Vampire Vape Geek Bar Disposable Review

Disposable vapes are a cheap and easy device for new vapers who want to get away from smoking. The Geek Bar by Geek Vape are one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market, they have brought us the Geek Bar and the Geek Bar Lite which are both wonderful devices with some amazing flavours. We didn’t think that there was anything else Geek Bar needed to do to create a better product but now we’re pleasantly surprised.

Vampire Vape and Geek Bar have now teamed up to bring us a whole new range of disposable vapes and we cannot wait to try them. Vampire Vape are the famous E Liquid Manufacturers who created one of the most popular E Liquids in the world, Heisenberg E Liquid. Pinkman E Liquid was also another iconic flavour that was made in 2014. Both these flavours of inspiration came from the hit TV drama ‘Breaking Bad’. Breaking Bad entered the Guinness World Records as the most critically acclaimed show of all time.

When we heard that Geek Bar and Vampire Vape had joined forces, we literally had chills. Not only are these Geek Bars filled with the best E Liquids available, they all come in Vampire Vape Salt Nicotine. So you can enjoy the tastiest juices in the world, you will get the great benefits of a smooth throat hit.

Geek Bar Features & Specifications

  • MTL Disposable Pod Kit
  • 500mAh Built-In Battery
  • Manual draw activation
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • 2ml Pod Capacity
  • Organic Cotton Wick
  • 20mg Vampire Vape Nic Salt
  • 600 puffs
  • Recyclable

Geek Bar Appearance & Design

The devices design of the Vampire Vape Geek Bar doesn’t change from the original but the packaging does have the Vampire Vape Logo on the outside along with the flavour name. The device itself is contained in a sealed bag to prevent any debris and foreign objects getting into the device. Geek Bar do take care with all of their production and I also want to reiterate that Geek Bars are made with FDA certified food grade plastics.

The usual manual is included also, it’s best to have a read over the safety instructions on how to use the device and how to dispose of it once it is empty. Another thing we need to point out, it does also state in the manual that it ''may also contain traces of nuts'', something to be wary about if you do have a nut allergy.

The colour of the Geek Bar depends on what flavour you have, this is to help differentiate them from each other. They have a unique diamond pattern covering the device and on one side it has the Geek Bar graphic printed underneath the plastic protective casing. 

The device is a decent size, it fits nicely in your hand and is easy to use, one of the things I do love with disposables is the size of them. On occasions it's quite nice not having to carry around a big chunky vape kit. If you're heading for a night out, they're a great choice as they don’t take up a lot of space in your pocket.

Vampire Vape Geek Bar Flavours

In the range you i'll see 10 exciting flavours from the Vampire Vape range. With two of them being award winners.

Vampire Vape Disposables also come with Salt Nicotine E Liquids, you'll get a smooth tasting vape with a good strong throat hit. Nicotine salts are the perfect choice for MTL vapers (Mouth To Lung) due to you being able to vape E Liquids at a higher nicotine level without a harsh throat hit.

Vampire Vape Blackjack E Liquid

Based on the popular black-coloured liquorice chew, this is a sweet aniseed flavoured e-liquid.

Vampire Vapes Blackjack will transport you back to your childhood, it's a true E Liquid representation of the retro candy. The sweet and strong aniseed will awaken your taste buds at just the right level. The aniseed has a rich flavour that is mildly spiced, there is also a sweet candy coating in this which tastes great. When vaping the flavour is consistent throughout and even after exhaling the delicious flavour sits on your taste buds. 

There are many different blackjack e liquids but Vampire Vape has definitely mastered their version.

Vampire Vape All Day Grape E Liquid

A refreshing burst of crisp purple grapes, followed by a burst of ice-cold menthol. 

Juicy rich purple and white grapes are packed into this Vampire Vape favourite. There's a reason why this is called All Day Grape, once you try this, it will become your all day vape. The juicy grapes give you an intense fruity combo with it's sweet notes. The sweet and sour taste of these grapes can be tasted throughout the vape and it is complimented on the exhale with a cool minty menthol. 

This is a deliciously fruity vape balanced carefully with menthol to create a very refreshing yet sweet vape.

Vampire Simply Blackcurrant E Liquid

A full bodied dark blackcurrants flavour that is a fruity vapers paradise.

We've all had a blackcurrant E Liquid but have you had Vampire Vape Blackcurrant? This is a deliciously fruity blend that is bursting with sweet and sour notes. The smell alone is irresistible and you won't want this to run out. Juicy blackcurrant flavouring is consistent throughout the entire vape from inhale to exhale and the sour notes stick to your taste buds.

It's a great tasting juice that deserves to be in one of these Geek Bars.

Vampire Vape Blood Sukka E Liquid

Enjoy the taste of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol to provide an e-liquid with a real bite

Of course Vampire Vapes has to have an E Liquid called Blood Sukka and I think it's the perfect name for this juice. Blood Sukka is a stunningly smooth vape with distinctive flavour notes. Packed full of sweet red cherries and berries, it has a very juicy fruit base flavour and it's layered with a cool Eucalyptus Menthol and a sweet kick of aniseed.

On the inhale you're met with the berries and cherries and then out of nowhere comes the aniseed twist. The aniseed isn't too strong but it is then cooled off with the Eucalyptus and Menthol. The unique eucalyptus and floral aniseed combination produces a complex, layered taste. The after-taste is a stunning combination of fruity aniseed that sits on your tongue. 

Vampire Vape Heisenberg E Liquid

A fruity sensation of mixed red berries, aniseed and topped off with a cool menthol breeze.

Heisenberg E Liquids is one of the most loved flavours out there. The name Heisenberg was taken from the hit TV programme 'Breaking Bad', the main character Walter White gives himself the alias of “Heisenberg” after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Vampire Vapes was the first manufacturer to create the famous Heisenberg E Liquid. The Heisenberg vape juice has a very unique flavour to it, it is a combination of mixed berries blended with aniseed and is finished off with a menthol to give it a cool refreshing taste.

The mixed berries are a delicious fruity blend and it perfectly balances with the aniseed, it has a sweet, fragrant aroma with a strong, liquorice-like taste. The menthol in Heisenberg has got a decent cold kick to it and the amount is perfect to the aniseed ratio.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg is definitely an all day vape that everyone should try. If you're a fan of Vampire Vapes and you haven't tried this, you're missing out

Vampire Vape Ice Menthol E Liquid

A clean crisp and icy cool tasting menthol flavour

Ice Menthol by Vampire Vape is a very cold refreshing vape. This is a chilling blend of menthol, mint and icy notes similar to Koolada. Vaping this will make you think you have an extra strong mint in your mouth. Many people actually tend to top up other juices with a bit of Vampire Vape Ice Menthol but it's also great on its own.

Menthol E Liquids are also used as a palate cleanser for when you have vapers tongue, so it's a good idea to pick up this one alongside another flavour just in-case. The after-taste of Ice Menthol is mildly sweet and will leave you feeling fresh.

Vampire Vape Mango Ice E Liquid

A taste of sweet exotic mango flavour with a cool icy finish

It's time to sit back and relax with this tropical E Liquid treat. This fantastic exotic flavour is packed full of sweet juicy mango. If you're a fan of mangoes, this is the one for you. Featuring ripe notes of deliciously juicy mango, it is layered over crushed ice.

The cool icy finish makes this a real refreshing and very moreish vape. This chilling exotic fruit fusion is perfect for anyone who enjoys tropical flavours with a touch of menthol.

Vampire Vape Pinkman Ice E Liquid

An award winning mixed red fruit flavour laced with an ice cool finish that will no doubt impress your taste buds.

Pinkman  Liquid is the other award winning flavour from Vampire Vape that is based on a character from Breaking Bad, Pinkman is Jesse Pinkman and was Heisenberg's associate. Pinkman E Liquid was very popular and Vampire Vape has tweaked it a bit by adding some menthol and wow, it makes a big difference.

Pinkman Ice has a stunning blend of red fruits and berries blended together with some ice cold menthol. If you like a sweet juicy vape with a cool kick, we would recommend Pinkman ice. Perfect for a hot summer's day.

Vampire Vape Sweet Strawberry E Liquid

A taste of the summer magic with the taste of sweet juicy strawberries that’s on point for a perfect vape

Strawberry E Liquids are one of our favourites and we have high hopes that Vampire Vape will do this one justice. Freshly picked strawberries are packed into this beauty alongside some sweet candy notes. Throughout the whole vape from inhale to exhale you can taste the ripe distinctive flavour of sweet strawberries. 

This strawberry candy E Liquid isn't too sugary but more of a slight candy note to it, so even if you don't have a particularly sweet tooth you'll still like it. The flavours are balanced perfectly and they create a truly tantalizing fruity vape experience.

Vampire Vape Spearmint E Liquid

A cool, mild and smooth spearmint juice reminiscent of a classic chewing gum

Vampire Vape Spearmint is the perfect all day vape for any menthol lover. We've already had Ice Menthol but this Spearmint E Liquid is a perfect E Liquid take on a classic spearmint chewing gum. With subtle menthol notes in  this just, it's packed full of minty goodness that has a mild floral note and the sweetness of a chewing gum.

Again this is a great shout if you've been vaping the same juice for a long period of time and you've developed Vapers tongue. This is a Fresh, sweet and moreish vape that shouldn't be ignored, it has more of a minty kick than a cold menthol kick and I love the slight spicy notes within.

Vampire Vape Geek Bar Performance

We have already gone over the performance of the Geek Bar original in our first review but we will touch over some of the key points again. If you do want to see the full review you can check out the GeekVape Geek Bar Disposable Review 

The Geek Bar boasts an incredible 500 mAH battery that allows roughly 575 puffs per device. Though as we’ve said in other reviews, the amount of puffs can vary, depending on your style of vaping. If you prefer to take longer pulls on the device then your puff count would be less.

Once the E Liquid in the Geek Bar has run out, the device will become obsolete and they can be disposed of. Most supermarkets contain a battery recycling bin for batteries and we would recommend disposing of them there.

The Vampire Vape Geek Bar also has the same smart auto-fire system that works as soon as you inhale. The auto-fire sensor is triggered when it senses a draw/ inhale. One of the reasons why Disposable vapes are so successful is due to there being no settings to adjust.

The airflow inlet is on the base of the device and it's important not to cover this. If the airflow inlet is covered then the devices auto fire system won't work because the sensor will not detect an inhale

We found that these can easily last for the whole day though this will obviously vary depending on your vaping style. After trying these for a couple of days we found them pretty consistent, though we were not counting each individual puff, we are taking the word of the professionals on this.

Final Thoughts

We knew the device is a great piece of kit and we’re happy that Vampire Vape decided Geek Bar was the perfect Disposable device. The Geek Bar is an easy to use vape kit and we’re glad there are now even more flavours to choose from.

There’s now even more reasons to quit smoking and start vaping, these are a good introductory vape kit for new starters. Let everyone know in the comments below what your favourite flavour is from the range and how you got along with The Geek Bar.

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