Nasty Juice Air Fix Disposable Review

Nasty Juice is back and we want to know whether this is a new and improved version. Nasty Juice has been around for over 7 years and they still remain to be one of the most  popular E Liquid brands on the market. Nasty Juice was founded in 2015 in Tampin, Malaysia and began as an e-liquid manufacturer. They've certainly made a name for themselves and have won multiple awards for best flavours.

Nasty Juice Awards

Nasty Juice

With a mighty collection of awards it’s no surprise that so nearly every Vaper has either heard or tried some of their E Liquid range. Nasty Juice has continued to grow and develop their products and flavours and they previously ventured into the disposable vape sector with their Nasty Juice Fix disposable.


Nasty Juice Airfix Features & Specifications

  • Disposable Pod Kit
  • 700mAh Built-In Battery
  • Sleek Pen Style Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Approximately 675 Puffs Lifespan
  • 10 & 20mg Salt Nicotine Blend
  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Non Refillable – Non Rechargeable

Nasty Juice Airfix Appearance & Design

Nasty Juice has changed the overall design on their newest Disposable. The 'Nasty Juice Fix’ was flat and thin with straight edges along the sides, whereas the Air Fix is a more comfortable device that fits smoothly in the palm of your hand. The shape of it is very similar to one of the other most popular Disposable vapes, the Elf Bar. It has a cylinder shape and a contoured mouthpiece which has been designed for comfort when in use. It has a rubberised non slip grip on top of the plastic casing which just feels right in your hand. On the side of the device you will see ‘Nasty Fix’ printed in their famous Nasty Font. Unlike other Disposable vapes, the colour of the casing does not change depending on the flavour, each device has a matte black finish on the rubberised coating but the colour of the text changes instead.

Each device comes sealed in an airtight foil packaging, the first thing you notice is the brand name Nasty and each flavour owns its own coloured packaging which seems a shame that it’s thrown away. The packaging states the flavour, strength, it also has the usual Nicotine warnings as well as a few other bits of info like the amount of puffs you can expect to get from It.

It’s not just the overall look and design that has changed with the Air Fix, the inside has also been upgraded. The original only came with a 280mAH battery but it’s been boosted to an incredible 700 mAh battery which means I lasts longer and you can get up to 675 puffs per device. With a battery this large you can rest assured that this will easily last you a full day. The amount of puffs will vary per each vaper, this all depends on how long you take a puff/drag on it. Though this isn't even the best part. Nasty Air Fix is the first disposable pod with a customisable airflow! This means that it can be adjusted to the desired choice for both direct-lung and mouth-to-lung vapers vapers.  To adjust the airflow you simply need to twist the airflow opening to what suits you best.

Nasty Juice Airfix Flavours

For those who are experienced lovers of Nasty Juice, you will be pleased to know that you’re going to see some of your favourite flavours on the list for the Air Fix. For those that have never tried Nasty Juice, you’re in for a treat.

The Nasty Juice Air Fix is filled with 2ml of Salt Nicotine E Liquids and you have the choice of two strengths, 10mg & 20mg. Slt Nicotine provides a smoother throat hit with your vaping experience and it closely mimics the same sensation that you get from smoking. This is why they are a good choice for both new and existing vapers.

There are 13 different Nasty Juice E Liquid flavours to choose from and it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t add some of the multi award winning flavours.

Nasty Juice ASAP Grape Air Fix

Packed with sweet and sugary black grapes and a hint of berries which will leave your mouth watering!

ASAP Grape is a personal favourite of mine and I’m glad that they choose to keep this in their collection. Packed full of flavour this fruity blend should not be ignored, it also has a low mint which tastes great after you’ve finished vaping.

Ripe and juicy notes of our favourite black grapes are squeezed together with a subtle portion of sweet mixed berries. On the inhale you can appreciate the sweet juiciness from the fruits and the cool mint aftertaste creates a unique experience on the exhale.

Nasty Juice Blackcurrant Cotton Candy Fix

An intense blend of blackcurrant and a soft touch of cotton candy for an extra sweet touch.

So we heard that this is based off of Nasty Juice Bad Blood but with a bit of a twist. Bad Blood is a deliciously sweet Blackcurrant E Liquid with the famous Nasty Juice Low mint addition. 

So Blackcurrant Cotton Candy is a candy version of Bad Blood and I was pretty satisfied with it. The Blackcurrant flavouring is still the main base flavour but it is sweetened with the soft, fluffy sensation of candy floss. I didn’t find it overly sweet but it was a good balance between the fruity and mint notes.

Nasty Juice Blood Berry Fix

A pleasurable taste of berry mixed up with lemon to give a sweet acrid jolt. Once you inhale the berry flavour it’s a dazzlingly haunting exhale!

Blood Berry is another Nasty Juice classic, we originally saw Blood Berry in the Nasty Ballin' series and due to its popularity it then appeared in the Nasty Juice Salt range and once again it has been hand chosen to be in the Nasty Juice Air Fix.

Blood Berry is a fruity concoction of fresh, ripe raspberries carefully blended with a sweet and sour, zesty lemonade. It's a delicious choice for anyone who is looking for their next all day vape.

Nasty Juice Cushman Mango Fix

A delicious blend of juicy mangoes, a real tropical sensation.

Cushman by Nasty Juice is one of the most known faces in the E Liquid scene. Cushman is one of the coolest designed products I've ever seen. Cushman Mango is a beautifully crafted tropical fruit blend featuring a crisp minty kick on the exhale.

It still remains to be one of the best Mango E Liquids I've ever tried. Mango has an authentic taste and the aroma is something you won't forget. The mango is sweet and juicy throughout and the low mint is a great touch on the exhale

Nasty Juice Cushman Banana Fix

A mixture of Mango and Banana which creates an exclusive taste that will definitely blow your mind!

For those that are used to these reviews here at Jumponthevape, you may remember that I'm not the biggest fan of Banana E Liquids but this is another fruity blend from the Nasty Cushman range. 

Cushman Banana is a mixture of both that juicy Mango and banana. Mango is the base flavour and as I mentioned in the previous flavour, it's a good one. A creamy banana is carefully blended within the mouth watering mango and the flavours work great together. For someone that doesn't enjoy the taste of banana, I didn't find it overpowering and I found that it just helps to create a more layered vape. On the exhale is the low mint notes that gives it a slight cool blast.

Nasty Juice Double Apple Fix

You like apples right? Well here's a double dose of them!

Double Apple may not be the most creative of names but don't let that fall on you. Double Apple is from  the Nasty Juice Shisha Range, which again had amazing branding and packaging. It came in a 50ml shortfill bottle and had a lovely matte finish box with a shisha on the front.

The flavour as you can probably imagine is apple, but it is a refreshing blend of both red and green apples. It's a juicy fruit blend with sweet and crisp notes that has a very moreish effect. Apple shisha has been a popular flavour for many years and once you've tried it you'll understand why. The ripe green apples also add a natural sourness that's balanced perfectly with the juicy sweetness of red apples.

Nasty Juice Menthol Fix

A simple refreshing blast of menthol.

No range would be complete without a menthol flavour. There's not too much to say about this flavour, we've all had menthol E Liquids and to be honest, there's not much that makes this stand out from the crowd. It's your typical menthol E Liquid, I would say that I prefer Menthol E Liquids with salt Nicotine though as it is a smoother throat hit.

The menthol creates a very cool icy sensation, it has subtle hints of sweetness which makes this a great shout for any menthol lovers out there. Menthol E Liquids are often used as a palate cleanser to cure vapers tongue. Vapers tongue is caused when vaping the same flavour too often and you're unable to pick up on those flavours, menthol helps to cleanse your palate, so if you are picking up lots of the same flavours, we would suggest picking on a menthol to use in between.

Nasty Juice Sicko Blue Fix

Experience the taste of fresh raspberries plucked right off the vine and popped straight into your mouth. 

Sicko Blue is from the Nasty Berry range and it's a great rendition of the Blue Raspberry classic. Sicko Blue E Liquid has combined the taste of freshly picked raspberries straight from the vine along with a secret blend of other mixed berries.

It's a very mouth watering vape that will suit any fruit loving vapers. It has bold flavours with sharp notes and together it creates a sweet berry vape with plenty of layers. Blue Rasp E Liquids are one of the most popular flavours around and so if you haven't tried one before, why not take the opportunity to witness heaven with the Nasty Juice Sicko Blue.

Nasty Juice Slow Blow Fix

A unique blend of pineapple and zesty lime soda. You'll soon see why this is a Nasty Juice superstar.

Slow Blow is the Tropical soda E Liquid that will leave your mouth watering. Soda E Liquids are one of my favourites, especially during the summer. Slow Blow is packed full of fresh natural tasting Pineapple layered on top of a tangy Lemon & Lime Soda base flavour.

The sweet and sour notes play on your taste buds and on the inhale you can taste the delicious ripe Pineapple the most, on the exhale is when the tangy afterbite comes into play. It's a fun and delicious vape that should always makes an appearance on a hot summer's day.

Nasty Juice Trap Queen Fix

You’ll be thrilled with the freshness and the sweetness of the fruit and it will make you feel like you’re tasting the strawberry you’ve freshly picked yourself.6

Trap Queen has a space in my heart as I am a big fan of Strawberries and I already know what this tastes like as it frequently appears in my go to all day vape. 

Freshly picked strawberries is what you can expect with this Nasty Juice E Liquid. I'm not overly fond of artificial Strawberries, I do enjoy the natural taste of the fruit. When inhaling, it does feel like you're enjoying the real thing. The ripe, juicy strawberries are bursting with flavour and the sweet notes are then cooled off with an icy mint blast.

Nasty Juice Vanilla Cuban Fix

Cured tobacco infused with rich and flavourful vanilla. A really pleasing smoky-sweet experience.

We have now finally got to a Tobacco E Liquid, I think most Disposables have at least one Tobacco flavour in their range and Nasty Juice is no difference.

They've gone with simply calling this Vanilla Cuban, but any Nasty Fan will know that this is what we know as 'Nasty Juice Silver Blend'. It is a rich powerful blend of creamy vanilla paired with a smoky, yet sweet Tobacco. Overall this is a deliciously smooth tobacco with dark notes hidden within, I'm glad they chose a silver blend to appear in the Air Fix range.

Nasty Juice Watermelon Ice Fix

Juicy, fresh watermelons topped with ice.

So I've not seen Nasty Juice do a watermelon Ice before, the closest I would say would be Nasty Devil's Teeth, but that's a Honeydew melon with its traditional low mint. There's a lot of watermelon Ice disposables at the moment, so it could just be they know the flavours is a popular one so why not.

Nasty Juice has done a good job with this, it's very refreshing, has a great portion of mouth watering melon, the icy effect on the exhale does go really well with the watermelon. It is similar to other Watermelon ice disposables I've had before but I feel like this is more of a natural fruit flavouring here. 

Nasty Juice Wicked Haze Fix

A mix of blackcurrant and lemonade that creates an extraordinary exhale taste.

The final flavour in the Nasty Juice Air Fix range is Wicked Haze E Liquid. Wicked Haze is another Soda themed vape juice that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Ripe Blackcurrants are bursting with tart notes, the base flavour is a zesty lemonade and when these two flavours collide they clash perfectly. On the inhale the tart & tangy fruit notes fill your mouth and on the exhale it's finished off with the cool menthol taste of the Nasty Juice signature Low mint.

What are the best Nasty Juice Airfix Flavours?

There are plenty of flavours to choose from in the Nasty Juice range, it’s not often I like all the flavours in a range but Nasty Juice has clearly picked some of their best selling flavours that has won awards. We would recommend trying them for yourselves to decide what is best for you.

How to use Nasty Juice Airfix

  1. Open the main foil packaging where it says ‘tear here’ and remove the contents
  2. Inhaling on the device will activate the smart fire system
  3. Enjoy the delicious flavours of Nasty Juice
  4. Use until the device stops working.
  5. Depleted Devices should be safely disposed of in battery disposal bins, these can be found in many supermarkets.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy with the Air Fix and there’s not really any criticism to give this device. It’s definitely an upgrade from their first Fix disposable vape. The flavours have been increased as well and the choices of flavours are great. I have a feeling that in the future they may also add additional flavours but we will have to wait and see.

What’s your thoughts on the choice of flavours for the Air Fix. Did you prefer this new update device? Let us know in the comments whether this is your new favourite Disposable.

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