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Doozy Vape Co is a British E liquid Manufacturer based in Yorkshire that was formed in 2015. All their E Liquids are made with some of the best features when it comes to vaping, great flavours, good quality ingredients and let’s face it, the packaging looks great too.  E Liquids from Doozy Vape Co have been a popular choice among vapers for a number of years. The Doozy Fifty 50 range now lets mouth to lung vapers experience the unique taste of their blends.

The Doozy 50/50 range are all TPD  compliant which means they come in 10ml Bottles and are available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine strengths. As you have probably guessed these all come with a VG/ PG ratio of 50/50 which overall makes these a perfect choice for the Mouth to Lung vaping style.

The Fifty 50 range has a total of eight flavours available and the names simply represent the flavour within. It’s far too often we swipe right on liquids we’ve heard of and tried before, but one thing we also say at Jumponthevape is not not assume flavours from different E Liquid manufacturers taste the same.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Mixed Berries

Doozy Vape Mixed Berries

Doozy Vape Mixed Berries is a sweet blend of juicy grapes and ripe mixed berries.

Mixed Berry E Liquids have been around for many years and what we love is that most of them all have a complex unique taste.

Doozy Vape Mixed Berries is not a flavour to be ignored. On the inhale you’re met with a rush of mixed fruits bursting with flavour, we found that raspberries and blackcurrant flavours came through as the main berries. Throughout the vape you can taste the sweet juicy grapes. It’s a similar feeling when you bite on a grape and the juice comes squirting out. 

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Blackcurrant Aniseed

Doozy Vape Blackcurrant Anise

Blackcurrant Aniseed Fifty 50 a juicy Mix of Blackcurrants with a Twist of Aniseed, making this a tasty all day vape that’s hard to put down

Blackcurrant and Aniseed E Liquids are very popular in the vaping community and there’s no surprise why, the bold and sweet flavour mixed in with natural blackcurrant flavourings creates a fantastic vape.

On the inhale you are instantly met with ripe, tart Blackcurrants and the base has a subtle sweetness to it that makes your mouth water. On the exhale is when you taste the floral spice of Anise. The aniseed twist gives depth to the overall taste and it’s perfectly balanced out, many E Liquids you find go overboard with the aniseed but we love this one.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Blue Raspberry

Doozy Vape Blue Raspberry

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 Blue Raspberry is a fantastic summer blast of blueberries and raspberries.

Blue Raspberry is another familiar name that we often see with E Liquids, Blueberries and raspberries have always been a favourite because of how well they blend together. What we want to know is whether this stands out from the others.

If you like a sweet, yet cool fruity vape then this one's for you. On the inhale you get sugary, tart notes that’s loaded with defined blueberry and raspberry and on the exhale it has a slight coolness to it. Very much like a blue raspberry slushy but not overly cold or too sweet.

This fruity blend is perfect for an all day vape in the sun and the sweet taste is enough to want you going back for more.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Strawberry

Doozy Vape Strawberry

Strawberry Fifty 50 a Lush combination of sweet juicy Strawberries.

It’s a pretty simple description but I hope it’s not a simple vape. Strawberry E Liquids are a bit of an odd one in my opinion, I personally love real strawberries but when it comes to E liquids, finding a good standalone Strawberry vape juice is difficult. Whereas strawberry flavouring mixed in with other fruits taste great.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, it’s a nice light vape with sweet authentic notes. The strawberry flavouring is a good freshly picked garden fruit taste which I love. I was worried it was going to be an artificial candy strawberry but no it tastes like ripe strawberries. 

There’s lots of flavour in this and you get a lovely smooth throat hit and a good sweet after-taste.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Menthol

Doozy Vape Menthol

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 Menthol E Liquid Co is a cool crisp vape that compliments any flavour.

We all love a menthol E Liquid and there’s plenty to choose from so why add another into the vaping market? Doozy vape is very well known for their amazing flavours and we all tend to stick to one of our favourite brands, so it makes sense why Doozy would have their own menthol.

There’s not too much to say about this one, it’s definitely a good menthol. It has a nice icy, crisp touch to the minty taste and it gives an amazing refreshing feeling when vaping on a hot summer's day. It’s what I was expecting and not disappointed for a straightforward one note E Liquid.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Tobacco

Doozy Vape Tobacco

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 Tobacco E Liquid is a must for those who enjoy a nice Tobacco flavour with a slight hint of sweetness to take off the edge.

No E Liquid line is complete without a Tobacco vape juice and here we have Doozy Vape. Baccy Roots is an incredible Tobacco E Liquid range created by Doozy Vape, so already we know they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to Tobacco Juices.

This Tobacco E Liquid is a sweet yet robust flavour which is consistent throughout. It's a good authentic Tobacco E Liquid with rich, earthy notes. Overall it’s a super smooth vape which has a satisfying draw and leaves a typically tobacco after-taste.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Blueberry

Doozy Vape Blueberry

Blueberry Fifty 50 a Mix of the finest Blueberries with a tart sweetness that makes this E Liquid Flavour special.

Blueberry E Liquids are one of the most commonly vaped juices when It comes to new vapers, it has a very sweet and fruity taste that is distinctive and it also appears in many complexed fruit blends as well as luxury Dessert E Liquids.

Doozy vape has done another splendid job with this standalone flavour, it has the typical berry sweetness which replicates the taste of real blueberries. On the exhale you can enjoy the subtle sour tang that comes from the fresh blueberries. 

Overall it’s a sweet vape with authentic freshly picked blueberry taste, it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a sweet fruity vape.

Doozy Vape Fifty 50 - Hieberry

Doozy Vape Heiberry

Hieberry Fifty 50 a delicious blend of Mixed Fruit and Berries with a Cool Icy Aniseed after taste

The name is a bit of a give away but we think the roots of this could possibly be from our favourite teacher, Walter White. The Heisenberg E Liquid is one of the most popular juices in the vaping world. The flavour became so popular that the name now has a copyright and this has caused many E Liquid manufacturers to rebrand their juice. Which is why now all these ‘Heisen’ flavours have slightly different names.

Just like many other Heisen E Liquids, this one is packed full of flavour that gives you an astounding refreshing vape with a twist. Doozy vape has mastered the complex layers of berry fruit blends with cool layers, the berries have a sweet note and it is countered with a strong aniseed and a cold menthol which is all perfectly balanced.

Any vaper who enjoys the Heisenberg E Liquids will also love this amazing all day vape.

Final Thoughts

Some of the flavours are pretty standard standalone flavours but they still taste great. Many people tend to go for cheap brands when it comes to single flavours but we still think you need to shop for reputable E Liquid brands. Doozy Vape uses the best ingredients when it comes to the creation of these flavours and you really can taste the difference.

If you’re looking for good quality E Liquids for Mouth to Lung vaping then these are for you. You can also check out the Doozy Vape Nic salt E Liquids or if you’re a bit of a cloud chaser we would recommend checking out their fun exotic range Doozy vape Tropix E Liquids.

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