Jumponthevape is very pleased to bring you X Chuckie from the infamous 

DVTCH Amsterdam

So why the name Chuckie? DVTCH Amsterdam aren’t the only superstars in Amsterdam there is also DJ Chuckie. If you haven’t heard of him, DJ Chuckie is a producer in the ‘Dirty House’ music scene, and has also helped develop a style of music called ‘Dirty Dutch’. He also owns his own record label called Dirty Dutch Music. 

We have three new exciting flavours available for you, Aftershock, Moombah and Bass Kick, all of which is named after songs from DJ Chuckie.

All three of these flavours have their own unique design that truly represents their E Liquid brand and leaves you with the feeling that you shouldn’t even throw the box away. All three flavours come in a 60ml bottle so you have space for one nicotine shot to make it a 3mg. As a little extra you also get a DVTCH branded rubber wrist band.

Moombah E liquid

Just like the sweet song this is a sweet Juice. When you take your first hit with this you get this beautiful sweet sweet Kiwi that hits your taste buds, your tongue is then greeted by multiple blended fruits all at once, an invigorating blend of red berries, tones of cherries and blackcurrants. 

What we liked the most about vaping Moombah was you got that tropical Kiwi not just on your first inhale but at the end too, it doesn’t fade away it is just briefly interrupted by the other fruits and then it returns. We also liked that although the mixture of fruits are blended nicely, you can actually taste each individual fruity flavour. It’s a thumbs up from us.

Bass Kick E Liquid

On the inhale you get a nice artificial but also sweet candy cherry flavour, just like the type of flavour you would get from a cherry pick & mix or a Haribo sweet, it is just like vaping a candy.
On the exhale you continue getting cherry but what’s oddly nice is it leaves your mouth feeling like you have just been eating some sweets.

We love the nostalgic feeling that we got from vaping Bass Kick, you really get a good kick of flavour in this. For a Cherry E Liquid based off a sweet, we are very impressed.

Aftershock E Liquid

Now we saved this to last because we love a good dessert. Strawberry cheesecake yum yum. Dessert E Liquids can go either very well or terribly wrong but we know that the others have tasted great so we had a lot of confidence with this one.

Wow, it has a delicious creamy cheesecake flavour with a biscuit crumble base and has a very sweet but freshly picked strawberry taste that is entwined with it and it is topped off with a layer of smooth coconut that gives it the perfect finish.

All of the flavours flow after each other, this could possibly be the best Strawberry cheesecake we’ve ever tried.

All of these flavours look and taste beautiful and have clearly been made with care and attention. We love the packaging and it’s great to see more fantastic brands from DVTCH Amsterdam.

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