Geekvape Z Max Tank Review

The Geekvape Z Max Tank is one of the latest in the “Z” range of tanks. Geekvapes success in the Zeus Tank has led to new versions of one of the best sub ohm tanks that's been created. Geekvape has consistently managed to bring remarkable vaping products to the market since 2015 and  their newest sub ohm tank is no different. 

The Geekvape Z Max Tank is once again a sub ohm tank that is a new and upgraded of the popular Zeus Tank that is built to improve flavour and the whole vaping experience. It is also compatible with the new and improved M coils.


Features & Specifications

  • 2ml Sub Ohm Tank
  • Top Filling
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • For DTL Vaping
  • Compatible With High VG E-Liquid
  • Leak-proof Design
  • 32mm base diameter

What’s Inside

  • Geekvape Z Max 2ml Tank
  • Spare Glass Tube (2ml)
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Drip Tip (810)
  • Geekvape M 0.14 - Single Mesh 0.14ohm (Pre-installed)
  • Geekvape M 0.2 - Triple Mesh 0.2ohm (Spare Coil)

Appearance & Design

On opening the box, the Geekvape Z Max vape tank is safely packaged in a foam insert with all the accessories tucked in underneath, this is a pretty normal practice of Geekvape and I’ve got to say I’ve always been impressed with this style of presenting vaping hardware. 

The Geekvape Z Max vape tank looks quite similar to the GeekVape Z sub ohm 2021 Tank that comes with the GeekVape Aegis L200 Legend 2. It comes with a 810 Drip Tip and is available in 6 different colours. Though many images  of the Geekvape Z Max you’ll find displays the bubble glass, this is unfortunately not TPD compliant and when purchasing this in the United Kingdom you will be supplied with a 2ml TPD regulated tank size.

Geekvape Z Max Tank Colours


You may be aware that one of the reasons why the Geekvape Z range tanks are such a success is due to their characteristic top airflow inlet.

The Geekvape Z Max is also built with their Top airflow inlet, this allows the air to be pulled in from the top and it flows down to the underside of the coils, this not only provides a better vaping experience when inhaling but it also means that your tank doesn't leak at the bottom.

To make this even better, you can customize the airflow so that you can adapt it for your preferred vaping style.

Top Filling

The Geekvape Z Max has an easy to fill port located at the top of the tank, to access it, simply screw off the top cap. This will expose the fill ports and you can simply top up your tank with your favourite E Liquid.

GeekVape Z Max Top Fill

Leak Proof

Leaking Tanks is a fairly common thing and can be very frustrating, not only do you waste your favourite E Liquid, your device gets covered in Juice, It can also lead to it leaking into your device and ruining the display on the mod and also soaking your pocket or bag. Walking around with a pocket full of E Liquid isn’t great and is enough to make anyone angry. Luckily Geekvape appreciates that this shouldn’t ever happen and that’s why they have developed this leak proof tank. With a top filling system and a top airflow inlet, this prevents the tank from leaking.

Improved Coils

We know that Geekvape are known for always thinking of the customer experience and they know that in order to be successful leaders in the vaping industry, they need to always be improving their products which results in a better vaping experience. Along with the updated airflow control which helps boost the flavour, they have also created four brand new coils which results in maximum flavour. Replacing the coils is also very easy, all you need to do is pull out the old coil and push in a new fresh one. We do also advise to prime the coils, this will prevent burning your coils out.

  • Geekvape M Series 0.14ohm - Single Mesh 0.14ohm
  • Geekvape M Series 0.3ohm - Dual Mesh 0.3ohm
  • Geekvape M Series 0.2ohm - Triple Mesh 0.2ohm 
  • Geekvape M Series 0.15ohm - Quad Mesh 0.15ohm

GeekVape Z Series

Final Thoughts

As a fan of the Geekvape Zeus Tank I had high expectations for this new tank. The design I love and my personal favourite would be the black version, I like the finish on it. The top filling ports make it easier to fill and one of the biggest pros of the Z Max tank is that it is Leak Proof.

The tank feels sturdy and well built which is very much expected from Geekvape. Just like other Zeus Series Tanks, you can dismantle it all which makes it easy for cleaning. The filling ports are a decent size so you shouldn't have any problems topping up your tank.

I'm very impressed with the performance on vapour flavour and cloud production, once again they have mastered a sub ohm tank. Every inhale on the Z Max Sub ohm Tank with an M Series coil will satisfy your taste buds and create plenty of clouds, so if you're a cloud chaser, then this is for you.

Geekvape has not failed us with this tank and I look forward to seeing what they will do with the next version.




So my Vaperesso Gen Nano somehow ended up in my driveway and my hubby backed over it, it was ok accept for the tank! Glass smashed to smithereens!! So I visited one of they many Vape stores here in Tucson, AZ the unpleasant girl at the counter recommended the Geek Vape Z. Ok a bit big for my taste, but since I now had no glass on my tank, I need an alternative and it was Valentine’s Day (night) so regreatably I spent $35 on this waist of time!! Ever since I got it I spend more time looking for the Drip Tip that mysteriously keeps falling out than I do Vaping!! Please don’t waist your time and “go figure” Miss Pleasent forgot to provide me with a receipt, so now I’m stuck with this paperweight! That’s all it’s good for since now after the 50th time That Drip Tip is gone forever! I’m assuming my dog chewed it up, since I didn’t actually see him do it and it’s nowhere to be found! So has anyone else out there had this issue with the drip tip “Not Staying Put?” Kinda courious. I’ll probably never buy another Geek Vape product, this was my first & last time, first impressions usually stick with me!!



I just bought a new mod
A geek vape z. I’m not sure about the coils. I like clouds of vaper so what could would be best?

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