Dinner Lady Disposable Review

Disposable Vapes are growing more popular every day and we are seeing new products in the vaping scene every week. I was excited when I heard that Dinner Lady were also getting in on the action. For those that aren’t aware Dinner Lady is a UK E Liquid Manufacturer and was established in 2016. Their E Liquids have been a hit among vapers world wide with their flavours being sold in over 96 countries and they have won over 41 international awards for their incredible tasting E Liquids.




Dinner Lady E Liquids are amazing and it’s great to see that we can now get them in a disposable. This should help many more people to become smoke free. After someone tries some of these delicious flavours, no one will want to go back to smoking and having that horrible burnt taste again.

Dinner Lady Disposable Vape

Dinner Lady Features & Specifications

  • Lightweight Pen Design
  • 400mAh Built-In Battery
  • 1.5ml E-Liquid
  • Inhale Activated
  • 400 Puffs
  • Non Refillable – Non Rechargeable
  • Organic Cotton Wick
  • 20mg Salt Nicotine Blend
  • 40/60 VG/ PG

Dinner Lady Appearance & Design

Dinner Lady has packaged this disposable kit in an outer packaging box which states the flavour, strength and it is designed with their usual type of style. Inside the box the kit is carefully sealed within a foil bag. This is to keep all debris and contaminants out, ensuring your disposable pen is the cleanest possible. There is also a silicone cap which helps to prevent the chance of the device leaking, the cap needs to be removed before using. You can keep the cap if you wish to put it back in when you're not using it but it's not mandatory.

The design of the device is very different to other disposables like the Beco Bar or the Elf Bar, this Dinner Lady Disposable takes a step back to what disposables used to look like but with a twist. All those many years back, Vape devices never used to be as advanced and the options were pretty limited. Disposables were very common and they were also designed to look like a cigarette, these were known as a 'cigalike'. They were designed to look like a cigarette to help smokers feel like it was close to holding a cigarette. The E Liquid flavours available in these cigalikes were nowhere near as good as what is available today.

Dinner Lady decided to go with this style but they have improved it massively by giving it an aluminium tube and giving them some awesome colours. Each device has the Dinner Lady logo at the top and there is also a small Black arrow which indicates where the mouth piece is for you to inhale from.

Dinner Lady Flavours

I was pleased to know that Dinner Lady has given us plenty of E Liquids to choose from. We have a great selection of 13 flavours with the theme being an icy finish for the majority of them. The colour of the device depends on the flavors you choose from so if you do take advantage of our multi buy option, you can easily be able to tell which flavour is which.

Dinner Lady Disposable Flavours

Citrus Ice

Citrus Ice is a zesty vape that is packed with a careful balance of lemons, oranges, limes and finished off with, yes you guessed it, Koolada. It's a really pleasant E Liquid, some citrus E Liquids can end up being too sharp but Dinner Lady has clearly spent the time to make it just right.

Fruit Mix

This Fruity mix is a delicious combination of all those wild berries we love. We have juicy red berries, sweet cherries, grapes, currants, sour berries, and tart berries. This Dinner Lady E Liquid is packed full of flavour and perfect for any fruit loving vapers out there.

Bubblegum Ice

If you want a nostalgia trip then you need to try out Dinner Lady Bubblegum Ice. This treat fuses blueberries and bubblegum together creating that delicious sweet we loved as a kid and adds a touch of Koolada to give you the perfect bubblegum vape.

This is a pretty sweet and refreshing vape that will make you want more. I think they’ve done a brilliant job perfecting this flavour, so if you like candy E Liquids, this one's for you.

Strawberry Mac

Strawberry Mac, I had a strange moment where for a split second I wondered if this was Mac N cheese, don't worry it's not. Mac is short for macaroon, which is a small cake or cookie, typically made from almonds and other nuts with sugar and flavourings and sandwich between is a layer of sweet cream.

Dinner Lady are after-all one of the best Bakery E Liquid manufacturers in the world, so why shouldn't they make this bakery classic into an E Liquid? Strawberry Mac combines a macaroon base made of almonds with fresh and juicy strawberries.

Mango ice

Here we have a tropical classic from Dinner Lady, this isn't a new favour from the masters but it's certainly one of the best in my opinion. I've tried this flavour before they introduced it to their disposable and I'm happy to say it still tastes just as good.

Tropical mango bursting with plenty of flavour, there's a touch of honey hidden within and finished off with Koolada, giving you a menthol base for a refreshing vape.

Banana Ice

Dinner Lady Banana Ice is a bit strange in the fact that I found sometimes it had slightly different flavours. There is vanilla blended in with the banana and once again, finished off with some koolada.First time vaping, it reminded me of a thick and creamy banana smoothie. Other times it had more of a sweet taste to it and was more like a candy foam banana. Let us know in the comments if you had the same experience.

Strawberry Ice

This wasn't what I was expecting but I was very impressed with this flavour. I was kind of expecting fresh strawberries and some ice cream but no, this is a soda inspired creation. Combining the taste of cloudy lemonade along with freshly picked strawberries, this really is a unique Juice. It's got plenty of sweet strawberry flavouring, delicious tangy cloudy lemonade and a touch of koolada makes it feel like it's poured over crushed ice. I would happily recommend this one.

Lemon Sherbets Ice

Lemon Sherbet Ice is one of my favourites from The Dinner Lady range and I'm so pleased they chose this flavour for their disposables. Not only are Lemon Sherbets Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore's favourite sweet, they are also mine. If you haven't tried a lemon sherbet before, I'll be very shocked. It's a sweet hard lemon candy with sherbet enclosed inside. 

The addition of Koolada in this makes it different but it's balanced nicely so it's not too overpowering but it does give you a minty finish.

Lemon Tart

I had no doubt that Dinner Lady Lemon Tart would make an appearance here. Lemon Tat is an award winning E Liquid and there's a good reason why it also appeared in our Best E Liquid to Buy in 2021.  The lemon is amazingly balanced and the citrus zest really plays with your taste buds. Throughout vaping you get a nice smoothness of the meringue, lemon and pastry. If there was a Great British Vape off, this Pastry e juice would win Mary Berry's heart.

How to Use the Dinner Lady Disposable

  1. Open the main cardboard packaging and remove the contents
  2. Remove the disposable device by tearing the foil packaging
  3. Remove the silicon plug and the label at the bottom of the device
  4. Inhaling on the device will activate the smart fire system (When in use the LED light will glow
  5. Once the device has been depleted the LED light will flash.
  6. Depleted Devices should be safely disposed of in battery disposal bins, these can be found in many supermarkets.

Dinner Lady Performance

Like all other Disposables, this comes with a smart fire system built in, there is no buttons to press to fire it up when inhaling. Al you need to do is inhale and the sensors inside will trigger the internal firing system. The bottom of the device is where the airflow is so be careful not to cover these or the device will not work properly. When you inhale, air is pulled in through the airflow and this is what triggers the sensors.

Dinner Lady Disposable

There is a 300mAH battery built in and this is carefully designed to last the duration of the E Liquid in the device. It contains 1.5ml of Salt Nicotine E Liquid and it is advertised to last up to 400 puffs. This can vary depending on your style of vaping. If you take longer 'pulls' on the device, then you will get less puffs out of it.

The Dinner Lady Disposable vape pens are filled with 1.5ml of E Liquid which contains 20mg of Salt Nicotine. Salt nicotine is a great choice for smokers to help them quit smoking, with this form of Nicotine you are able to get a higher level of nicotine without the harshness that you normally experience with freebase nicotine. You can find out more about the different type of nicotine in our 'What is Nicotine Salt' article.

With Salt Nicotine you get a smoother vaping experience and I have loved combining this benefit with the delicious flavours from Dinner Lady.

What are the best Dinner Lady E Liquids?

I can honestly say that all the flavours taste great but there is one that I wouldn’t try again. I’m not a massive fan of Bananas, I can tolerate the foam banana sweets and that’s why I didn’t mind Banana Ice but it wouldn’t be my go to juice.

If I had to pick the top 5 flavours, it would have to be Lemon Tart, Lemon Sherbet Ice, Strawberry Mac, Citrus Ice and Mango Ice. This is purely down to personal preference though.

Final Thoughts

I am really impressed with the flavours. It's great that there are some flavours I’ve not tried before and I’m looking forward to trying them again.

I like the design of this vape pen, it’s different to what you normally get and they are very small and light. Each device weighs 16.7 grams and it fits nicely into your pocket, they’re a great device for if you’re hitting the town. They are also very popular for keeping as a backup device in-case you run out of battery on your main device.

These would also suit anyone who is looking at quitting smoking. The flavours are amazing and that’s a good enough reason to get someone to quit cigarettes. They are simple to use and due to there being no maintenance on the device, these are a great stepping stone to leading a healthier lifestyle.

So would I recommend them? The short answer is Yes! They are easy to use, cheap, discreet and it gives a great vaping experience with it's smoothness. If you’ve tried the Dinner Lady Disposable, let us know in the comments below your favourite flavour and how you got along with using it.

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Sadly my first Dinner Lady experience has not been great, the flavour is second to none (blue ice) but it’s faulty – one puff and it just runs on and on never switching off! Even just tapping it down on the table a bit too firmly sets it off! Never had this with any other disposable and it’s a shame

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