Black Friday Vape Deals 2021

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated sales deals worldwide now and although this year Black Friday is officially on 27th November we have decided to start our massive vape deals early. We’ve just had a great Halloween sale with some fantastic brands on offer for example we had the famous Vampire Vapes E Liquids, Twelve Monkeys and Nasty Juice.


In March when the UK first went into a national lockdown it became very difficult for people who vaped because they were unable to pop down to their local vape store and grab their all day vape. And now with the latest news from the Government putting into place another national lock-down, starting on 5th November, we understand this is going to cause problems for many vapers and so we want to be able to do our part by helping everyone out with starting our Black Friday vape deals early.

So what’s in store for Black Friday?

As we are launching our Black Friday deals early, we will be releasing deals all this month, we want to make sure there is plenty of variety for all of you so don’t panic. To kick off with we are starting off with Double Drip E Liquid 50ml Shortfills at an incredible £5.49. You can check out all of our Black Friday Vape Deals and pick up some of the best bargains of the year.

Other brands such as Nasty Juice, Tobacco Bastards, Drifter, and many sub-brands from Nicopure will also be making an appearance in our deals.

As we are releasing deals gradually, we would recommend bookmarking our Black Friday page so that you can frequently and easily jump back to Jumponthevape to grab your new vape deal. Alternatively, you can sign up for our newsletter, this way you will always get an update about new deals that have been added to our site.

Why not take this opportunity to help your friends and love ones by picking them up a brand new vaping device and E Liquid and help them make the jump from smoking to vaping? We have some great starter kicks and with massive savings, on our E Liquid deals this would be a great opportunity to get them living a healthier life. Public Health England found that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking. The study also found that 44 percent of smokers wrongly believed vaping to be just as harmful. You can view our blog on Is Vaping safe for more information.

Here at Jumponthevape we are committed to bringing you the best UK vape deals. We will have vaping deals across some of our best selling E Liquids. With a vast array of E Liquids brands and flavours from all around the world, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. Although we have plenty of deals ready to be published be prepared for items to sell out so don’t waste any opportunity on grabbing your favourite juice with us.

Black Friday Vape Sale UK

One of our favourite times of the year is the Black Friday weekend, although Jumponthevape has some of the best UK vape deals throughout the year, on Black Friday we like to go all out. This will be our 3rd Black Friday and we want to bring you bigger and better vape deals. We've been planning this for a while now and we're very excited about the vape deals we have lined up. Now is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some delicious new E Liquids you've never tried or maybe even just pick up some of your favourite vape juices.

E Liquids always go down well as a gift to a friend, family member or any loved one and with cheap prices on the best E Liquids out there, why not?

When Is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday 2021 is officially on 26th November but we think that's far too long to wait. Why should the best E Liquid deals only happen for one weekend in the whole year? Traditionally Black Friday 2021 should be the Friday after Thanksgiving falls on 26 November, with Cyber Monday on 29 November.

Times have been incredibly tough the past couple of years with the pandemic and that's why here at Jumponthevape we are bringing you the best UK Vape Deals not only that but our Black Friday Vape Deals will be starting on the 5th of November. Black Friday is happening just before payday, and we know that many people miss out on deals. We've made this decision so that it gives everyone the chance to pick up a bargain.

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