Nasty Juice Review

Nasty Juice, anyone who’s been vaping a while has probably already heard of these and have very likely tried at least one of their flavours. For anyone new to vaping and hasn’t heard of Nasty Juice, these are definitely e liquids that you will want to give a try. Nasty Juice is an E Liquid manufacturer who are based in Tampin Malaysia. They specialize in making very unique e juices and many believe some of the best e liquid flavours in the world. In 2015 Nasty Juice came onto the vaping scene and with them brought some of the finest fruity flavours with a touch of mint to them which made them taste so good and refreshing.

Nasty Juice can always be spotted from a mile away as their packaging is quirky and colourful, they have used a variety of different bottles from Aluminium dropper bottles, Chubby Gorilla and the Nasty Ballin range uses an amazing bottle which seems to be in the style of a cocktail shaker bottle and inside it comes with two aluminium ball bearings to help thoroughly mix your juice when you add your nicotine shot to them, don’t worry these are all Grade A Food rated. Most of their bottles also come in an eccentric tin container with again amazing artwork and bright colours, they are so good that nobody likes to throw them away. Nasty Juice clearly takes pride in their presentation and that’s just one of the reasons why they have become so successful.

The biggest reason why they have been so successful is due to their exciting and delicious flavours. As they are a Malaysian based company they do use Malaysian concentrates to create their masterpieces. If you love exotic fruity flavours then these need to be the next E Liquids you buy. The Best thing about Nasty Juice E Liquids is that it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced vaping enthusiast or whether you are looking at quitting smoking and taking the first step with vaping, Nasty Juice has some of the best E Liquids in the world and you’ll love every drop of it. The majority of their e liquids are a 65-70% VG ratio which helps to hold more flavour for that best tasting vape and these are best for sub ohm vaping.

So what are the Nasty Juice Flavours? We’ve got a brief description of the flavour for every products along with the flavour notes. Which are the best Nasty Juice? Well today I want to discuss some of our personal favourite vape juice from Nasty Juice, not in any particular order.

Nasty Juice Bad Blood Review

So what actually is the flavour of Nasty Juice Bad Blood, it sounds a bit ominous but don’t worry it’s not. Bad blood is a combination of juicy Blackcurrants and cool mint. On the inhale you are greeted with sweet, juicy, rich notes of blackcurrants that goes crazy when it hits your tongue, when exhaling the cool refreshing mint starts to open your airways and the after taste is a pleasant cold blackcurrant, the feeling is similar to having a Halls blackcurrant cough sweet.


This range of Nasty Juice E Liquids is the low mint series and it’s definitely that, the mint isn’t overpowering, the blackcurrant is prominent enough and we would safely say that this is an all-day vape. Bad blood has 50ml of liquid in a 60ml aluminium bottle again with fantastic artwork and decorative tin. You can view this one here Nasty Juice Bad blood 50ml

Nasty Juice Cush Man Review

Cush Man nasty Juice is another mango vape flavour, though this one is also part of their low mint series. Featuring in their aluminium bottle it comes with a pipette so you can easily drip this delicious e liquid into your device. This is possibly one of the most mouth-watering mango e liquids we’ve ever had. The mango flavour in this is incredibly juicy, it’s a fresh ripe flavour rather than an artificial flavour.


What I love about Cush man is that when the mango hits your taste buds you have a fun tingling sensation on your tongue as there is a slight tartness to it, the menthol mint twist to it provides that cool icy feeling that pleasantly lingers. If you’re the type of vaper that loves a crisp and fruity vaping experience than this one is for you. If you want to grab a bottle of this Nasty Juice e juice you can get it here Nasty Juice Cush Man 50ml

Nasty Juice Trap Queen review

The third on our list is Nasty Juice Trap Queen, this is a delicious blend of sweet juicy strawberries and you guessed it that signature hint of mint.  I was very excited to try this as strawberry is my favourite fruit, I could easily demolish a whole box of them.


The flavour is truly immense and we weren't disappointed, it has a powerful sweet distinct strawberry flavour, not like an artificial candy strawberry flavour, it's as if it's just been picked fresh from the plant. We were curious how mint was going to react with strawberry but we can honestly say it is nicely balanced and would say vaping Trap Queen while drinking a Pimms would be the greatest way to enjoy this juice.

Nasty Juice Slow Blow Review

Slow Blow is pretty different to the other e liquids from Nasty Juice, yes they're still made from Malaysian flavour concentrates and yes it is still a fruity e liquid but Slow Blow is actually mixed with a soda lemonade.


When vaping Slow Blow the taste switches back and forth between it's sweet and sour notes, On the inhale you can first taste ripe pineapples which are sweet but not overpowering, slowly followed by the famous Nasty Juice menthol mint flavour. Whilst exhaling you then get then taste the zesty citrus of a fizzy lime and lemonade.

This was one we struggled to put down as the taste is so unique and refreshing. This is why we are giving it a big thumbs up from us. If this sounds like one you'll love than you can find it here Nasty Juice Slow Blow E Liquid.

Nasty Juice ASAP Grape Review

So last but not least is ASAP Grape, this is the first time we've had this one in stock and we can tell you we had no idea what we were missing. This is also one of the most popular Nasty Juice E Liquids.


So I'm sure you're dying to know what it tastes like and we can confirm it tastes grape. That's right this is a remarkable blend of sweet mixed berries and a bunch of black grapes topped off with, yes you got it, an icy mint flavour. The Grape is the most prominent flavour in this e liquid where the mixed berries are more of a subtle note

Asap Grape e liquid we can safely say that even the Dionysus. the god of the grape harvest would be overwhelmed by this juice. If it's good enough for him it's perfect for any grape vaping lovers.

So there we have it, our top 5 of what we believe to be the best Nasty Juice E Liquids. Take a look at the full range and see which one of them is best for you. 

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