Love Vape Review

Love Vape juices are an E Liquid brand produced by Liqua Vape who is a subsidiary of Zabou Group. Liqua Vape is known for many other E Liquid brands such as Gumball E Liquids and Slushie E Liquids. They specialise in creating 50/50 blends and we're glad that they have stuck to this ratio for the Love Vape range.

Love Vape E Liquids is a collection of five premium flavours that come in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio and are perfect for use with pod devices or starter kits with a focus on a clean flavour. The five flavours contain Salt Nicotine and are available in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths. Salt Nicotine based E Liquids helps to give you a more satisfying vaping experience as they are easier to inhale and don't give a harsh throat hit that you would typically get from Freebase E Liquids. Due to there being nicotine in these E Liquids, they are TPD compliant which means they come in 10ml bottles. This range is ideal for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping and it is not recommended to vape on sub ohm devices.

I was a fan of their Slushie range and so I have high hopes for Love Vape, let's give them a go.

Love Vape Flavours

Love Vape brings us Five flavours in their Love Vape range. Other brands from their collections have been larger but it seems like they have carefully researched and hand picked which flavours they want to treat us with.

This does look like more of a premium range where they have focussed their love and dedication on a smaller range. Quantity isn't always better than quality.

Vanilla Tobacco E Liquid

Love Vape Vanilla Tobacco is a premium Tobacco E Liquid that is perfect for anyone looking at quitting smoking or if you love Tobacco E Liquids.

Vanilla Tobacco is an E liquid flavour we've all tried before, there are hundreds of different versions from many different E Liquid manufacturers, the question is, is this another standard flavour or does this stand out from the rest?

We know that Love Vape have a good track record with creating some of the most flavourful vape juices out there, but Vanilla Tobacco is currently the only Tobacco E Liquid in their range. The Vanilla used in this vape juice is a sweet Madagascan vanilla which is incredibly smooth. The Tobacco is lovely as it has an earthy yet woody taste to it which when vaping it tastes like a premium rolling tobacco.

I very much enjoyed vaping this juice, the tobacco flavour is strong enough but not too strong that you can't taste the vanilla. It's a great smooth vape where both the favours are perfectly balanced, it's quite a warm vape too and due to it containing salt nicotine, you get a good smooth throat hit.

Love Vape Tobacco

Mixed Berries E Liquid

Love Vape Mixed Berries E-Liquid is a berry blend with sweet and juicy Summer berries on the inhale, complemented by slightly tart berry notes on the exhale.

Love Vape love their fruity E Liquids and I'm sure we will be in good hands with this one. Mixed Berries is one of the most popular fruity E Liquids on the market and there's so many different versions of it. The joy with creating a mixed berry vape juice is that you can use whatever berry flavours you want and with different recipes, this means that they are all very unique. Many E Liquid manufacturers like to keep their recipes secret and with mixed berry flavours, we aren't told what the berries are.

Mixed Berries by Love Vape features a collection of summer berries and some rich forest fruits. Summer berries often include blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. Forest fruits often have the same fruits as summer berries but they also include apples, rhubarb and dewberries. There's plenty of fruits to choose from and in vape juices it can be difficult to pinpoint each flavour in it as when you combine them all, it results in a deliciously unique flavour.

This mixed berries vape juice is very sweet and the fruits are balanced amazingly in this. I found that Strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants were the most prominent flavours here but I could also taste red grapes and others but couldn't quite put my finger on them. Overall the flavour is great, it is a sweet fruity vape but there is also a tart mix to it which gives it a good twist. This Love Vape E Liquid is making it into my personal favourite collection.

Love Vape Mixed Berries

Heisen Mountain E Liquid

Heisen Mountain by Love Vape Salts features rich mixed berries, blended with aniseed followed by a cool menthol exhale for a fresh vape!

I think by now we all know what this flavour consists of but for those who are new to vaping, let's have a quick history lesson. Heisenberg E Liquids is one of the most loved flavours out there. The name Heisenberg was taken from the hit TV programme 'Breaking Bad', the main character Walter White gives himself the alias of “Heisenberg” after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Vampire Vapes was the first manufacturer to create the famous Heisenberg E Liquid. The Heisenberg vape juice has a very unique flavour to it, it is a combination of mixed berries blended with a sict aniseed and is finished off with a menthol to give it a cool refreshing taste.

Love Vape aren't foolish, they know that this is an incredibly popular flavour and they've made their own version of this classic. Being a fan of Heisenberg juices I was hoping this would be able to match the original and I wasn't disappointed. The mixed berries are a delicious fruity blend and it perfectly balances with the aniseed, it has a sweet, fragrant aroma with a strong, liquorice-like taste. The menthol in here is slightly less than I'm used to but it's still got a decent kick to it, I wouldn't want any less and I think they've added the perfect amount.

This is definitely an all day vape that should not be ignored. If you're a fan of Vampire Vapes Heisenberg E Liquid then we would highly recommend checking this one out.

Love Vape Heisen Mountain

Bubblegum Slush E Liquid

Calling all Candy lovers! Love Vape brings us a delicious Bubblegum E Liquid which will bring back some childhood memories. 

As I mentioned earlier, Love Vape has another brand which is called Slushie E Liquids, they also have a Bubblegum Slush in there and I have a suspicion that this could possibly be the same flavour. The Slushie E Liquid range has a great collection of flavours with plenty of choices for you.

Love Vape Bubblegum Slush has a very distinctive bubblegum flavour which is packed with fruity notes. The bubblegum reminds me of the classic bubblegum candy that you would get from the sweet shop when you were a child. When vaping you do get that lovely nostalgic feeling. When vaping you can taste the fruity bubblegum and it's on the exhale where you get that icy cool slushie taste. It's a great juice for a hot summer day and tastes even better when you're drinking a cool glass of coke.

Love Vape Bubblegum Slush

Blue Raspberry E Liquid

Blue Raspberry by Love Vape Salt features a blend of sweet and fruity classic Blue Raspberry on inhale with light sweet fruity notes on the exhale.

Love Vape has clearly done their research as all of these flavours are the most loved in the vaping scene and the final flavour is no different. Blueberries and raspberries have always been a favourite because of how well they blend together and you will find many E Liquid manufacturers creating their own version.

If you like a sweet, fruity vape then Love Vapes Blue Raspberry is the one for you. The blueberries and Raspberries are obviously the main flavour here, they're both incredibly fruity but what we love with this juice is there's a sweet and sugary base to it which makes the flavours stand out more. The candy flavourings within covers your tongue in a mouth-puckering tartness and then tickles your taste buds with the sweet notes. All the flavours are blended together perfectly and it makes a mouth watering vape juice.

This fruity blend is perfect on a hot day and fruit loving vapers will not want to miss out on this delicious vape juice! The smoothness of Love Vapes Blue Raspberry is unmatchable; this flavour will deliver a crisp and flawless hit every time. It's time for you to get your next all day vape.

Love Vape Blue Raspberry

Final Thoughts

The E Liquids in this range are all flavours that we’ve seen before and I think Love Vape wanted to go with a safe bet. I enjoyed all the flavours and they taste like they are beautifully crafted with good quality ingredients. I do however wish that there was a brand new flavour that we’ve not tried before.

Love Vape have done a great job creating their own versions of some of the most delicious E Liquids and I would strongly recommend trying these out. Love Vape Salt Nicotine E Liquids are premium vape juice with five delicious flavours that you won't want to ignore. Don't forget to take advantage of our Multi Buy vape deals.

Have you tried any of the flavours from the Love Vape range, if so let us know your thoughts on which one was your favourite.

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