Elf Bar Shisha Disposable Review

Elf bars are one of the most favourite disposable vapes available on the market right now and for those who have tried them will understand why. The Elf bar has a wide variety with an incredible 26 different flavours to choose from but it’s now time to give you even more Elf Bar options at Jumponthevape. We’re very pleased to now be listing the Elf Bar MC600, the Shisha range.


What is Shisha?

You have probably heard of shisha before but may not know exactly what it is. Shisha is the tobacco product that is smoked when using a Hookah, which is the traditional device that we imagine when talking about shishas. Unlike rolling and cigarette tobacco, shisha tobacco is a wet tobacco that is soaked in glycerine, honey or molasses and flavourings.

Combining these ingredients makes it possible for the flavourings  to soak into the tobacco leaves which results in robust flavours when inhaling. This technique enables the tobacco to be smoked over a longer period of time compared to dry tobacco that we see in cigarettes.

What's the difference between Hookah and Vaping?

There is a big difference between the two but they often get categorised in the same group. As we've established, Shisha is the tobacco product used with a Hookah and it must be heated by burning coals. Although Shisha tobacco isn't the same as your typical rolling/ cigarette tobacco the fact remains that it is still tobacco. Hookah smoking isn't supposed to involve combustion of the tobacco but it can still happen.

When vaping, there are no tobacco products present but instead E Liquids which can contain nicotine if chosen. E Liquids are made from 3-4 ingredients; Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Food grade flavouring and Nicotine is optional. I think now is a good time to also advise that cigarettes are packed full of dangerous substances with at least 250 ingredients and chemicals that are known to be harmful, including hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and ammonia. You can find out more information about E Liquids with our handy "A Beginners Guide to E Liquids''

With vaping, E Liquids are soaked into cotton which is located within a coil and it is heated to create the vapour. There are a lot of different vape devices and appearances differ greatly. Most vaping devices contain tanks that can be filled up with the best E Liquids available, whereas Disposable vapes are prefilled with 2ml of E Liquids and are not refillable.

Features & Specifications

  • Compact Disposable Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • 600 Puffs Per Bar
  • Inhale Activated
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • 2ml of Salt Nicotine E Liquid

Appearance & Design

The design of the Elf Bar Shisha is very different from their original, I’m a big fan of their previous design as they’re very slim and they feel very comfortable in your hand. The Elf Bar Shisha has a design that we’ve not seen before with any disposable vape, this time round they have gone with a very unique shape. These look like a slim but elongated milk carton design.

All devices are colour coded just like many other disposables, they have the Elf bar logo printed on the side along with the MC600 model and Shisha at the bottom of the device. The box they are enclosed in I personally think looks great, they have an eye-catching patterned design for each flavour which I think would be brilliant if they had it printed on the device. They are larger than the original elf bar but they still easily fit in your pocket. As it is a disposable vape, there is no way to refill, no need to change the coils and no need to charge them. Once you take it out of its packaging you can use it straight away, this is the convenience of disposable, no mess, no hassle. For those that are confused as to why there's no button, disposable vapes are specially designed with an auto inhale activation function. Simply inhale and it will start to operate, just be sure not to cover the airlet at the base of the device.

Elf Bar Shisha Flavours

Clearly 26 flavours from the original Elf Bar isn’t enough and we are now blessed with 12 more flavours! Each of these new flavours is designed to replicate the robust flavours and characteristics of smoking shisha tobacco.

The majority of these flavours are typical flavours that you would find with shishas but there is a couple that Elf decided they also needed to add. Typically flavoured Shisha would have a strong tobacco taste but Elf Bar didn’t want to turn these into fruity & tobacco flavours. Instead they’ve created a unique shisha effect that’s difficult to explain, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

Elf Bar Shisha Review

Elf Bar Shisha Blueberry

Fresh and juicy blueberries

Elf Bar Shisha Blueberry

Shisha Blueberry is a single fruit flavoured vape that captures the natural taste of freshly picked blueberries. I was initially thinking that this would be the same as the original Elf Bar Blueberry but I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. The blueberry fruit flavour is very similar but it is a much smoother vape. They’ve managed to create a unique flavour that replicates the feeling of using a hookah.

Elf Bar Shisha Bubblegum

A confectionary blend capturing delicious notes of bubble gum

Elf Bar Shisha Bubblegum

Bubblegum is a surprisingly popular flavour when it comes to Shishas. There’s many different versions that try to recreate some of the best candy bubblegum on the market. 

Elf Bar Shisha Bubblegum is a sweet satisfying vape that has plenty of candy notes that will make your mouth water. There’s no tobacco flavouring in this but it has the smooth Shisha effect that Elf Bar has mastered. On the exhale you’re left with a sweet and lingering taste of bubble gum.

Elf Bar Shisha Cheesecake

A deliciously dessert-inspired shisha flavour

Elf Bar Shisha Cheesecake

Just like with E Liquids, Shisha Tobacco has many different Dessert versions for people to enjoy. Elf Bar has decided to go with their own cheesecake style E Liquid. I’m a big fan of cheesecake and so I was looking forward to this one.

The flavour is much stronger than the previous two I’ve tried. I was expecting a cream cheese with a crumbly crust taste but I found this mostly tasted like custard. I still enjoyed it but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Elf Bar Shisha Cherry

Bursting with sweet, fruity richness. One taste and we know you’ll be back for more!

Elf Bar Shisha Cherry

Cherry is another Shisha classic and I'm glad Elf Bar is keeping this one in. I'm not normally a big cherry fan but Cherry Shisha was the first ever flavoured tobacco I used on a Hookah in Turkey many years ago and I'm excited to see how this one goes.

The Elf Bar Cherry Shisha features a single fruit blend that is packed full of flavour. On the inhale you are met with bold dark fruity notes of cherry, these rich sweet notes follow through into the mild shisha undertones and leaves a slightly sour flavour finish on your tongue.

Elf Bar Shisha Cola

The classic sweet taste of cola now with a shisha sensation

Elf Bar Shisha Cherry

Elf bar has previously blessed us with a refreshing ice cold cola vape but now Cola Shisha is a great new take on one of the most popular Cola E Liquids.

There's no need to worry about Cola Shisha going flat, every puff on the Elf Bar will maintain the same fantastic taste throughout. Sweet caramel-like notes can be tasted with this cool cola flavour, there's a mild fizz which is found within the smooth shisha effect.

Elf Bar Shisha Double Apple

An intensely fruity blend of red and green apples

Elf Bar Shisha Double Apple

Apple Shisha has been loved for years and it just wouldn't be right not having this in the Elf Bar Shisha Collection.

Sweet and crisp notes are found bursting through on every inhale, the apples have a fresh, natural and organically-grown flavour throughout, both the red and green apple flavourings are carefully balanced and the smooth shisha effect works amazingly with this one. I personally like the sweet sour tang that's left from the green apples, very similar to my favourite Granny Smith.

Elf Bar Shisha Elf Bull

Elf Bull is inspired by the delicious energetic drinks

Elf Bar Shisha Elfbull

Energy drink Shisha Tobacco has been created before but I’ve never tried them, I have however tried many energy drinks E Liquids and Elf bar did a great version in their original range.

I was very surprised with this one, I was expecting a strong fizzy vape throughout but that’s not the case, it has a very smooth vape throughout but bursting with the berry flavours of an energy drink. I have to say that this is my favourite so far.

Elf Bar Shisha Grape

Freshly-squeezed red grapes with just the perfect amount of sweetness

Elf Bar Shisha Grape

Here's the one I've been looking forward to the most. I love Grape E Liquids and the original Grape Elf Bar is absolutely delicious, it has a great grape soda taste so I'm excited to see how the Shisha Grape works out.

Well, it's certainly packed full of grape flavour, there's plenty of sweet purple grapes bursting through. They've still managed to get the smooth shisha effect in without affecting the juicy grapes. This is certainly going on my all-day vape list.

Elf Bar Shisha Green Apple

Crisp green apples create this deliciously refreshing vape

Elf Bar Shisha Green Apple

We've had Double Apple and here we have the single Apple version, I'm glad they stuck with the Green Apple for this flavour.

Fresh, crisp green apples paired with the stunning shisha effect that we love. On the inhale you get the hit of sour green apples that tantalise your taste buds. The Shisha effect creates a very smooth yet sweet vape experience. On the exhale, all the flavours are present and the delicious taste lingers on the lips. It's a great refreshing vape that any fruit lover will like.

Elf Bar Shisha Mango

Juicy, ripe mangoes, your next all day vape

Elf Bar Shisha Mango

Mangoes are one of the most favourite fruit flavours in fruity E Liquids, their exotic taste is mouth watering and loved by many.

Mango Shisha is once again an incredibly smooth vape with the shisha effect running all the way from inhale to exhale. The juicy sweet mango notes appear throughout and creates a deliciously tropical shisha experience. I would strongly recommend trying this one if you love exotic flavours.

Elf Bar Shisha Strawberry Ice

Juicy strawberries with a refreshing touch of ice.

Elf Bar Shisha Strawberry Ice
Strawberry Ice Shisha is the first favour with an icy finish in this range. The original Elf Bar has a strawberry ice and I would imagine they are using the same base flavour but adjusted it to fit in with this range.

This one is packed full of sweet freshly picked strawberries and I love it. On the inhale you're greeted with the tangy sweet notes of strawberries, the exhale is where you get the full impact on the ice but overall it's quite subtle alongside the Elf Bar shisha effect. This is a great all day vape that will be perfect for the summer.

Elf Bar Shisha Watermelon

Juicy watermelon for a tropical vaping experience

Elf Bar Shisha Watermelon
The last flavour in the range is Watermelon shisha. We've had some fantastic flavours so far and I have a good feeling about this one.

This is certainly a thirst-quenching vaping experience, the sweet and tropical flavour of watermelon is something you don't want to avoid. The watermelon is a fresh natural version and with the shisha effect, it creates a very satisfying vape experience from start to finish.

Final Thoughts

I don’t want to compare this range to the original but I do need to say I’m not a fan of the new shape of these. I prefer the cylindrical style as it feels more comfortable, it’s not a massive issue but I do like that they have kept the same finish.

I’m not going to compare the flavour range as these are all unique and it wouldn’t be right to compare. Out of the 12 flavours, there’s only a couple which I wasn’t too fused about, though this is just my personal opinion.

They perform just as well as the originals, I’m seeing this range as more of an extension rather than competition. I will happily be picking up flavours from both ranges again to enjoy this summer. So if you liked the original range and want to try some new exciting flavours, take your pick on any of these. Let us know your thoughts and how you got along with this device.

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