E Liquid UK

E Liquid UK

When searching for the best e liquid UK deals, Jumponthevape proudly strives to be the best in the business. In our store, we provide great deals on e liquid, vape hardware, accessories, and nicotine shots in the UK so that you can get everything you need in one place for a great price. However, if you’re a bit newer to vaping, you may be wondering about all of the different types of e liquid formats.

The e liquid formats you’ll need to know about are shortfill, nicotine booster, salt nicotine, and freebase nicotine. But what do they all mean? Which do you need and what is the difference between all of them? To be able to get the type of vaping experience you want, you will need to know the difference between all of them. Below we will go over all the different e liquid formats available in the UK so that you can determine the best e liquid for your needs.

Shortfill E Liquid

The most popular e liquid format, and the one that we focus the most on in our store, is shortfill. When you order a shortfill e liquid, you will get a bottle that isn’t completely full which is why it’s called a shortfill. For example, you may get a 60ml e liquid bottle, but it will be sold as a 50ml shortfill e liquid because that’s how much liquid it contains.

The purpose for short fills is so that you can add in your own nicotine shot to your liking rather than having it be determined by the manufacturer. So it’s important to remember that when you buy shortfill e liquid, you will need to also buy a nicotine shot as well unless you don’t want any nicotine. It’s also important to pay attention to the bottle size when ordering your shortfill e liquids so you can make sure there’s enough room for the amount of nicotine you want to add in.

Salt Nicotine E Liquid

Salt nicotine (also called nicotine salt or nic salt) is a naturally occurring form of nicotine found in leaf tobacco. It tends to be popular with former smokers because it contains a much higher amount of nicotine, but still has a smooth hit and provides an experience that is much more similar to a cigarette for those who miss that rush. It’s made by extracting nicotine from leaf tobacco and then combining it with benzoic acid. Although it’s not as potent as freebase nicotine (see below), it’s popular due to the fact that you can vape higher nicotine levels comfortably, without the harsh throat hit. Salt nicotine is ideal to use with low wattage vape devices. A good salt nicotine brand we would recommend is Yeti E Liquid - you can click the link to to purchase. 

Freebase Nicotine

Simply put, freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine when compared to other types. This makes it more potent so it absorbs much faster into your lungs and brain. It was developed by Phillip Morris to help satisfy cravings more with it’s high potency. The chemistry behind it is that it’s a nicotine compound taken from the tobacco leaf and given a higher concentration of nicotine. This allows it to be more bioavailable and to cross membranes in our bodies with ease. It’s best used in high wattage, sub-ohm devices and is a bit harsher when vaped due to its high potency.

Nicotine Booster

When buying shortfill e liquid, you’ll need a nicotine booster in order to add nicotine to your e liquid because shortfills don’t have any added. A nicotine booster (also called a Nic shot) is a 10ml bottle that adds nicotine to your bottle of shortfill e liquid. The reason it is done this way is that TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) laws changed in May 2017 stating that it was illegal to sell e liquids with nicotine in bottles over 10ml. In order to comply with this new law, the vaping world had to change the way they do business and shortfills with nicotine shots became the best way to provide customers with what they want. Anytime you buy a shortfill, you will need to buy a nicotine booster to add in.

Best E Liquids in the UK at Jumponthevape

If you’re looking for the best e liquids in the UK, you’re in luck. At Jumponthevape we stock some of the most popular e liquid brands and flavours in the world. We always have great deals going on so that you can satisfy your tastes on any budget.

One of our best selling e liquid brands is HALO, a popular American brand of e liquid that has become popular here in the UK as well. Our best selling e liquids from HALO E Liquid include Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca, Sub Zero, Prime 15, and Malibu Menthol. Their bottles come as 100ml bottle with 50ml of e liquid with no nicotine content.

Tobacco Bastards is another customer favourite at Jumponthevape. It’s a unique brand that focuses on tobacco flavourings mixed with other appealing flavours such as mint, honey, bourbon, nuts, and coffee. Some of the best selling e liquids in the UK from Tobacco Bastards are No. 21 Mint, No. 29 Coffee, No. 17 Dark Fire, No.11 Dark Honey, and No. 37 Original. These shortfills come with 50ml in a 60ml bottle.

One of the biggest brands in all of Europe is Vampire Vape. They are known for their amazing flavours as well as the quality of their e liquids which they have been making since 2012. If you like fruit, candy, and menthol blends you’ll want to try out their e liquids like Strawbizzle, Sourade, Purple Fusion, Highland Soda, and all of their slush flavors: Yellow Slush, Red Slush, Green Slush, and Blue Slush. Vampire Vape e liquids come with 50ml in a 75ml shortfill bottle.

Hopefully this article has been able to provide you with in-depth information about E Liquids so that you can decide which suits you best. Although there are many types of e liquids available as far as flavors and potency, they all basically stem from the four explained above. At Jumponthevape you’ll always find the most popular, best price E Liquids in the UK. To save even more you can use the coupon code ELIQUID10 on your next order.

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