HISS E Liquid Review

Today we will be discussing the Hiss E Liquid range from Steepd Vape Co which is a UK based E liquid company. Their HISS E Liquid range has a total of six different flavours which are mostly all fruity flavours with a fizzy kick.

All the HISS shortfills are 60ml bottles with 50ml of juice and space for a 10ml Nicotine Shot, and are all 70/30 PG/VG, which makes these great for Sub-Ohm vaping. It’s also a great range if you are a cloud chaser but don’t worry I found there was still plenty of flavour in these. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at these flavours.


Hiss Blackcurrant E Liquid

‘’A sumptuous mix of dark blackcurrants. Blended with Koolada and Fizz’’

HISS Blackcurrant E Liquid

So to kick it off I wanted to start with their Blackcurrant flavour. All of the Hiss vape juices come with a fizzy cold kick to them and I was hoping this would be a great flavour. Many fruity e liquids have blackcurrant flavouring but it’s fairly difficult to find a good tasting one, the majority of them have that artificial blackcurrant flavour which is similar to your cheap blackcurrant squash drink.

The good news is this doesn’t taste like a budget blackcurrant juice, it’s actually more of a fresh Blackcurrant fruit. Not what I was expecting as these I knew there would be a fizziness to this. I think they’ve done a good job with creating a true blackcurrant e liquid. It’s not majorly sweet, like a true blackcurrant there is an earthy taste to it.

Overall, I think the fruit flavour and the fizz work nicely together and the slight coolness is a nice touch, though personally I would have preferred more sweetness to it.


Hiss Blood Orange E Liquid

‘’An intense blend featuring a perfectly balanced bittersweet blood orange’’

HISS Blood Orange E Liquid

Not only are Blood oranges a great source of vitamin C, fiber and potassium, they also taste delicious and that’s exactly why you will find many e liquids with this flavour. We know that this is a fizzy orange flavour so I’m hoping this is going to be like a bitter Fanta orange juice.

This is an interesting one, I think the orange flavour is a pretty natural taste which I always like, I’m not a fan of cheap artificial flavours. The blood orange has its bittersweet taste and the koolada blends great with this as it kind of adds a menthol/ icy taste to this which gives it a good subtle coolness to it.

I didn’t get too much of the fizz on this, not sure if that was the direction with this juice but I personally like it and don’t think there needs to be anymore fizz to it. Good tasting juice in my opinion.

Hiss Pineapple Breeze E Liquid

‘’A beautifully exotic blend of pineapple, enhanced by a fizzy finish’’

HISS Pineapple Breeze E Liquid

Whenever I think of Pineapples I instantly think of an exotic Island and Pina Coladas. Pineapples are one of my favourite fruits, I love how juicy and sweet the fruit is. When it comes to E Liquids, I think this flavour can be difficult to do, personal preference, I like the natural tasting flavours but there’s a lot of brands that taste more artificial, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Hiss has done with this one.

I’ve got to say that this flavour is one of the best E Liquid flavours from the range. It has a very natural fresh pineapple taste so instantly I’m going to like it. This juice also seems to have more koolada in it which helps create a great coldness which blends perfectly with the pineapple in this. It has just the right amount of sharpness to mimic pineapple and yeah, it is a great mouth watering E liquid, definitely giving a thumbs up to this one.

Hiss Mixed Berry E Liquid

‘’A perfect blend of crisp wild berries with a tickling sensation of fizz’’

HISS Mixed Berry E Liquid

Mixed Berry E Liquids are one of the most produced flavours in the vaping scene, I think every vaper has probably tried at least one type. Due to it being mixed berries, you will find many different types and varieties. E Liquid manufacturers don’t like making generic flavours and they often play about with flavourings  to make theirs unique. The question is, has HISS done enough to make there’s stand out? 

Well I can honestly say it really is a medley of berries. It's quite impressive how many flavours come through on this juice. I would say these are all fresh tasting berries which is great. 

What I like the most about this juice is each time you take a puff you can actually taste other fruits stronger than others, it's as if each time the fruits are taking turns to be the dominant flavour. 

I love how the fruit flavours mix with the fizz concentrate, the fizziness actually helps the fruit flavours lingers on your tongue and lips which leaves you just wanting more. Yeah, I like this, fresh fruity flavour which tastes great and smells just as good. 

Hiss Cola E Liquid

‘’The signature blend of a fizzy cola. mixed with a gentle cooling undertone’’

HISS Cola E Liquid

Cola E Liquids are one of those flavours that you think taste great or they are just pretty bland and generic or the worst case scenario where it has a bit of a chemical taste. I am more of a Pepsi kind of person but I like finding a good quality cola vape juice for those hot summer days. Though I do know that this is one of the most popular flavours from this brand so I have high hopes for it.

Ok, not what I was expecting, I spent a lot of time focusing on a drink flavour but it actually tastes lie fizzy cola bottles. It was a nice surprise to be honest, I’m a big fan of the sweet cola candy flavour, some e liquid manufacturers attempt this and fail pretty badly but these taste great. 

Again there is a slight coolness to this and I especially enjoy the fizz with this vape juice. I wouldn’t say it’s an excessive tangy fizz  but you can definitely feel it on your tongue like you would with the sweet. Yes, I can see why this is a popular one from the HISS range.

Hiss Lemonade E Liquid

‘’A fizzy citrus masterpiece. Taste the signature flavour of a refreshing lemonade’’

HISS Lemonade E Liquid

So I left this lemonade one till last as I am a big fan of Lemonade in general, so when it comes to E Liquids I do get excited to try them out. My favourite type of Lemonade is the homemade type but I knew this one would be more of a fizzy soda version. As you will probably know there’s many different types of fizzy lemonades available, all unique in their own way.

Oh I like this one, this is a smooth yet sweet tasting lemonade. I wouldn’t say there is any sharpness to the lemon, it is a pleasant smooth and creamy flavour with this but after exhaling you are greeted with a tangy taste of lemon on your tongue.

It’s more like a fresh lemonade with a coolness to it and the fizzy flavouring I think makes this a great refreshing juice. I would happily sunbathe in the garden and vape this gem.

Final Thoughts

I think there is a great range of flavours here, some better than others. I was expecting these to be more of a fizzy soda drink range but I personally found these more to be great flavours with a fizziness to them. There’s also meant to be a coolness to them, I think this appears more in some than others but I think they may have been trying to not over power the overall flavour. 

Not only are they great flavours but I like the simplistic design on the bottles, they come in easy 50ml bottles where you can pop the top off with an alpha bottle opener and chuck in your nicotine shot.

What do you think of the flavours? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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