Supergood Butter E Liquid Review

There’s been a lot of new and exciting delicious E Liquid brands out this year, despite the pandemic, we’ve had many fruity E Liquid brands added to Jumponthevape and we wanted to treat all of us with one of our favourites, Dessert E Liquids.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a specific Dessert E Liquid brand added and so we went on the hunt for a delicious new brand. So here we are with Supergood Butter, we have seen the name before as the name sticks out due to the logo looking slightly like the SuperDry brand, I think it’s just the choice of font. Either way, I think it’s clever because psychologically it makes you think it’s a known brand

Supergood E Liquids are based in Cheshire, United Kingdom and they have only been around for a few years, in 2017 they were founded. The idea started with a friendship and a common goal between friends to create the tastiest vape juices in the world. After trying the Supergood Butter brand we can see that they have heavily invested into their Research & Development team to create this amazing Dessert E Liquids.


Supergood Butter

Supergood Butter Flavours

The Supergood Buttery range all come in 50ml shortfills with a 0mg nicotine strength, this means there is 50ml of E Liquid supplied in a 60ml bottle. This provides you with enough space to add one Nicotine shot to it. Adding one Nicotine shot with a strength of 18mg will result in a 60ml E Liquid with a strength of 3mg. They all come in a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, so if you're into sub ohm vaping then this will be perfect for you. The flavours are made with high-quality food flavourings to give you the flavour satisfaction you deserve.

Supergood Butter 06  E Liquid

Butter 06 is the ultimate sweet treat, this vape features a cloud of sweet blueberry candy floss laced with soft cookies and topped with silky cream.

To me this sounds like a complete mix up of flavours, Blueberry, Candy floss and Cookie & Cream. It wouldn't be the weirdest combination I've had before. I love all these flavours so I hope they all work together.

When inhaling you get a very sweet blueberry straight away, it has a bit of a bitter note to it which is quite an authentic taste. The cookie flavouring comes into play shortly afterwards and it has a sweet creamy play to it which transitions lovely into the fruity blueberries. The overall sweetness of Number 06 comes from the underlying yet consistent Candy Floss that lies within the other flavours. On the exhale the cookies & cream stuck out lovely but it had a pleasant linger of blueberries on the tip of my tongue.

Supergood Butter 05 E Liquid

Butter 05 A sweet Vanilla cream base sprinkled with Cinnamon and topped with a Marshmallow and dollop of custard. A truly unique dessert flavour that's Supergood!


Butter 05 is an interesting one, here we have Marshmallow, Custard, Vanilla Cream & Cinnamon. I'm a big fan of cinnamon and it's not too often that you find cinnamon in good vape juices so I vaped this with my fingers crossed. Vanilla custard is the base flavour here, on the inhale you can taste the sweetness of this, the marshmallow you get hints of but it is more of just a sweet creaminess. 

On the exhale, the vanilla combined with cinnamon is very prominent and the flavours clouds are pretty strong with this. I love that vanilla is a very natural taste. I would probably say the cinnamon is slightly too strong for my liking but then again, I prefer a hint in my E Liquids.

If I was basing my decision specifically on a cinnamon E Liquid, I wouldn't say it's amazing but that's not to say it's bad. As we all know vape juices are down to personal preference but as a combined Dessert E Liquid, it does taste good and would happily vape this again. It's got a good warm feeling which I'd probably use as a Christmas day vape.

Supergood - Butter 04 E Liquid

Butter 04 featuring a soft chocolate chip cookie base topped with moreish and creamy ice cream sprinkled with fruity cereal bites


Supergood Butter 04 sounds absolutely delicious. I do Like to treat myself to a sweet cereal every so often, Though I try to not make it a habit. butter 04 Brings us a delicious combination of ice cream, fruity cereal and crumbled chocolate cookie. Why would you not want to try this?

The chocolate chip is pretty strong in this one, it's smoothed off with the creamy notes of ice cream which I love because it has a very natural vanilla ice cream taste to it. There is a very milky taste to this which goes down very well when you pick up the underlying fruity cereal notes that are layered within. On the exhale you get the full impact of the creaminess and sweet notes.

It's a great tasting Dessert E Liquid, I don't think I could compare this with any other vape juice and it's made a print in my memory.

Supergood Butter 03 E Liquid

Butter 03 is a delightful blend of fresh lemon fluffy sponge infused with Blueberry.


Butter 03 has got me excited as I do love a bit of lemon sponge, in some fruity Lemon E Liquids, I feel like they add too much lemon flavouring. When making lemon cake, normally you overdo it or it's not strong enough, finding the right balance is very difficult. Supergood utter 03 is a flavour combination of Lemon, Blueberry, Sponge & Cream.

On the inhale you are met with a fluffy moist (Cringe) lemon sponge that feels like it's expanding in your mouth. It took a bit of time but you can taste the blueberries mixed in with the butter cream. The cream is very sweet and the berry tastes are intertwined with it.

I'm very picky when it comes to lemon sponge cakes but it has a great flavour and the balance of both the lemon and blueberry is good. I think they have done a great job making a true tasting spongy cake flavour but if I could change anything I would add a little more blueberry flavouring.

Supergood Butter 02 E Liquid

Butter 02 is a delicious e-liquid featuring a sweet and savoury blend of a crispy biscuit base topped with tart strawberry jam and finished with silky meringue cream.

I was looking forward to this as I do love a bit of Jam and it's been a while since I've had a Jam E Liquid. 

On the inhale your mouth is flooded with a sweet and juicy strawberry jam and it tastes amazing. It has a great authentic Strawberry Jam which I'm still trying to wrap my head around how they have perfected this. Shortly afterwards the crumbly biscuit comes through, it has a freshly baked feel to it like a biscuit base on a cheesecake. The creamy custard and the meringue flavour is combined together and when exhaling all these marvellous flavours collide together creating a very sweet vape.

I really liked Supergood Butter 02, the sweetness of the jam and meringue I think is perfect. What I love the most is the flavours taste like natural food and it's not an artificial tasting sweetness. Supergood Butter 02 is a mouth watering juice that may make you sad when you've run out of it.

Supergood Butter 01 E Liquid

Butter 01 features a medley of tropical fruit including tangy mangoes combined with juicy aromatic passion fruit all topped off with a light and fluffy meringue cream.

From the second that I opened the bottle I fell in love with this juice. A strong fruity Mango smell exploded out of the bottle and oh my does it smell good. Supergood Butter 01 is a tasty mixture of Mango, Passion fruit, Meringue & Cream.

On the inhale you get the full impact of the Mango concentrate and it tastes even better than it smells. The Passion fruit is no way near as strong as the mango but it's paired nicely with it. The cream helps to balance out the overall taste and to create a smoother vape. The meringue blends into the thick cream and on the exhale it tastes great. 

Butter 01 is maybe my favourite from the range, although the passion fruit isn't very strong, I think it compliments the mango further. The cream and meringue helps to soften the fruity sweetness by adding a smoother sweet vape experience.

Final Thoughts

I think Supergood have done a tremendous job with their Butter range. Many companies create Dessert E Liquids but it really feels like Supergood has pulled out all the stops with this one. Each flavour is clearly designed to a specific recipe and this creates a fantastic, smooth taste with every single vape.

I think the design of the bottles are very cool too, there’s no need for random names. All the flavours are listed on the bottle so you know exactly what you are getting. If you’re on the hunt for the best Dessert E Liquid, we suggest you start your search with this brand.

Once you’ve tried some of the flavours, let everyone know your thoughts in the comments below.

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