Zeus Juice E Liquid Review

Today I’ll be trying out Zeus Juice range of Nic Salts, there are a total of 5 flavours with the majority of them being fruity E Liquids but there’s also a Tobacco E Liquid which appears. With these flavours having Nicsalts in this means they come in 10ml bottles and they are a PG VG ratio of 50/50.

Zeus Juice is a family run business which wants to drive people away from cigarettes by using a healthier substitute, this is why they create quality e liquids. Zeus Juice is based in Birmingham, United Kingdom and in 2020, Zeus Juice won the the Best Branding and Marketing Award at the Vapouround Awards.

Zeus Juice - Dimpleberry NicSalt

‘’Zeus Juice Dimpleberry Nic Salt is a complex mixture of fresh fruits, cool menthol and eucalyptus’’

Zeus Juice Dimpleberry NicSalt 10ml

I’m looking forward to trying this one for a few reasons, I’m a big fan of spices, especially when it comes to vaping. In Dimpleberry the base flavour is meant to be Anise, for those who are unsure what anise is, it has a sweet, aromatic taste that resembles the taste of black liquorice. It is used in a lot of alcohols and liqueurs. I also like to use it when making my own mulled wine or mulled cider.

It also has mixed fruits, though it’s not stated what fruits are in it, so I’m excited to see what will appear in this. There is also menthol and eucalyptus which will give a nice cooling effect. 

Instantly whilst inhaling I could taste a fruity flavour and I managed to pick out both raspberries and blueberries. I could tell there were other fruits, possibly blackberry too but I think Raspberry was the most prominent one. On top of the berry flavours there was a slight citrus flavour which kind of masks over the berries. 

Now my favourite part of this was the Aniseed, it wasn’t overpowering which I was worried about, I think there was just the right amount, the aniseed is present throughout the vape but it is underlying. The menthol and Eucalyptus mixes great with the aniseed. It gives like a cooling spice taste to this on the exhale.

Zeus Juice - Black Reloaded NicSalt

‘’Black Reloaded is a fruity blend of sweet and juicy dark berries with light notes of aniseed on the inhale, finished with a cooling menthol on the exhale’’

Zeus Juice Black Reloaded NicSalt

Black Reloaded once again is a flavour I think I will personally enjoy as it has fruits and aniseed. I think this will be similar to their Dimpleberry E Liquid, though the fruit has been swapped, here we will have dark berries and I believe Blackcurrant should be the main fruit in this.

On the inhale you can taste a strong natural blackcurrant flavour, there are notes of other berries also, the aniseed appears and gives a good kick of spice which blends amazingly with the berries and combines midway with the fresh cool mint menthol. 

The menthol helps to cool the aniseed, which creates a nice crisp vape. I think Black Reloaded is great for any vaper that likes a cool fruity vape.

Zeus Juice - ZY4 NicSalt

‘’Rich, earthy Tobacco, sweet Caramel and Chocolate Vanilla Cream’’

Zeus Juice ZY4 NicSalt

And here we have a Zeus Juice Tobacco E Liquid, we’ve all heard of the famous RY4 tobacco E Liquids but today we have ZY4, named after Zeus himself. The flavour notes are all the same as the classic but with one addition of chocolate. I’m intrigued to see what Zeus Juice has done to make their mark. 

When inhaling you are greeted with a good hearty earthy tobacco flavour, within the tobacco flavour you get a hint of the chocolate, it is very mild but it’s as if the chocolate sticks to the tobacco.  It’s a good strong flavour but the caramel creates a sweet taste to it. When exhaling you can really taste a creamy vanilla which lingers on your tongue.

I found ZY4 to be well balanced and I really thought that it has a good, light but authentic tobacco experience with enough caramel and vanilla to make it enjoyable. I wouldn’t say it is massively different to other RY4 e liquids but it is still a great vape. I do like Tobacco flavours and I’ll happily be adding this flavour to my collection.

Zeus Juice - Dodoberry NicSalt

‘’A medley of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and grape is countered by a low mint aftertaste’’

Zeus Juice Dodoberry NicSalt

Zeus Juice clearly likes making names up for their fruity flavours and why not? When I first saw some of the names of their e liquids, I did wonder whether these were fruits that I never heard of, dimpleberry, dodoberry but no these are just very cool names. So as you can see Dodoberry is a mixture of berry and grapes with mint so I’m expecting this to be a fruity sweet and cool vape. 

I’m quite impressed with this one, all the fruits stick out in this one, the raspberry I would say is the most prominent with the grape being more of a light note which can be tasted on the exhale. The blackcurrant is rich but as well and It’s pretty well layered and I love how the mint reacts with this juice.

On the exhale you get a cool refreshing taste of the fruits, the mint isn’t too strong but it’s a true mint flavour rather than just a menthol. It’s a great smooth tasting vape with plenty of flavour.

Zeus Juice - Phoenix Tears NicSalt

‘’Zesty Citrus lemons and cool peppermint’’

Zeus Juice Phoenix Tears NicSalt


The last one I’ll be trying today is Zeus Juice Phoenix Tears, it’s got a pretty simple description of lemons and peppermint. Mythology tells us that the Phoenix has rejuvenating abilities, this minty E Liquid is great for curing vapers tongue and hence the name. I like that Zeus Juice has this thought process when creating names for their flavours.

When inhaling you are instantly hit with the peppermint, it is a very strong mix of mint and peppermint, definitely a cold vape, it reminds me of the refreshing taste that you get when brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. It’s not a harsh vape. You can taste the lemon but I personally would prefer more lemon in this.

This wouldn’t be an all day vape for me but would be great to use for curing vapers tongue

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, all 5 flavours from their Nic salt range. My personal favourites were the Dodoberry and the Black Reloaded though Zeus Juice ZY4 also tasted great for a Tobacco E Liquid. I like that these do come with Nic salt as this allows you to vape at higher nicotine strengths without getting the rough throat hit you typically get from using freebase nicotine.

I found these juices work best in a Pod vape kit, this time I used the Smok Nord 4 vape kit. These flavours are also available in 100ml bottles, obviously without the nicotine and they come with a VG PG ratio of 70/30. I hope this helps you all out and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and what your favourite flavours are from this range.

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