Atomic E Liquid Review

Atomic E Liquid

Atomic E Liquid is another classic brand from Nicopure. Nicopure are the famous American E Liquid creators of brands like Halo, Mikes Wicked, Evo and Late Night Diner. Atomic E Liquids are produced in Florida USA and distributed globally. They understand that to establish trust they must deliver consistent, quality, and great-tasting American-made e-liquids. 

If you've ever vaped any of the Halo E Liquids you will want to try the Atomic range. If you've never tried anything from Nicopure, let Atomic be your first. 

Similar to their other brands these all come in 100ml bottles with 50mls of E Liquid in them so you can add your desired amount of Nicotine. All flavours are a 50/ 50 mix of VG and PG for that perfect balance of great flavour, nicotine hit and cloud production.

Today we're going to look into all 6 of the Atomic flavours to tell you a little more about them.

Atomic Tobacco Bliss E Liquid

Atomic Tobacco Bliss E Liquid

We already knew that tobacco flavours such as Tribeca and Turkish from Halo was a hit with us so we were excited to give this one a go. If you’re a true Tobacco E Liquid connoisseur than this one is for you. 

Tobacco Bliss is a luxury tobacco flavour with a subtle savoury twist. The tobacco is quite a mild and not overpowering but after exhaling you can taste the real sweetness and we found that there was also a pleasant vanilla note.

Atomic Vanilla Custard E Liquid

Atomic Vanilla Custard

So we’ve not actually had a Vanilla E Liquid from Nicopure before so we didn’t have anything to compare it with but we have had other vanilla custard classics. 

It’s not just what it says on the tin it’s so much more. This vanilla Custard is very close to the real thing. It’s incredibly creamy which we loved and the vanilla notes are rich really stuck out but in a good way. 

Whilst vaping we this beauty we instantly thought crème anglaise and loved this dreamy Dessert flavour. 

Atomic Lemon Freeze E Liquid

Atomic Lemon Freeze

Before trying Lemon freeze we were expecting a very sweet citrus with an icy cold blast afterwards. Personally I wouldn’t quite say I got a freeze from it but there was a nice strong menthol effect from it.

Whilst vaping this lemon freeze it kind of reminded us of lemon lockets, the lemon in this juice is just like the centre of a locket, a sweet syrupy lemon and a cool menthol blast that opens up your air ways. 

Though it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting we don’t have any complaints and found this Lemon Menthol E Liquid flavour very enjoyable.

Atomic Evermint Menthol E Liquid

Atomic Evermint Menthol

With the Menthol ban on smoking that came into place on 20th May, this Menthol flavour could be a winner for anyone looking to quit smoking and take up vaping. 

Regardless of whether you are new to vaping or a vaping enthusiast, this menthol juice will blow your socks off. This isn’t just any old Menthol E Liquid, this is a new take on a classic. 

Before we go further we’ve all heard of it but what is menthol? Menthol is naturally found in mint plants such as peppermint and spearmint. It gives a cooling sensation and is often used to clear upper airway congestion, it also tastes great. 

What we love about Evermint is the combination of menthol, peppermint & spearmint, the perfectly balanced menthol delight will stick in your mouth long after your exhale. It also has quite a sweet touch to it but overall this gives you cool soothing chill.

Atomic Mango Mint E Liquid

Atomic Mango Mint E Liquid

What’s better than a nice fruity flavoured juice? A nice fruity juice with a touch of mint to give that lovely cooling feeling. 

Atomic hasn’t tried to create a brand new type of flavoured E Liquid for vaping, they’ve just created their own unique fruit menthol E Liquid. Mint has been used before to enhance fruity flavours and we can’t deny that we all love it. 

Atomic Mango Mint is a deliciously fruity and tastes just like fresh ripe Mango's, It has a cool menthol undertone that lingers on your tongue. It’s a great choice for a long summer day, sit back in your deck chair and relax with this tropical joy. 

Atomic Cherry Berry Bubblegum E Liquid

Atomic Cherry Berry Bubblegum E Liquid

Remember being a kid and having a cherry berry gum ball? If you want to taste that nostalgic feeling this is for you.

You may think you’ve had the best cherry berry bubblegum before but I’m sorry Atomic is here to burst your bubble. Most versions of this classic give that synthetic fruity flavour but this is so so different. 

Atomic has decided to go with real fruit flavour to bring back that childhood feeling. Ripe tangy cherries have been carefully mixed with sweet berries and finally combined with your typical candy bubblegum. Don’t take our word for it give it a go. 

So on summary, it is another thumbs up to Nicopure for bringing us another great range of flavours. Take advantage of our launch price for this brand and grab yourself a bargain E Liquid. 

We still have plenty of other E Liquids in our bargains collection so feel free to have a look here.

Thanks for taking the time to see what we had to say about Atomic,you can also have a look at the other brands from Nicopure by clicking below.

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Late Night Diner

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