Pod Salt Disposable Review

Disposable Vape devices have been around for many years and they weren't as popular last year as they are in 2021, they're definitely making a comeback. Many Vape Hardware manufacturers are creating some great Disposable vape pens with some amazing flavours. The main reason why Disposables are becoming popular again is due to them now being pre filled with Salt Nicotine E Liquids. Disposables are still TPD Compliant which means that there is a maximum of 2ml of E Liquid in each device.

Disposable Vape kits provide a strong yet smooth throat hit with the Salt E Liquid, Salt Nic juices are very popular with Mouth to Lung vapers as it closely mimics the sensation you get from smoking a cigarette. This is why many smokers are taking their first steps to becoming smoke free and giving vaping a go. Disposables are a great choice for anyone wanting to try vaping as they are cheap and a great way to test the water. Vaping can be very daunting for anyone with no experience or knowledge about it, with Disposables you don't need any experience, they are a great entry level piece of kit to help you decide whether vaping is for you.

Disposables are also a good shout for anyone who is an experienced vaper but doesn't want to carry around a big heavy Vape Kit. Going on a night out is always fun but it can be frustrating having your pockets full with wallet, keys, phone, vape kit and juice. This is why Disposables are very convenient, they are small, stealthy and can last the whole night.

Pod Salt Go is a disposable E Liquid device designed for vaping on the go for both experienced and new vapers. They come in a large range of unique flavours and they are blended with Pod Salt's award-winning nicotine salt.

Pod Salt GO Features & Specifications:

  • Duckbill PTCG mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cotton wicking material
  • 2.0ml capacity
  • 400mAh battery
  • LED indicator
  • 500 puffs ( Equivalent to 20 cigarettes)

What’s Inside

With the PodSalt Go Disposable it is placed safely inside the packaging and you also get the user manual with it. Simply remove the protective packaging and vape away until the device is empty

Pod Salt Disposable Review

Pod Salt GO Appearance & Design

The Pod Salt Go features a 400 mAh battery that is perfectly designed to last until the last bit of E Liquid is gone. The device has been designed like this to prevent any wastage. Some of the earlier versions of cig-a-like vape devices that were around many years ago would often have faults and would not last the expected amount.

The device itself is slim and very stylish, it's made from upgraded Food-Grade stainless steel which Pod Salt states is 100% safe to use for the device. I like the overall look of the device, the matte black finish makes it look quite sophisticated. Each disposable has the Pod Salt Go logo on it and a nice touch is that it is also colour coded for each flavour.

The Pod Salt Go has a unique mouthpiece that is PTCG Eco friendly and it is designed to perfectly match the shape of your lips when you inhale.

Pod Salt Go Performance

Pod Salt Go has been tested and it’s been calculated that you should be able to get up to 500 puffs from each device, this is the equivalent of having 20 cigarettes. The total puffs may however vary down to each user, this depends on how long you take a draw on the pen.

To use the device all you need to do is to inhale through the mouthpiece and the inbuilt inhale activation technology kicks right in. This is a smart technology that has a sensor and knows exactly when to trigger the 'fire button'. The inhale activation technology eliminates the need to have any buttons on the device, there's also no settings for it. Simply inhale and off you go. Once the E Liquid has run out you will not be able to use it any more, so you can simply dispose of it though we would recommend to dispose of them at a recycling centre or battery disposable bin that can be found in most supermarkets. As you can just replace it when it’s finished, there’s also no need to worry about charging, filling it back up with e-liquid, or changing burnt coils.

The Pod Salt Go is a MTL (Mouth To Lung) device and it produces a small amount of vapour, for a more discreet vape. With the inhale activation and MTL vape style, this device mimics the familiar feel of a cigarette. The 20mg salt nicotine is absorbed more quickly to make sure cravings are satisfied faster.

Pod Salt Go Flavours

Anyone who has tried Pod Salt E Liquids before will no doubt want to get their hands on one of these devices. Their range of E Liquids are truly remarkable and have won a fair few  awards. The Pod Salt brand is now cemented in the top tier of nicotine salt products, boasting Britain's Award Winning Nicotine Salt Base and winning 'Best Nic Salt E-Liquid' at Vape Jam London 2019. Pod Salt’s premium nicotine salt formula is absorbed faster, lasts longer and produces a greater level of satisfaction than traditional e-liquids.

The Pod Salt Go comes in 10 delicious flavours that you have probably tried before.

Banana IceA fruity, ripe banana with a icy menthol blast. Banana Ice delivers the beautiful ripe taste of banana and gives it a cool twist. The sweetness of the fruit means it pairs very well with the ice flavour on exhale.

Mango IceMango Ice is known to be one of Pod Salts most popular flavours. Mango Ice is a tropical delight with a sweet blend of mango with a refreshing menthol blast

Mixed Berries Ice - Berry lovers will be in for a treat with this one. Enjoy the sweet and refreshing flavours of the most delicious freshly picked berries combined with a blast of cool menthol.

Blue Raspberry - Blue Raspberry is one of the most popular flavours in the vaping world and we are extremely happy that Pod Salt created their own version. Your taste buds will dance when the flavour of slushy blue raspberry hits them.

Lychee Ice - Totally tropical Lychee fruit collides with a cool swirl of underlying menthol. The refreshingly sweet taste of Lychee is perfect for a summer's day.

Watermelon BreezeThis is one of Pod Salts most mouthwatering flavours, bursting with juicy refreshing watermelon and a shortly met with a cooling menthol blast.

Blue IceOn your first inhale you are hit with the ripe tasting notes of blueberry and it's carefully balanced off with a blast of ice.

Double AppleEnjoy the bitter-sweet taste of this Pod Salt favourite, Double Apple has combined the flavour of two different apples, resulting in a distinctly crisp tasting vape.

Fresh Mint - One of Pod Salts most refreshingly cool vapes, enjoy the minty sweet flavour that will leave your taste buds feeling fresh and exhilarated.

Cuban crème -  One of our personal favourites, enjoy the taste of an earthy woody hand made cigar with hints of sweet vanilla crème.

Final Thoughts

I love the design of this disposable, it's smart and compact and fits perfectly in your pocket. Overall it's a pretty good disposable, that's perfect for anyone who wants to try vaping for the first time or if you're looking for an easy device for when you're out on the town.

As big fans of the Pod Salt flavours, we had high hopes for this device, we knew the flavours would taste great, and so we just hoped that we could fully appreciate the flavours in this device. Luckily we were happily pleased with how it performed. Just a reminder to everyone that the nicotine within the E Liquid is Salt nicotine, this gives vapers a smoother draw when vaping and mimics the sensation of smoking, another reason why these are great for people looking at quitting smoking.

Disposable vape kits, once used, can't be reused and it is always best to be concerned about waste. We do not recommend using disposable vape kits on a permanent basis though, this would work out very expensive, as useful and convenient disposables are, they aren't exactly Eco friendly.

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I tried various vaporisers with 10 ml Podsalt nicotine salts but none of them were as smooth as Podsalt Go. Any recommendations?

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