Doozy Disposable Review

Disposable vapes have become very popular and there is no surprise that Doozy Vape has decided to get in on the action. For anyone who’s been following Jumponthevape, you will know that we are big fans of them. Doozy has many different sub brands which come in 10ml all the way up to 120ml shortfills and each one has been created with love and dedication.

Doozy Vape Co was founded in 2015 and are based in Yorkshire, they have come a long way and they are a multi-award-winning premium E Liquid brand. They are one of our favourite British E liquid Manufacturers and if you have tried any of the Doozy Vape Co E Liquids, you will more than likely agree with us.
It’s become very clear that disposable vapes are helping people quit smoking. They are perfect for novice vapers and experienced vapers who want a no hassle temporary device. Disposable vapes do not require the typical maintenance that other Vape Kits require, there’s no need for charging, changing coils or filling the tank. They come fully prepared ready for you. Open the packaging and away you go, keeping things easy for new starters makes it so much easier to keep off the cigarettes.

We’re happy to be taking a look at the latest Disposable and we’re excited to try the Doozy Vape E Liquids in this unique disposable puff bar. Doozy are known for capturing delicious fruit combinations fused with cooling ice and sweet mouth watering treats that tease your taste buds. 

Doozy Nix Features & Specifications

  • MTL Disposable Pod Kit
  • 500mAh Built-In Battery
  • Manual draw activation
  • 2ml E Liquid Capacity
  • Organic Cotton Wick
  • Available in 3 Nicotine Strengths – 0mg – 10mg – 20mg
  • Doozy Nic Salt
  • Approximately 600 puffs

Doozy Nix Appearance & Design

Doozy Vape Co has created a new design within the Disposable vape range. The Doozy Nix is still a small and discreet device that easily fits into your pocket which makes them perfect for being on the go. 

Doozy claims that the Nix disposable is also leak proof, this is a massive bonus feature which shouldn’t be shrugged off, for any professionals that wear a suit, it is very frustrating when you reach into your suit trousers or jacket and find out your vape device has leaked. Even getting E Liquid on your jeans can make them uncomfortable. So this feature in my opinion is very important, especially when there is only 2ml in them.

The Doozy Nix casing is made of Biodegradable Plastic and it has a sleek crystal finish. The shape is perfect for holding and at the top of the device it is tapered at the mouth piece, this is to give a more natural shape for your lips to rest on when vaping. As per most disposable vapes, each device is colour coded depending on the flavour. It has a diamond pattern underneath the protective casing which is similar to the Geek Bar. On the side you will also see the Doozy logo and further down the new “Nix” logo too.

The Doozy Nix has a 500mAH battery which ensures you can get up to 600 puffs, but as we’ve mentioned many times with disposable vapes this will depend on your vaping style and how long your pull is when inhaling.

The Doozy Nix disposable device offers a vaping experience that is similar to a cigarette in terms of the pull or puff when you inhale, the device activates immediately on the Inhale therefore eliminating the need for any buttons on the device. The device is sleek and lightweight so you can carry it around discreetly. The vapour production is minimal which adds to its stealthy use on the go. 

Doozy Nix Disposable
Doozy Nix Flavours

Here we find some of the best Doozy E Liquids available and Doozy has made extra steps to ensure that their Disposables aren’t excluding people. Doozy brings us their Nix Disposable in 20mg, 10mg and also a 0mg! So now vapers who don’t use nicotine can also enjoy these incredible devices.

The Doozy Nix flavours all come in a VG/ PG blend of 50/50 which is the perfect ratio for disposable vapes and Mouth to Lung vaping. It provides fantastic flavour and a discreet cloud production. Each Doozy Nix has a 2ml capacity of E Liquid.

All the Doozy Nix E Liquids contain beautifully crafted flavours, as we mentioned they do come in different nicotine strengths. The 10mg & 20mg contain Salt Nicotine rather than Freebase Nicotine. If you want to know more about these ingredients you can read our How is E Liquid Made review. Salt Nicotine provides an advantage over Freebase nicotine as it is absorbed into your bloodstream quicker, which means your nicotine cravings are relieved quicker. It also provides a much smoother throat hit which is very satisfying.

Doozy Nix Apple Grape

Doozy Nix Apple Grape is a juicy Mixture of grapes and crisp green apples with a hint of Ice.

Doozy Nix Apple Grape is a delicious flavour with a slight name change. Apple Grape blast by Doozy Vape is a very popular flavour and for good reason, it is a beautiful combination of crisp tangy green apples blended with juicy grapes topped off with a touch of ice.

On the inhale you can taste the sweet distinctive flavours of crisp apples closely followed by a rush of juicy grapes. On the exhale these fruity notes are cooled off with the icy menthol, this creates a very cool refreshing fruity vape. Overall it's a satisfyingly fruity vape experience that can be enjoyed all day long. Apple Grape is a tasty fruity combo with a pleasing cool twist.

Doozy Nix Fantasia Grape

Doozy Nix Fantasia Grape is a tasty concoction of purple and green grapes with a delicate hint of ice.

This is the first time I've tried Doozy Vape Co Fantasia Grape and I'm excited. Grape E Liquids are one of my favourites and I love that they have gone with both green and purple ones. When I find a good grape E Liquid I do tend to get hooked on it, there's just something about those sweet juicy berries.

Fantasia Grape features a medley of delicious green and dark purple grapes which are so naturally sweet it's like a fruity rave on your tongue. These sweet and juicy grape notes are present throughout the entire vape, on the inhale the icy menthol is mildly hidden amongst the grape and it's on the exhale where you get the most of it.

Fantasia grape I was expecting to be a fizzy e liquid but thoroughly enjoyed this juice, the succulent notes of grapes are not something you'll want to miss.

Doozy Nix Lime Cola

Doozy Nix Lime Cola is a thirst quenching cola with a splash of zesty lime on the rocks

At this point I feel that Doozy has made the Nix disposable with all my favourite flavours. I'm a big fan of Pepsi max, I love the taste but I do like to add a splash of Lime juice into it to make it even more sweeter, the citrus works amazingly with it. 

The Doozy Nix Lime Cola is filled with sweet fizzy cola as the main flavour, on the inhale, the citrus notes from the lime tickles your taste buds and on the exhale they get stronger. There is a cool icy menthol with this too which makes the whole E Liquid mimic an ice cold glass of cola. It's a great tasting juice that I will be enjoying probably on a regular basis.

Doozy Nix Mango Strawberry

Doozy Nix Mango Strawberry combines succulent mango cubes and sweet strawberries with a hint of ice

Here we have a stunning concoction of tropical mango, fresh summer strawberries and keeping to the Doozy Nix tradition, a healthy portion of Icy menthol.

The sweet succulent mango is the base flavour and it has been carefully blended with freshly picked strawberries. These are two very sweet fruits that are both unique in their own way but they are paired perfectly. On the inhale you're met with the smooth taste of summer strawberries, mango is the more prominent fruit but the strawberries do not go unmissed. The icy menthol works wonders with the fruit and it makes the sweet tropical tang of the mango very refreshing.

Doozy Nix Mixed Berries

Doozy Nix Mixed Berries is a sweet blend of juicy grapes and ripe mixed berries.

Mixed Berry E Liquids aren’t a new flavour we’ve never seen, they have been around for quite some time but that doesn’t make them boring, each one is unique as E Liquid manufacturers love to put a spin on their versions.

Doozy Vape Mixed Berries is not a flavour to be ignored. On the inhale you’re met with a rush of mixed fruits bursting with flavour, we found that raspberries and blackcurrant flavours came through as the main berries. Throughout the vape you can taste the sweet juicy grapes. It’s a similar feeling when you bite on a grape and the juice comes squirting out.

Doozy Nix Pineapple Berry

Doozy Nix Pineapple Berry is a luscious combination of sweet pineapple chunks and blue raspberry.

Sticking to the Doozy way, we have another fruity E Liquid which combines tropical and summer berries together. Pineapple Berry captures the exotic tangy notes of fresh pineapple and blends them with the sweet taste of blue raspberry, the fruits pair well together and the icy menthol gives a bit more depth to the flavour.

It's a pretty bold flavour, the blue raspberries do complement the pineapple and give it a zing. Not my favourite out of this range but still would be a good shout if you love a fruity vape.

Dooy Nix Pink Lemonade

Doozy Nix Pink Lemonade is a tangy mix of citrus fruits with a fizzy twist and a cool edge.

We all love a good pink lemonade vape juice, there are quite a few pink lemonade disposables out there but we sure are glad that Doozy Vape Co have blessed us with their own version. Pink Lemonade is a citrus blend with a super sweet aftertaste. On the inhale you're met with zesty and tangy lemonade and it's closely followed by a medley of red berry fruits, some of the flavours I picked up on was strawberries, raspberries and possibly even a touch of cranberry.

Throughout the vape it has a subtle fizziness to it and on the exhale all of the flavours combine refreshingly with some cold icy menthol. It's a cool refreshing vape that has distinctive flavour notes. I would thoroughly enjoy this on a hot summer's day.

Doozy Nix Red Wing

Doozy Nix Red Wing has the distinct taste of everyone’s favourite energy drink

I love the name and think it's quite clever, using the catch phrase from Red Bull to name this E Liquid, I think we all know what to expect from this one. As a young adult, I used to love energy drinks, whether it was to get me through the working day or mixing it on a night out. These days I do try to avoid it but the flavour itself does bring back some good memories.

Red Bull, just like many other energy drinks have a very unique taste of their own, pinpointing specific flavours is quite difficult and often red bull just tastes like well, red bull. Doozy Vape has done a tremendous job creating Red Wing, the flavour is uncanny and if you're a fan of energy drinks, then this is the one for you.

Doozy Nix Strawberry Milk

Doozy Nix Strawberry Milk is the most luxuriously smooth and creamy strawberry milkshake you have ever tasted

Doozy Vape have decided to make a change in their flavours for this one. Doozy are known for their stunning fruit medleys but here we have a strawberry milkshake. It has a very smooth and creamy base which is flavoured with sweet and ripe summer strawberries. The icy menthol in this is very different to the other flavours. It doesn't feel as icy here but more as if it is a very cold milk.

I love that this is more of a fresh strawberry milkshake than an artificial strawberry. It's a great vape and very satisfying.

Doozy Nix Sweet Cherry

Doozy Nix Sweet Cherry is an explosion of juicy cherries wrapped in sweet cotton candy and a hint of ice

Here we have a delicious candy E Liquid that plays between the sweet fluffiness of cotton candy and the tart flavour of black and red cherries. It's an interesting vape experience here, the notes of the tart cherries and the sweet candy floss are mixed together and are a perfect match. The cherries are bursting with flavour and they help turn this into a very Moorish vaping experience.

Final Thoughts

The Doozy Nix is a great vaping device that has been created to suit many different types of vapers. I love that they have also included a no nicotine option, not that I would personally opt for this but I’m sure there are many people who will love this. They are simple to use, just like many other disposables. The no leak feature is a massive bonus as quite often with other vape kits when you reach in your pocket you sometimes feel a sticky E Liquid.

Always keep vaping devices away from children and remember to use these products responsibly. Please also consider the environment when disposing of your device. If you are looking at moving to vaping on a permanent basis we would recommend purchasing a more advanced starter vape kit.

Doozy vape has once again impressed us with their flavours, if you want to find more choice you should check out all the other flavours available in our Disposable Vapes range.

Let us know what your thoughts are on this disposable and the flavours in the comments below.


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