green Energy E Liquid

Fresh tangy limes are infused with this energy drink and this refreshing juice is softened off with a cool menthol twist.


Energy flavoured E Liquids are a popular choice among many vapers and IVG has created their own version to be included in this range. If you’re an Energy drink fan then this is one that you’ll want to check out. Green Energy is a unique vape juice, the sweet vibrant characteristics of an energy drink is consistent throughout. On the inhale your taste buds are greeted with the sweet sugary taste and the zesty limes carefully intertwined. On the exhale you get the cold refreshing menthol taste that mimics crushed ice.

Green Energy is a great refreshing juice and IVG has done a brilliant job at turning this classic drink into E Liquid form and the limes creates a unique vaping experience.

IVG Crushed - Frozen Cherries E Liquid

The sweet dark notes of red cherries are complemented by a refreshing icy menthol.

Cherry flavoured E Liquids are often based on the sweet artificial candy flavour and it’s fairly rare to find a real fruit cherry E Liquid. We’re glad that IVG has decided to go with a true fruit flavour. 

I think IVG has nailed it with Frozen cherries, the taste of freshly picked cherries is sweet and really makes this stand out in the range. When exhaling you get a blast of refreshing ice that blends amazingly with the cherries. Don’t be fooled by this juice, there is only cherries and an ice menthol but they are perfect together and the sweet notes in this makes it very moreish.

IVG Crushed - Paradise Lagoon E Liquid

A frosty combination of tropical flavours poured over crushed ice


IVG has also created a tropical E Liquid for their range and Paradise Lagoon has Papaya, pineapples and lemons all combined with a cold menthol taste. When inhaling initially you can taste juicy papaya and the sweet tropical pineapple, your mouth starts to water and on the exhale the zesty lemons blend with the cold menthol.

Paradise Lagoon is an invigorating flavour that is a must try if you love tropical e liquids. The fresh tasting fruit flavours in this are truly remarkable and the menthol really makes this the perfect all day vape for the summer.

IVG Crushed - Iced Melonade E Liquid

Sweet and sharp notes are found within the delicious juiciness of Melon and lemonade.

Lemonade E Liquids are one of our favourites and we’re glad that IVG has created another unique version for the crushed range. We know that IVG has made other successful lemonade E Liquids and that’s why we’re excited for this one. Iced Melonade as you can probably imagine is a cold lemonade E Liquid with a melon twist. IVG ha

Iced Melonade is a very mouth watering blend that we love, it’s sweet and has a succulent taste. When inhaling you get a blast of juicy delicious melons and a sweet tangy lemonade. On the exhale you can really taste the menthol notes that reminds you of drinking the cold bottom of a cool refreshing drink.

Iced Melonade E Liquid is a great shout for a hot summer's day as this will keep your mouth feeling very refreshed

Final Thoughts

The IVG Crushed E Liquid range is small but these four flavours are truly remarkable, many E Liquids have that low mint note but these really help the range with the soda theme they have made. The flavours are beautifully crafted and they are all different from each other which we love.

Happy to say that IVG has once again exceeded our expectations and that’s why we were pleased to bring this range into our collection. What are your thoughts on the IVG Crushed range?? Let us know below.

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