Seriously Nice E Liquid Review

Seriously Nice is a new brand straight out of the Doozy Vape Co manufacturing Facility and we’re excited to be bringing them to you. Doozy Vape Co’s Research and Development team must be working over time with the amount of new brands and flavours they are putting on the market.

For those that haven’t heard of Doozy Vape E Liquids before, they are a British E liquid Manufacturer that was formed in 2015, their range of E Liquids is wide with some of the best features when it comes to vaping, great flavours, good quality ingredients.

We’ve recently had Seriously Slushie E Liquids, Seriously Fruity E Liquids and here we have Seriously Nice E Liquids. Each Seriously Brand comes with 6 deliciously unique flavours, they all come in 120ml Bottles with 100ml of E Liquid, this enables you to add two 10ml nicotine shots to convert your juice into a 3mg.

Seriously Nice Flavours

Seriously Nice E-liquids is a collection of fruit combinations created using quality mixology and ingredients. The Seriously Fruity e liquid range focuses on sweet flavours that deliver an authentic taste, all of the range contains wonderful combinations of unique, fruity flavours.

All 6 flavours in this range are blended with a mix of 70/30 VG/PG, making them best used with sub-ohm kits.

Lychee Citrus E Liquid

Sweet Lychee poured over a glass of crushed ice with a splash of citrus to tickle your taste buds.


Lychee E Liquids are not particularly common but there are many out there. Lychees are a bit of an odd fruit in my eyes. I don't personally like eating Lychee but I do appreciate the flavour in E Liquids. They have a sweet yet aromatic taste to them and you can taste floral notes, this makes the overall flavour pretty unique. A lot of people tend to describe the taste as being a cross between pears and watermelon and others believing it is similar to grapes and roses.

Seriously Nice Lychee Citrus Chill is a very interesting vape juice, it tastes very exotic with the sweetness from the Lychee on the inhale and then just before exhaling you're then greeted with a wave of citrus that fills your mouth and sits on your taste buds. On the exhale, the flavours are all nicely cooled down with a refreshing menthol which feels like crushed ice.

It's a very refreshing vape and I love the sweetness that remains throughout, it has a great balance between sweet and sharp notes. If you enjoy a cool exotic vape then this one could be the one for you.

Ice N Berg E Liquid

A Seriously new version of the Heisenberg flavour that we all know and love.


Ice N Berg is The Serious Nice version of the famous Heisenberg, This award winning E Liquid flavour was introduced to us in 2014 by Vampire Vape for VapeFest. The original Heisenberg E Liquid had the magical colour of blue and its inspiration came from the US hit TV drama 'Breaking Bad'. Since 2014 we have had hundreds of different 'Heisen' flavours and 7 years later it is still one of the most loved E Liquids out there.

Seriously Nice has gone with the traditional flavour of Heisenberg but it does taste different to others I have tried. The primary flavour in this is a collection of wild berries and it's mixed with a cool minty menthol, it's not overpowering which is what I always worry about when it comes to Heisen flavours. Aniseed is carefully layered within the berries and menthol but it's on the exhale when you can really pick up on the aniseed which is paired stunningly with the menthol.

I'm very used to vaping Heisenberg flavours with salt nicotine on a vape pod kit but it's great to try the Seriously Nice version when sub ohm vaping. It's a great flavour and you get plenty of cloud production with this juice. I suppose this is the one that Knocks!

Blackcurrant Lemonade E Liquid

Juicy tart blackcurrants collide with a wave of zesty lemons and poured over crushed ice.


I'm looking forward to this one from Seriously Nice. Lemonade E Liquids when done properly are truly amazing, with the right ingredients you can get remarkable flavours that you wish came in soda form so you could actually drink it. 

The name Blackcurrant Lemonade pretty much tells you exactly what flavours are inside but it doesn't give it justice. The lemonade base flavour is a zesty lemon which has a very sweet taste to it and it is blended with a juicy mix of blackcurrants. The blackcurrants are nice and tangy and when combined with the citrus lemon it's so mouth-watering. The Menthol mimics the effects of crushed ice which results in it feeling like you're enjoying an ice cool lemonade soda.

This is a very refreshing vape and although the weather is currently cold, it still tastes great, I can't wait to try this on a hot summer's day.

Frozen Apple Berry E Liquid

A delicious combination of red raspberries and crisp, sour green apples frozen together to create a fruity all day vape.


Time to get serious with this fruity vape juice, here we have a crisp mouth watering blend that's great as an all day vape. The fruit used in Frozen Apple Berry is raspberry and yes, you've guessed it, apple.

Frozen Apple Berry is a sweet and tart E Liquid that is topped off with an icy cool menthol. I would say this juice is the one with the most menthol, though this could just be how the menthol reacts with the fruits. On the inhale you get the taste of crisp green apples which have a slight sourness to them and it pairs stunningly with the tart raspberries. On the exhale the cold menthol fuses with the fruit and creates a very refreshing vaping experience. It's a great liquid that many people are using as their all day vape.

Blue Razz Ice E Liquid

A beautiful concoction of blue raspberries intertwined with a sweet candy base and a cool icy twist.


It looks like Seriously Nice couldn't resist giving us a fruity Candy E Liquid. Blue Raspberry E Liquids are a very popular choice in the vaping world. Candy E Liquids are a great way to transport you out of the real world and back to your childhood. You may be an adult but there's no harm in enjoying your childhood treats.

Seriously Nice has done a tremendous job with creating this beloved concoction, Blue Raspberries wrapped in a sweet candy stickiness and finished with the brand's icy edge. Blueberries and raspberries collide together creating a delicious fruity blend and it is intertwined with a sweet candy base. On the exhale all these flavours on your tongue are chilled by the cooling effects of the ice cold menthol.

This isn't the first Blue Razz E Liquid I've tried but I love what Seriously Nice has done here and the menthol finish really does just put the cherry on the top.

Arctic Berries E Liquid

Tangy mixed berries bursting with juice layered over a cool and crisp icy finish.


The last juice in the range is Arctic Berries and I'm sure this is going to be the coldest juice in the range. I do appreciate a good menthol E Liquid but Arctic makes it sound like it's going to be extremely cold. One of the coldest menthols we have available on Jumponthevape is Sub Zero by Halo E Liquids, though there is no fruit in that one.

Arctic Berries have a strong Menthol base and the fruit flavouring is dark berries and red berries. On the inhale you can really appreciate the authentic, sweet and rich fruity flavours from the berries. The tangy notes of the berries merge beautifully with the cool menthol and the flavours stick to your tongue after exhaling.

This is an amazingly layered vape that's packed full of flavour, the menthol helps to make this E Liquid feel more like a fruity slushy and I love the crispness you get from this. Top marks for this one and I have to say 'Berry Nice'.

Final Thoughts

I’ve got to say that I loved this range. Doozy Vape have really impressed me recently with their E Liquids and I’m not ashamed to say that many of their flavours are in my personal favourite collection. 

If you’re a fan of their other Seriously brands then you have to check out this one too. All of their juices we have available on our Multi buy option so if you want to mix and match a few flavours to try them out, go for it. Just be sure to also order your nicotine shots to go with them, adding two nicotine shots will turn your bottle into a 3mg strength.

What flavour do you think is the Best E Liquid from the Doozy Vape Co collection? Let others know what your favourite is in the comments below.



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