Pachamama Disposable Vape Review

Pacha Mama is back and we’re very excited. The Pacha Mama shortfills was one of the first lines of E Liquids we added and if you ever tried them, you know exactly why we chose their deliciously exotic fruit vape juice. Pacha Mama is produced by the same brilliant team behind Charlie’s Chalk Dust. They are  the creators behind some of the most famous flavours in vaping History. The renowned American Brand Charlie's Chalk Dust  was established in 2014 and it's great to see that 8 years later they are still with us and producing delicious E Liquid options for us. Their E Liquids have been designed by highly regarded mixologists for all the fruit loving vape enthusiasts.


Now we are blessed with a new way to enjoy Pacha Mama E Liquids, their very own Disposable vape. There are both pros and cons to Disposable vapes and we need to have a look into this new Disposable to see how well they perform. The disposable vape market took a hit many years back but now it is back in full spring and turning many smokers into ex smokers. Is the Pacha Mama Disposable going to help reduce the amount of UK smokers?

Pacha Mama Disposable Features & Specifications

  • Compact Disposable Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • 600 Puffs Per Bar
  • Inhale Activated
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • Smooth Throat Hit

Pacha Mama Disposable Appearance & Design

One thing I’m sure everyone will agree with is these Disposables definitely stand out from all the others. Usually Disposable vapes are relatively plain with a simple logo and a bit of text advising the favour but Pacha Mama clearly thought this was not enough.

I hope the design team behind this disposable got a good bonus this year. The artwork on the packaging sits perfectly with the Pacha Mama theme. Pacha Mama isn’t a random name that was chosen for their brand. Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous peoples of the Andes. In Inca mythology she is an "Earth Mother" type goddess. The Incas favoured abstract geometric designs, especially checkerboard motifs, which repeated patterns (tocapus) across the surface of clothes. Now that you know this, this certainly explains the artwork the team have created and I’m also a big fan of the font used.

The Disposable device is also very different to others, they have chosen a cuboid device rather than the usual cylindrical devices many other vape companies use. The mouthpiece is black and is a good fit when using it. It sounds silly but having a comfortable mouthpiece means a lot to me.

Pachamama Disposable Vape

The specifications of the Pacha Mama disposable is mostly the same as other devices on the market. They are TPD Compliant with 2ml of E Liquid prefilled, this means that there's no need to do it up. Simply take out the packaging and puff away. As disposables are prefilled, you don't have to prime your coils, this is already done.

It features a non-rechargeable 450mAh battery, which will last until all the E Liquid has been consumed. Disposable vapes are tested to ensure that the right battery capacity is produced for the device. The last thing anyone wants is for the battery to run out before you've enjoyed your favourite vape juice. One of the most important things to know when buying a disposable is how long it will last, this will prevent you from being out and about and being stuck with a dead device.

The Pacha Mama disposable has been tried and tested and it can deliver up to 600 puffs. The total puffs can vary from person to person as it depends on the way you vape. I personally inhale for a longer period of time, so I wouldn't expect for it to last 600 puffs. Though if you're a casual vaper or looking for a more discreet amount of vapour you would most likely take a short pull on it. 600 puffs is estimated to be the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.

For those that haven’t used a Disposable vape before, you may be wondering why you can’t see a button on the device, how are  you meant to use it with no fire button? Disposable vapes don’t require any set up, there’s no maintenance and no temperature control, they are designed with a built-in auto draw. This auto draw means all you have to do is inhale from the top of the device and it works instantly. At the bottom of the device there will be a small hole, so when you start inhaling it pulls air through the device and it triggers the fire mechanism which is built in.

People can experience the device occasionally not working, this is often put down to accidentally covering the air inlet. When you do use your device, it’s always best to ensure you keep your hands free of the air inlet. The auto draw is one of the main reasons why it is so popular with people who are looking at quitting smoking, there’s no scary controls, only a delicious way to get the nicotine cravings at bay.

Pacha Mama Disposable Flavours

Pacha Mama is known for their premium flavours and why should their disposable range be any different? Here we have 10 mouth watering flavours for you to choose from. Each device has 2ml of E Liquid and they feature a PG/VG ratio of 50/50, this is the best ratio for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping.

All 10 flavours come in a Salt Nicotine strength of 20mg. Salt Nicotine provides a smoother throat hit than your typical freebase nicotine and is a much preferred choice for Disposable vapes.

Pacha Mama Blue Razz Ice

Frozen blueberries with a hint of raspberry

Blue Razz Ice E Liquids are a very popular flavour and I'm glad we have a Pacha Mama version to try out. Blue Razz Ice is a cool berry fruit blend that captures the sweet juices of blueberries and the tangy notes of raspberries. The ice isn't just menthol, it's more of a slush ice. I also got some mild sweet candy notes also.

These flavours clash together creating a refreshingly fruity E Liquid blend. This is staying on my summer vape list this year.

Pacha Mama Fuji Apple Ice

Crisp Fuji apple brushed with icy goodness

Fuji Apple is not a new fruit to Pacha Mama, one of my favourite Pacha Mama flavours is Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine. It’s a beautiful concoction of fruits that shouldn’t be avoided.

We may have lost the strawberry and nectarines but don't worry, the apple is what really matters with this flavour. Fuji apple captures the true crisp notes from an apple, it is one of the only E Liquids that I think have perfected the flavour of apple. Mixing their apple concentrate with ice creates a satisfying and refreshing combo.

Pacha Mama Mango Ice

Sweet tropical mango with a cool minty chill

Mango Ice may ring a bell if you're familiar with Pacha Mama. In their Salt range they brought us Icy Mango, not sure why they switched the name around but either way it's a known flavour that has been ranked highly.

Mango Ice is an exotic fruit flavour with a cool twist. As soon as you start inhaling your tongue will immediately detect the sweet and tropical taste of mango. On the exhale is when you get the Icy twist but what I love about this one is the floral notes of mint, this combined with mango makes it truly remarkable.

Pacha Mama Mint

A fresh minty blast E Liquid

I thought this Mint flavour would be a great flavour to review after the last one. We enjoyed the subtle notes of Mint and now we can enjoy the full impact of it. Mint Leaf was one of the main flavours in their previous range and we thoroughly enjoyed the taste of 'The Mint Leaf, Honeydew and Berry Kiwi' E liquid. Their flavour names are certainly mouthful.

Most Disposable ranges all have a spearmint option but I like that Pacha Mama has decided to reuse their Mint Leaf flavour. It has a natural Mint Leaf flavour, funnily enough. It's a cool, refreshing vape that also works really well as a palate cleanser, so if you do get vape tongue, I'd recommend trying this for a bit.

Pacha Mama Orange Banana Ice

Juicy orange and creamy banana cooled to perfection

I always dread having to do a review on E Liquids with bananas, I’m really not a fan of bananas and so I don’t want to deter people from it. I have however tried Pacha Mamas original Blood Orange, Banana and Gooseberry.

In my honest opinion the Blood orange is delicious but the banana really doesn’t do it for me. I can appreciate the creaminess of it. If it was milk or cream I’d prefer that but if you are a fan of bananas then I would have to say give it a go because you’ll definitely enjoy it more than me.

Pacha Mama Peach Pineapple

Fresh juicy peach and pleasurable pineapple

We have another flavour here that may not be an original but the individual flavours have appeared and let’s face it, we know what Pacha Mama is doing with their fruity flavour concentrates.

Peach Pineapple is a mouth-watering tropical fruit blend that is best enjoyed on a hot summer's day. The combination of these to bold fruits help create this masterpiece. Juicy Peach and tangy pineapple collide together and create a refreshingly great vaping experience.

Pacha Mama Pink Lemonade

Freshly squeezed lemons and tarty sweet berries

Pink Lemonade has been a favourite in the vaping world for many years and Pacha Mama have decided to create their own version and I have full faith that this is going to be a natural fruity fresh lemonade.

Pacha Mama has captured zingy fresh lemonade notes and fused it together alongside a mix of summer berries. The sweet and tangy flavours creates a stunning homemade lemonade E Liquid which is delicious.

Pacha Mama Strawberry Ice

Rich, sweet and succulent strawberries, with a winter frost

Strawberries appear a couple of times in their original flavours and the salt range and I'm really looking forward to trying this disposable. I do need to tell you that Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits and I already know that Pacha Mama uses an amazing strawberry flavour concentrate.

The taste of sweet succulent strawberries explode in this disposable,  it's a natural freshly picked strawberry in this and on the exhale you get the icy feeling, similar to the Mango Ice Disposable, you also get a slightly floral mint taste from it. This really helps to bring out the overall fruitiness of the strawberry.

Pacha Mama Strawberry Kiwi

Classic strawberry with a blast of kiwi

Let's continue with another Strawberry Based E Liquid. Strawberry and Kiwi have been used for years and it's simply because they work amazingly together. This is one of their originals and due to its popularity, they've decided It  wouldn't be right to miss this from their disposable range.

The sweet succulent notes of strawberries return though this time they are fused with deliciously exotic kiwis. This is another summer vape treat for you to enjoy.

Pacha Mama Watermelon Ice

Succulent watermelon with a cool chill

Watermelon, hmmm. This is one of the most favourite fruits and they are also one of the most refreshing fruits out there. That's why whenever you go abroad, there's always people selling and giving away watermelons. They're 92% water, which is amazing to think about.

Pacha Mama has captured a natural tasting watermelon with all the sweet notes we love. They've decided to combine it with some cool icy notes to make this a truly refreshing and mouth watering vape experience.

What are the best Pacha Mama Flavours?

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I can’t tell you what the best flavours are as everyone's preference is different but I’ll certainly tell you what’s in my best Pacha Mama Disposable list. I’ve picked these based on my love for the flavours and also how they all work together.

  1. Strawberry Kiwi
  2. Mango Ice
  3. Fuji Apple
  4. Pink Lemonade
  5. 5- Mint
How to use Pacha Mama Disosables
  1. Open the main foil packaging where it says ‘tear here’ and remove the contents
  2. Inhaling on the device will activate the smart fire system
  3. Enjoy the delicious flavours of Pacha Mama
  4. Use until the device stops working.
  5. Depleted Devices should be safely disposed of in battery disposal bins, these can be found in many supermarkets. You should always check the manufacturer's recommendations of disposing of devices.

Final Thoughts

Starting with the device itself. I love the feel of it and I think it’s great that they’ve made the design on the device unique. It stands out and I do love how disposable vapes all have different colours.

The flavours are great and I’m glad they’ve stuck to their usual flavour concentrates. It would have been nice to have more of their fruity combinations but I suppose we may have to wait to see if they bring any more flavours out or if they bless us with another disposable in the future.

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